GRAPHIC: Commercial use of hemp

A new bill would allow the production of industrial hemp in Missouri. The introduction of hemp production could result in the manufacturing of these products.

GRAPHIC: Hemp production in the US

Missouri House of Representatives Bill 830 would allow the legal production of industrial hemp. According to a Congressional Research Service Report, nine states have already legalized the cultivation and research of industrial hemp. CORRECTION: An earlier caption for this map said the bill had passed the House; it hadn't as of March 19.

GRAPHIC: Body found in Hinkson Creek

The body of Cyle Crowley was found Tuesday morning in Hinkson Creek east of Providence Road and south of Mick Deaver Memorial Drive.

GRAPHIC: Chronic Wasting Disease found in Cole County

The state announced that a case was found in Centertown, Missouri. This is the first case that has been found outside the six-county “Chronic Wasting Disease Containment Zone.”

GRAPHIC: Timeline of Mack Rhoades' career

MU Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin announces Mack Rhoades as MU's athletics director following the resignation of Mike Alden. Here's a look at events in Rhoades' career leading up to the announcement.

GRAPHIC: Rhoades to lead MU Tigers

Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin announced Mack Rhoades as MU's new athletics director Monday. Rhoades, who was Houston's athletics director from 2009 to 2015, will succeed 17-year MU veteran Mike Alden in April. Here's a comparison of Rhoades' new program to his old one:

Park Hills water bills lost in the mail

Postal officials in the small town of Park Hills said they don't know where residents' water bills have gone. Park Hills is located in Southeastern Missouri.

Annexation of the battle school properties

The Columbia Planning and Zoning Commission held public hearings Thursday night on the proposed annexation of the Battle High School, Battle Elementary School and Battle Avenue Park properties, which comprise a total of 146 acres. The properties would be zoned R-1. Annexation of the school properties is required under a development agreement approved by the Columbia City Council in 2014.

INTERACTIVE: 911 calls increase in Boone County

COMO Connect to offer free bus rides for True/False

The city of Columbia and COMO Connect have adjusted the bus routes for this weekend in anticipation of the True/False Film Fest. COMO Connect will offer free rides on its regular bus routes and on a special True/False route between venues.

GRAPHIC: Four-day school week gains popularity among rural districts

The Miller school board voted for shorter school weeks on Monday. Miller officials believe the shorter school week will help the district save thousands of dollars. Eight rural districts in Missouri have adopted the four-day school week, including Pierce City on February 18.

GRAPHIC: MidwayUSA sewer connection agreement map

A city of Columbia sewer extension from the Henderson Branch would serve MidwayUSA. The sewer project would extend the city sewer out to the Midway area and allow for the elimination of many wastewater treatment facilities in the area

GRAPHIC: Proposed community improvement district on Business Loop 70

Property owners along Business Loop 70 are trying to establish a community improvement district in hopes of revitalizing the area. City Clerk Sheela Amin said she expects a public hearing to discuss the proposal to be held April 6.

GRAPHIC: Proposed bus shelter eligibility areas

COMO Connect public transit system plans to add 30 to 40 new bus shelters over the next year or so. The bus shelters do not have exact locations yet, but they must fall in the boundaries designated by the Community Development Block Grant.

Homeless shelters are filling up

A spot check of four homeless shelters in Columbia showed three of four were occupied Friday afternoon. The Salvation Army Harbor House is the only shelter in the survey that had open beds. The Turning Point shelter is a day center and does not offer beds for the evening. New Life Evangelistic Center is available only to pre-approved homeless men.

GRAPHIC: Columbia outside emergency planning zone for power plant

Boone County has agreed to help Ameren Missouri execute the energy provider's emergency plan in the event of a nuclear meltdown. The area that might be affected by a meltdown is within a 10-mile radius of the power plant.

GRAPHIC: Boone County agrees to nuclear reactor emergency plan

The Boone County Commission agreed to Ameren's flex plan, a series of steps to be taken in the event that the Callaway County nuclear reactor melts down. The county agreed to maintain the Columbia Regional Airport for the arrival of emergency supplies, keep Interstate 70 clear for supply deliveries and to coordinate with the first responders and other agencies. The New Madrid Fault Line poses a threat to the power plant.

GRAPHIC: Attic fire reported at 306 Hartley Court

No one was injured in an attic fire Wednesday morning at 306 Hartley Court. Columbia Fire Department is investigating the cause of the fire.

GRAPHIC: Possible sites for new northeast elementary school

Three preferred sites were announced for the new elementary school that will be located in northeast Columbia. The Columbia Public School District hopes to open the school by 2018.

* denotes an approximation

Columbia to add East Campus sculptures to city’s public art collection

The sculptures are located at four corners in the East Campus neighborhood: two that mirror each other at the corner of University Avenue and College Avenue, one at the corner of William Street and Bouchelle Avenue and one at the corner of South Ann Street and Cliff Drive.