CHART: Chancellor Brady Deaton's impact at MU

CHART: Chancellor Brady Deaton's impact at MU

MAP: Land purchased for Columbia's newest park

The city of Columbia has purchased thirty acres of farmland next to Battle High School. The land cost more than half a million dollars, though no funds exist to develop the land into a park.

TIMELINE: Looking back on Brady Deaton's time at MU and before

TIMELINE: Looking back on Brady Deaton's life and career

CHART: MU enrollment soars under Brady Deaton

Fall enrollment for MU has increased during Chancellor Brady Deaton’s tenure at MU. Since 1997, fall enrollment for undergraduates has increased by about 55 percent. Graduate and professional student enrollment increased by about 61 percent and 8 percent, respectively.

CHART: Endowment grows under Chancellor Brady Deaton

MU’s endowment, or the pool of funds donated to the university, has increased by more than 600 percent since Brady Deaton became chancellor in 2004. In 2012, the university received its largest endowment gift, $30.1 million from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, which funds the operation of the Reynolds Journalism Institute.

GRAPH: Veterans living in Columbia

Columbia is home to 5,199 U.S. veterans, which is nearly 6 percent of the total population. Most veterans currently living in Columbia served in the Vietnam War.

Missouri football: Which bowl game will the Tigers go to?

MAP: The 45th District, at a glance

Missouri’s 45th House District includes much of north-central Columbia, including the Benton-Stephens, Vanderveen, Country Club Estates, Derby Ridge, Blue Ridge, Ridgeway, Douglass and north-central Columbia neighborhoods.

MAP: Ozark Scenic Riverways horsepower and canoe restrictions

A new general management plan for the Ozark National Scenic Riverways is tentatively set to be released Friday. If enacted, it would replace the 1984 plan. The current plan restricts the number of canoes and horsepower of motorboats on the Current and Jacks Fork rivers in order to reduce ecological stress. Most sections of the river have horsepower limits. Labeled below are the maximum number of canoes that can be on a certain stretch on a day Friday through Sunday. The plan limits most sections to a fewer number of canoes on weekdays.

MAP: Proposed Douglass Park renovations include amphitheater, handball courts

After the city acquired three lots of land near Douglass Park, the Columbia Parks and Recreation Department developed two proposals for renovations and additions. Each plan would be implemented in two phases. Phase one has been funded, and phase two would happen later if funding is secured.

CHART: Comparing crime rates: motor vehicle theft

Boone County's per capita rate of motor vehicle theft for January through September 2013 remains relatively unchanged from previous years, when the rate has fluctuated between 95 to 82 thefts per 100,000 residents.

CHART: Comparing crime rates: burglary

Boone County's per capita burglary rate from January through September 2013 is down from the same period last year and roughly on par with the 2010 per capita burglary rate.

CHART: Comparing crime rates: aggravated assault

The aggravated assault rate for Boone County from January through September of this year is at a five-year low: 153 assaults per 100,000 residents.

CHART: Comparing crime rates: criminal homicide

From January through September of 2013, Boone County's criminal homicide rate was 2.9 per 100,000 residents.

TABLE: Boone County crimes per capita

In 2013 there were fewer crimes per capita in Boone County compared to the annual average over the past five years. The data, which is collected January through September of each year, indicates only two areas of crime have increased. Numbers are rounded to the nearest whole number.

CHART: Comparing crime rates: larceny

Boone County's per capita rate of larceny, or nonviolent theft, is down slightly from the rate for the same period last year.

CHART: Comparing crime rates: robbery

Boone County's per capita robbery rate from January through September 2013 was at a five-year low at 47 robberies per 100,000 residents.

CHART: Comparing crime rates: forcible rape

Boone County's forcible rape rate between January and September 2013 was 24 per 100,000 residents, a five-year high.

MAP: MKT Trail management might change

Management of the MKT Trail is split between Columbia and Boone County. The county proposed giving up management of part of the trail at a joint meeting of city and county officials on Monday. The city might take over management of the 4.2 miles of the trail that the county manages and continue to maintain the 4.7 miles it already manages.

MAP: 'Spook Light' continues to mystify

Appearances of mysterious lights close to the Missouri-Oklahoma border have been reported since the 1800s. The glowing orbs, collectively known as the Spook Light, are commonly reported on East 50 Road in northeast Oklahoma. The video takes place along this stretch of road.