Rocky Creek Rezoning Map

Columbia City Council voted to rezone the .97 acre tract of land in order to build three condos. Neighbors had expressed concern about stormwater drainage issues and the density of the developments.

Interactive Tour of Missouri maps

The Tour of Missouri started Monday in St. Louis and ends Sunday in Kansas City. Click on the photo for interactive maps of each stage of this year's race.


The numbers of manufacturing, construction and mining and logging jobs have all decreased in Missouri from 2008 to 2009. The chart below shows the number of employees in thousands for the month of July from 1999 to 2009. The information is not seasonally adjusted.

Heart of America Marathon

The Heart of America Marathon, an annual endurance race held in Columbia since 1960, is a challenge for even the most experienced of runners. More than just physical fitness and the length of the course, marathoners train for difficult weather and terrain, which can make a challenging course that much tougher.

Indigent Burials Bar Chart

By August 2009, the Boone County Commission had used up all of the funds set aside for indigent burials for the year.

Tour of Missouri Maps and Profiles

Starting Monday some of the top cycling teams in the world and the famous athletes who ride for them will spend seven days racing a 612-mile course across the state. The Tour of Missouri is one of only three multiday stage races in the U.S. given the highest rating for a race outside of Europe, 2.HC, by the International Cycling Union. The 2 stands for multiday and the HC stands for “beyond category.” Only the Tour of Missouri, the Tour of Georgia and the Tour of California share this distinction in the U.S.; the Tour of Georgia will not take place this year.

Cool Summer Temps

Cooler temperatures in June, July and August caused this summer to rank as Columbia's ninth coolest summer.

Average Weather Temps

Lower temperatures in July and August cause Columbia to experience below average temperatures.

Field feud

Rick Rose made his case Tuesday night to the Boone County Commission for a conditional use permit for a baseball field on his property. The Kinseys, who own neighboring land, have complained about the field.

Fasting practices among religions

Fasting practices among common religions.

City social service funding

The funding by the city of Columbia for social services has remained steady over the past nine years.

Farm to School

The process of harvesting and preparing apples to be distributed to wholesalers and sold in stores is highly mechanized. Here is a simplified version of a Peters Orchards apple's journey from tree to truck.

Saving the Smarr property

A residential neighborhood is raising money to prevent the sale of the Smarr Property to developers for commercial use.

Dental Sealants

In order to prevent tooth decay, dental sealants, which keep out bacteria and food, are applied to fissures and pits, where cavities form. Molars are the most likely to receive sealants, which should be applied shortly after molars appear but before they have a chance to decay.

Columbia AP Exam Scores

Columbia Public Schools’ students averaged higher scores on Advanced Placement exams compared with Missouri and global students. Exams are scored on a scale from 1 to 5. Many colleges and universities require a score of 3, 4 or 5 for college credit.

Columbia Public Schools first-day enrollment

First-day enrollment figures for Columbia Public Schools.

MU first-day enrollment

MU, which started classes on Monday, saw record enrollments for minority student groups, including African-Americans and Hispanics. Both total and undergraduate enrollment numbers are the highest in the history of the university.


The Planning and Zoning Commission approved the rezoning of a tract of land east of the Municipal Power Plant from residential to industrial. The City Council has the final say.

City leadership ages toward retirement

Key employees with departments across the city will be eligible to retire within the next five years, many of them managers or supervisors.

Retiring at the top of their game

More than a quarter of City of Columbia employees are at or within five years of retirement age, and when only supervisors and managers are considered that number swells to more than half. This aging work force threatens to create both budget and talent deficits in the city. The city has not evaluated every position yet, but a look at the organization charts of selected city departments illustrates the impending retirement rush. The most senior employees appear at the top of each chart, and some department heads might appear multiple times. City Manager Bill Watkins heads many departments but only appears under his own office’s chart.