GRAPHIC: Public Transit Advisory Commission to consider safety measures for S. Providence Road

The commission wants to improve safety on Providence Road between Stadium Boulevard and Nifong Boulevard following a pedestrian death on Jan. 22. The commission will consider adjusting the speed limit.

GRAPHIC: National support for marijuana legalization is increasing

Forty percent of Columbia residents supported legalizing marijuana for recreational use, and 31 percent supported medicinal use only. Based on survey demographics, however, students were underrepresented.

GRAPHIC: Satisfaction rating of city services

The City of Columbia recently released the importance-satisfaction rating of major categories of city services. According to the report, "the city 'satisfaction' percentage represents the sum of the ratings '4' and '5' excluding 'don't knows.' Respondents ranked their level of satisfaction with each of the items on the scale of 1 to 5 with '5' being very satisfied and '1' being very dissatisfied."

GRAPHIC: Locations of Columbia’s red-light cameras

The city of Columbia has red-light cameras at four intersections. The intersections are Broadway and Providence Road, Stadium Boulevard and Worley Street, Stadium Boulevard and Forum Boulevard and Stadium Boulevard and Providence Road.

GRAPHIC: Sewage treatment plant to be fully operational by May

The Rocky Fork Wastewater Treatment Plant finished construction in August 2014 and is now ready for integration into Boone County's sewage system, officials said. The $10 million project was first proposed in 2005.

GRAPHIC: Man arrested for cannabinoid sales in northwest Columbia

A man suspected of selling synthetic cannabinoids out of a hotel room at the Royal Inn was arrested Wednesday by the Boone County Sheriff's Department. He was being held on $30,000 bond.

GRAPHIC: Missouri schools consider four-day week

Three Missouri school districts are considering switching to a four-day school week with Mondays off. The districts are in Miller, Pierce City and Stockton, Missouri.

GRAPHIC: City considers sidewalk along Clark Lane

The Columbia Public Works Department will reveal new plans to connect the sidewalk in front of QuikTrip to the intersection of Clark Lane and Paris Road. The plans also include a trail adjacent to Hinkson Creek.

Severe weather sirens in Boone County

Beginning in March, Boone County will
switch to a zone-based siren system, depicted
below. Under the current system, sirens
throughout are synced.

Parks and Recreation proposes Perche Creek Trail construction in west Columbia

The Columbia Parks and Recreation Department requested Boone County’s permission to build an additional 15 miles of Perche Creek Trail over an abandoned section of road in west Columbia. The proposed trail would complete a 30 mile walking path around Columbia.

GRAPHIC: Columbia RadioShack could close following bankruptcy

The Columbia Mall RadioShack could close after the chain filed for bankruptcy Thursday. The store was put on a list of potential closures on the company's website.

GRAPHIC: MU and Stephens rank among world's best fashion schools

The United States is home to 20 of the world's 50 most prestigious fashion and design programs, according to a 2014 report published by Fashionista, a fashion news site. Stephens College and MU claimed spots 48 and 49, respectively. Numbers on the map below correspond to list rankings and show where each U.S. school is located.

Community Unity Black History Month celebration

This Saturday, Peoples’ Visioning is hosting its Community Unity Black History Month celebration from 3 to 10 p.m. at the Armory Sports and Recreation Center. The event is free and open to the public.

GRAPHIC: Planned location of new softball stadium

The University of Missouri System Board of Curators approved funding for a new Missouri softball stadium at its Thursday meeting. The site of the stadium is planned for the northwest corner of the Hearnes Center parking lot.

GRAPHIC: Developers look at land near Battle High School

Developers filed a request to the city for annexation of 128 acres on the north side of St. Charles Road near Battle High School. They hope to build at least 271 homes and to develop office and commercial uses. The Columbia Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing on the proposal Thursday night.

GRAPHIC: Prostate, lung and breast cancer are the three most common types of cancer

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer for women, whereas prostate and lung cancer lead the way among men.

GRAPHIC: New urgent care provider for MU employees

MU employees can now go to the South Providence Medical Complex for medical attention after work hours and on the weekends. The complex opened at 551 E. Southampton Drive in January and includes an urgent care facility for MU employees injured on the job.

GRAPHIC: Missouri signs more recruits from SEC states in 2015

During Missouri's final year in the Big 12, the 2011 signing class had 17 recruits total. Out of the 17, 11 were from Big 12 states other than Missouri, and one was from a Southeastern Conference state. This year, Missouri signed 23 athletes, 12 of which are from SEC states, and only three are from Big 12 states.

GRAPHIC: Franklin Agbasimere’s travel from Nigeria to Missouri

Franklin Agbasimere signed his National Letter of Intent with Missouri football on Wednesday. Agbasimere is originally from Lagos, Nigeria. He moved to Montverde, Florida, and played high school football at Montverde Academy. He will head to Columbia in the fall.

GRAPHIC: Beckner Jr.'s Suitors

Terry Beckner Jr., a defensive lineman at East St. Louis High School in St. Louis, Illinois, held scholarship offers from 20 schools. The senior, ranked by and ESPN as the top recruit in Illinois, chose Missouri in a ceremony Wednesday morning.