Shooting in northeast Columbia

A shooting on Thursday night in northeast Columbia resulted in one man dead and another in critical condition.

Increase in theft from cars

Race of city employees

Wage ranges among racial groups

Gender of city employees

Gans Road interchange plans


Georgian conflict

Nuclear plant design

Nuclear plant design

How the opto-fluidic ring resonator works

Trail possibilities for flat areas

Trail possibilities on slopes

GetAbout budget

GetAbout priority projects

Youth Empowerment Zone

Interactive graphic: August 2008 primary election results

Interactive graphic: Click here to see how Boone County voters picked in the Aug. 5 primary election.

Interactive graphic: Local race results

The following are results from county races in Tuesday's primary.

Cunningham extension

Scott and Sherryl Laws

Sherryl Laws, right, and a team of 10 are going to Romania to work on the completion of a church in memory of her son, Scott Laws, left. The project has been under way for 17 years.