GRAPHIC: MU places 26th in RecycleMania

MAP: Boundaries set for Battle Elementary School

When Eliot Battle Elementary School opens in 2015, the total enrollment could be about 365 students. The new school will draw from the current student populations of Alpha Hart Lewis and Two Mile Prairie elementary schools.

CHART: Freezes common in April

Nearly half the years since 1890 have seen their final freeze in the first half of April in Columbia. A freeze takes place when the surface air temperature reaches 32 degrees or below for a significant period of time. The average final freeze date between 1890 and 2013 was April 10. The latest recorded freeze was on May 9, 1906.

CHART: Top five April daily snowfall amounts in Columbia

The National Weather Service estimated Monday’s snow accumulation to be less than half an inch. Columbia has experienced 17 April snowfalls since 1890. This graph shows the daily accumulation for the top five April snowfalls in Columbia since 1890.

MAP: Possible boundaries for new elementary school

When Eliot Battle Elementary School opens in 2015, the total enrollment could be either 365 or 404 students, depending on how district officials choose to draw the boundary lines. The new school will draw from the current student populations of Alpha Hart Lewis Elementary and Two Mile Prairie Elementary.

Enrollment differences for elementary schools

When Eliot Battle Elementary School opens in 2015, it will decrease enrollments at two current elementary schools: Alpha Hart Lewis and Two Mile Prairie. The district is weighing two possible options for the new school’s boundries. In the first scenario, Two Mile Prairie’s enrollment would decrease by 124 students when Eliot Battle opens in 2015. In the second scenario, Two Mile Prairie’s enrollment would decrease by 163.

MAP: Scheduled overpass repairs on U.S. 63

Eight overpasses in Boone County will undergo service repairs beginning April 14. Overpasses will be closed one at a time in one direction until the project is completed. The repairs are expected to be finished in November.

MAP: First nature-based school may be built at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park

CHART: Missouri executions by year since 1989

Convicted killer Russell Bucklew is set to be executed by injection on May 21 for shooting a Cape Girardeau County man to death in 1996. This is the fourth execution ordered by the Missouri Supreme Court in 2014. Missouri has executed 73 people convicted of murder since 1989.

MAP: CoMo Connect bus system

The new CoMo Connect bus system has two main routes, the Black and Gold routes; seven neighborhood routes, numbered three to nine with corresponding colors; Downtown Route 10; and a commuter route called Teal 11.

MAP: Abortion waiting period by state

Missouri is one of 26 states that require counseling and a waiting period before an abortion. The Missouri House of Representatives passed a bill last month that would extend the current 24-hour state mandatory waiting period to 72 hours. If passed by the Senate, Missouri would become the third state after Utah and South Dakota to require a 72-hour waiting period.

House and Senate unveil funding plans for schools

Members of the Missouri House and Senate have put forth their plans for additions to the state’s public school funding plan. The Senate plan would provide an increase of $115 million, and the House plan would add $122 million. Both plans would authorize up to $278 million in increased funding if Gov. Jay Nixon’s budget projections, which are higher than the legislature’s, prove true.

Rwandan genocide survivor to speak Saturday

Emmanuel Habimana will speak about his experience and Rwanda’s progress over the years during “Promise of Hope: A Hope Realized.” The event will take place Friday at 5 p.m. at MU’s Memorial Union North.

MAP: Food trucks get street parking downtown

Mobile food vendors will be able to sell food on certain public streets in Columbia. This map shows areas where vendors would be able to do business.

Columbia rainfall breaks record

Wednesday and Thursday were record-breaking days for precipitation in Columbia. The precipitation on Wednesday reached 3.99 inches, which was more than twice the previous record.

MAP: State adoption of Common Core Standards

The Senate Education Committee discussed Wednesday delaying implementation of the state’s Common Core Standards, though some have already been put in place. According to the Common Core website, the program is an education initiative that sets the expectations for what K-12 students should learn in mathematics and English Language Arts at each grade level. Missouri is among the 44 states to have fully adopted Common Core. This map shows the status of each state’s transition.

Heroin overdose deaths in Missouri

Deaths in Missouri due to heroin overdoses have been decreasing since 2011. After steadily climbing since 2007, heroin overdose deaths decreased in 2012 and 2013.

Title IX: Proposed reporting requirement

MU is considering its policy about what faculty and staff are required to report when a student makes a complaint of sexual harassment or other discrimination prohibited by Title IX. The Office of Civil Rights has proposed a policy for universities that would apply to all faculty.

Proposed developments and sewer projects

Developers reached an agreement with the Columbia City Council to help pay for sewer connections in exchange for building permits for three new housing developments downtown.

CHART: Health care plans selected since Dec. 28

The number of health care plans purchased on federal and state-run exchanges nearly doubled between Dec. 28 and March 1.