TIMELINE: Veterans United Home Loans

Since its founding in 2002, Columbia-based Veterans United Home Loans has grown from a staff of four to about 1,500. In 2012, the company funded $3.3 billion in loans for veterans and their families.

CHART: Veterans United employee growth

Veterans United Home Loans, a Columbia-based business, was one of the top 10 VA loan lenders in the U.S. government’s fiscal year 2013. Mortgage Research Center LLC, which operates as Veterans United, ranked just above Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase Bank.

CHART: January weather trends

January in Columbia was colder than average this year, but it felt even colder compared to the warmer January 2013 and January 2012. The month's average temperature was 25.1 degrees.

CHART: MU Libraries’ books damaged by mold

Up to 600,000 books have been damaged by mold in a Subtera storage cavern, and MU Libraries has enough money to save about half. Faculty, staff and community members have offered to donate money to help save more books.

MAP: Snow status in Columbia

The weekend’s snow and freezing rain covered Columbia’s roadways with a sheet of ice. City crews are working to salt roads in residential areas, starting from the center and moving outward. First- and second-priority routes are now passable after the salt treatment, according to the City of Columbia. This map represents road conditions as of 2:30 p.m. Sunday.

CHART: Housing market shows continued improvement

Key indicators of the housing market were up this year, including single-family home sales, newly constructed home sales and the median sales prices.

MAP: Notable historic property locations

Five properties will be recognized Tuesday as notable historic properties by the Historic Preservation Commission.

CHART: Data show rise in burglaries during winter break

Columbia has seen a rise in burglaries during winter break compared to last year. There were 96 burglaries between Dec. 14 and Jan. 20, compared to 66 for the same period the year before.

CHART: Missouri poverty rate increases

The poverty rate in Missouri has fluctuated since 1980, the first year the University of Kentucky analyzed poverty data. The annual poverty rate is calculated by dividing the sum of poverty thresholds by the sum of family income over the year. During the recession of the early 1980s, the poverty rate reached 16.7. In 2000, the rate dropped to its lowest point since 1980, 9.2. Between 2006 and 2011, the most recent year for which data is available, the poverty rate increased, with the exception of a slight dip in 2010.

MU Women’s and Children’s Hospital gets goggles to entertain MRI patients

The hospital purchased the device to help MRI patients relax during the procedure. The goggles are made by Cinemavision. Patients can watch movies, listen to music and talk to MRI technicians.

Missouri losses include four top-100 teams

Here is the RPI rank of teams that have beaten Missouri men's basketball this season.

Missouri wins include three top-100 RPI teams

Here's the RPI rank of teams Missouri has beaten.

Missouri to face highly-ranked opponents

Here is the RPI rank of the teams Missouri faces in its next six games.

MAP: Columbia power outage affects hundreds

Between 500 and 1,000 customers were without power Sunday morning after the aerial ladder of a fire truck came in contact with a high voltageelectrical transmission line at Columbia Fire Station 4.

MAP: Shots fired at Sideline Bar

Sidelines Sports Bar is located north of I-70 on the 700 block of Big Bear Boulevard. Shots were fired outside the bar early Sunday morning.

CHART: Columbia experiences dramatic temperature changes

The average temperature for the past three days has ranged from eight degrees to 33 degrees Fahrenheit. Although Sunday’s high was 56 degrees, the National Weather Service predicts it will drop to 13 degrees Monday.

CHART: Columbia to experience high wind speeds

Wind speed has fluctuated this past week. Wind speeds this coming Monday and Tuesday are expected to peak at 18 mph and 9 mph, respectively.

MAP: Tax-increment financing plan

In order to fund sewer and electric improvements downtown, officials have proposed a tax-increment financing plan for an area in central Columbia. Until improvements can be made, a moratorium has been placed on new development downtown, and a number of projects are now on hold.

MAP: Aspen Heights community forum

The Aspen Heights housing complex in Columbia is holding a community forum in February to discuss crime in the area.


This 2013 photo released by the Arkansas State shows NCAA college football player Markel Owens. Authorities said Thursday that the junior defensive lineman was one of two men shot to death during a home invasion robbery in Jackson, Tenn., Wednesday night.