Diesel exhaust fluid locations around Columbia

The Environmental Protection Agency requires diesel vehicles to use diesel exhaust fluid, injected into the exhaust stream, to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides into the air. Diesel exhaust fluid is available in
Columbia, typically at outlets close to highways.

GRAPHIC: How does an SCR System work?

Selective Catalytic Reduction systems are a new kind of emissions control system for diesel engine vehicles.The system uses diesel exhaust fluid, an ammonia-based liquid, to turn nitrogen oxide — a pollutant — into nitrogen, oxygen and a small amount of carbon dioxide. The diesel exhaust fluid tank is stored where a spare tire would go in a normal car. This system can reduce emissions in diesel vehicles to meet 2010 Environmental Protection Agency standards.

GRAPHIC: Most crashes in the Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop F fit into one of six categories

Many of the fatal crashes in the 13 counties that Troop F patrols follow six trends in 2014. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, inattention is the leading cause of accidents. Drivers veer off and over-correct into the opposite lane or on the side of the road. Accidents also commonly happen when merging onto the highway or when drivers fail to notice slowed or stopped traffic ahead. About 70 percent of fatal accidents fall into one of those categories.

With new assistant physician designation, the differences are in the details

A law that passed in the last legislative session created a new position in the medical field between a physician assistant and a medical doctor. The position is intended for students who graduate from medical school but don't get a residency. It's designed to be a non-permanent position.

Armed robbery happens in Denny’s

A man with a handgun robbed the Denny’s restaurant on Knipp Street early Saturday morning. The gunman ran away and nobody was hurt, according to a Columbia Police Department news release.

CHART: MAUI Invitational Championship Round

MAP: Gathering at the Second Missionary Baptist Church

GRAPHIC: Plans for new Columbia elementary school

Columbia Public Schools broke ground on a new elementary school in southwest Columbia on Monday. The school will be built on land purchased from the Sapp family for $2.8 million.

New trail to connect Cosmo Park to diverging diamond

A new trail will allow pedestrians to cross Interstate 70 and safely walk to Cosmo Park. This is the first in a series of planned new trails and trail improvements.

MAP: Best-valued pastureland is in the Northwest

In July, MU Extension researchers conducted a survey to estimate the price of pastureland per acre. Livestock graze in grassland areas. Northwestern and southeastern parts of the state were valued the highest by rural appraisers, real estate agents and brokers. There were 214 respondents. The land that was looked at was deemed “good” by the people who participated in the survey.

MAP: Best-valued cropland is in Southeast region

In July, MU Extension researchers conducted a survey to estimate the price of cropland per acre. The Bootheel, the most southeastern part of the state, was valued the highest by rural appraisers, real estate agents and brokers. There were 214 respondents who appraised land they deemed “good,” according to the survey.

GRAPHIC: NFL defensive linemen draft picks

NFL teams have drafted eight Missouri defensive linemen since 2001. Two more are expected to go pro next season — Shane Ray and Markus Golden. Ray is a redshirt junior but is pegged as a top-10 pick in most mock drafts.

GRAPHIC: Missouri 44th District map

Caleb Rowden and Tom Pauley are running for the 44th district seat in the Missouri House.

CHART: Proposition 1 would boost police statistics

After years of incremental hiring and a standstill since 2010, Proposition 1 would allow the Columbia Police Department to hire 40 new officers.

CHART: Columbia police officers spending less time community policing

Since 2010, the Columbia Police Department has maintained a roster of 160 officers, departing from a trend of adding two to four officers per year going back to the 1990s. The freeze coincides with an 18 percent decrease
in calls initiated by officers, meaning they spent less time seeking out issues in the community and more time responding to service calls. Officers try to spend a third of their time on each, and another third of their time doing paperwork associated with the service calls.

CHART: Moving up

A Missourian analysis found that the Columbia Police Department has 2.13 officers for every 1,000 calls that it receives from residents, good for fourth highest out of the nine Missouri cities and college towns examined. But Proposition 1 would add 40 officers, putting Columbia just behind College Station, home to Texas A&M., which benefited from fielding nearly 30,000 fewer service calls than the Columbia Police Department in 2013.

GRAPHIC: Missouri 4th Congressional District

In the 2014 general election, incumbent Vicky Hartzler is facing Herschel Young and Nate Irvin in the 4th Congressional District. It was redrawn in 2012, moving Boone County from the 9th District.

MAP: Proposed Snow Routes

On Monday, Columbia City Council discussed staff recommendations for 10 miles of additional roadways to add to priority snow routes. The city would have to add new signage to the roadways at a cost of $800.

Internet Harassment Experienced

Pew Research Center found 40 percent of Internet users have personally experienced harassment online. Respondents to Pew Research Center said they were the target of at least one of the following online.

Types of Harassment Witnessed Online

A new report from the Pew Research Center found 73 percent of adult Internet users have seen someone online being harassed. Users reported seeing at least one of the following occur to others online.