Word cloud of Brady Deaton's State of Campus remarks

In his opening address during Tuesday's State of Campus town hall meeting, Brady Deaton used the words "university" and "opportunity" most frequently. Illustration created at

Word cloud of questions asked at State of Campus town hall

The words "faculty" and "staff" were used most in questions posed by the audience at Tuesday's State of Campus town hall meeting.

MU-Nebraska Game Parking Map

Some MU students and employees will need to relocate their cars due to the weekday football game against Nebraska, Oct. 8. Most parking lots will open at 4:30 p.m., while some general public parking lots may be available on a first-come, first-serve basis before then.

RV Maintenance

Kevin Reichert and Sully Fairchild are among eight friends who maintain a 30-year old RV for tailgating at Missouri football games. The group obtained and retooled parts of the RV for free by figuring out what connections each member had. Total cost for each member was $90 this season.

Crane crashes into apartment building

A crane in the alley between Booche’s and Niedermeyer Apartments fell onto the apartment complex Friday morning after attempting to move a bag of debris from the roof of Booche’s onto a nearby dump truck. The crane, owned by Watkins Roofing, only had two of its four outriggers extended for stabilization.

How To Play Hacky Sack

To be successful at Hacky Sack, keep the bag in the air for as long as possible with a combination of kicks and stalls, which can be mixed to form tricks. Wear shoes with a flat surface above the toe and avoid wearing pants, which can restrict movement.

Hominy Branch Train TEST

Hominy Creek Trail still on track

GetAbout Columbia is building the Hominy Creek Trail, which will stretch from near Stephens Lake Park to The Links at Columbia apartment complex.

Education Cost

Columbia residents have the highest property tax rate levied by a school board in Boone County. In August, the Columbia School Board voted to increase the rate by $0.0425, which will take effect in December.

Proposed broadband lines

Property Tax Breakdown

Dendrochronologists Tree Rings

Dendrochronologists, scientists who study tree rings, are able to determine the history of past events, such as wildfires, by studying tree rings. Here, the places that MU dendrochronologists have traveled to and collected samples of tree rings for study.


The underhand chop is one of four events in the STIHL Timbersports Collegiate Series. Competitors swing the ax over their head and down onto the log between their feet, continually changing the pattern of cutting. Time ends when the log is split in half.

Roots 'N Blues 'N BBQ Festival map

H1N1 numbers and know-how

H1N1 has many similarities to seasonal flu especially in the way it enters and attacks cells in the body, but its differences give health experts cause for concern.

Agriculture area around Columbia

Boone County has drafted an abeyance regulation that would prohibit development on agricultural land for six years if it is cleared and graded. This map shows the land around Columbia zoned as agricultural, urban agricultural, and agricultural-residential.

Northeast Development

The Boone County and Columbia planning and zoning commissions heard feedback from the community Tuesday night regarding future development of 3,104 acres northeast of Columbia. The area contains the site of the new Columbia public high school, which is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2013.

Shalom Christian Academy new construction site

The construction for Shalom Christian Academy and Day Care broke ground on Aug. 26, thanks to a $100,000 grant from the city of Columbia.

Home heating sources

The majority of homes in Columbia use natural gas rather than propane or electric. The cost of natural gas, along with other home heating sources, is expected to be lower this year than previous years because of low crude oil prices.

Memorial Stadium Changes Seats

Memorial Stadium reduced the seating space allotted for each person in the student general admission section from 18 inches to 14 inches this year. This change allows for 2,655 more seats for students.