Percentage of scores three or higher on Advanced Placement Exams from class of 2013

MAP: Oil slicks suggest missing Malaysian Airlines flight crashed

Two large oil slicks found near Tho Chu island offered the first sign that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 had crashed into the ocean. The plane, which was carrying 239 people, disappeared from radar early Saturday morning.

CHART: University Village building maintenance 2003-14

Since 2003, residents of the University Village apartment complex submitted 226 requests for maintenance related to structural problems. Leaks and floor problems were the most frequent reasons for building maintenance requests.

DIAGRAM: Walkway collapse at University Village

According to a report from the engineering firm Trabue, Hansen and Hinshaw Inc., a concrete shear failure along the outer edge of University Village Building 707’s walkway caused it to collapse Feb. 22. The collapse resulted in the death of Lt. Bruce Britt of the Columbia Fire Department. Here's how the collapse happened.

MAP: University Village repair recommendations

The walkway in front of University Village's Building 707 collapsed Feb. 22, leading to the death of Columbia Fire Department Lt. Bruce Britt. University records from 2008 show a recommendation that the building be demolished because of its poor condition. This map shows each building color-coded based on the repair recommendations for the buildings' walkways from the structural engineering firm Trabue, Hansen and Hinshaw Inc.’s Feb. 23 report.

Work order of University Village

Since 2003, tenants at University Village apartment complex have made more than 226 requests for maintenance regarding structural damage, water leakage and cracked floors. Twenty maintenance requests were made for Building 707 before the walkway collapsed on Feb. 22.

MAP: Proposed elementary school layout

Proposed plans for a new elementary school include a roundabout, several sports courts and an area for a park.

ILLUSTRATION: New telecommunication system

A new type of cellphone infrastructure could be under construction in the next five years in Missouri. Small antenna nodes would replace single, large cellphone towers, allowing bigger coverage areas and better signal quality. The antenna nodes could be attached to existing utility poles.

MAP: True/False Film Fest parade “March March”

“March March,” the kickoff parade for the True/False Film Fest, begins at 5:15 p.m. Friday. The parade begins at Courthouse Square then proceeds down Ninth Street to the Missouri Theatre. There will be live music and entertainers. All members of the public are welcome to participate. For more information, visit

MAP: New crosswalks among plans for College Avenue safety project

MU, the Missouri Department of Transportation and the city are developing plans to prevent jaywalking. The preferred plans include two crosswalks and a barrier. Another plan includes adding a stoplight at the intersection of Wilson Avenue and South College Avenue.

MAP: Aspen Heights location

Aspen Heights in Columbia

Differences among Missouri's marijuana initiatives

Understanding different forms of marijuana

Here's a look at the important terms to know when it comes to marijuana, including the different forms.

Similarities among Missouri's marijuana initiatives

Thirteen ballot initiatives submitted by Show-Me Cannabis have been approved by Secretary of State Jason Kander. Here's a look at the similarities of the initiatives. Although all of the initiatives allow for various forms of marijuana, they place different limits on how much of each different form a person can possess.

MU professor Jeffrey L. Pasley named finalist for George Washington Book Prize

Author and MU professor Jeffrey L. Pasley, is one of three finalists for the George Washington Book Prize. He was nominated for his work “The First Presidential Contest: 1796 and the Founding of American Democracy.”

CHART: Estimated annual revenue increase from legalizing marijuana

The 13 initiatives have estimates for how much legalizing marijuana in Missouri would increase tax revenues. All 13 would allow the state to tax the sale of marijuana produced in Missouri. The petitions state that annual revenue increases could range from $142 million to $217 million.

MAP: Gold route changes under CoMo Connect

The gold route, shown here, is one of the proposed main routes in CoMo Connect.

MAP: Black Route under CoMo Connect

A public hearing on CoMo Connect, the city’s proposed new bus system, is scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday in the Daniel Boone City Building. The Black Route will serve student apartment complexes, grocery stores, pharmacies, parks and schools.

Borderline personality disorder

Sasha Menu Courey, an MU swimmer who committed suicide in 2011, had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. People with this mental illness struggle to regulate their emotions, which can affect their relationships with others, their behavior and their self-identity.

ILLUSTRATION: Passable and non-passable roads

Some roads in Columbia are still covered by snow due to the heavy snowstorm last week. The city considers a road passable if “at least one travel lane is accessible for a front wheel drive vehicle at speeds and driving conditions below the normal posted speed limits.”