Audrey Spalding

Audrey Spalding is a policy analyst for the Show-Me Institute, an independent think tank promoting free-market solutions for Missouri public policy.

Truck pulls Columbia residents on sled

Josh Chiero, Ben Schwenker and Brett Hevalow are pulled on a sled behind a pickup truck on University Avenue on Tuesday. Though the street had been plowed, the constant snowfall made it hard for the truck to move.

Dog and skis provide alternate transportation in snow

Katy Crecelius chose skis and a faithful dog named Maverick as her means of getting around Columbia as a winter storm continued to dump abundant snow on Tuesday afternoon. With many roads impassable by car, some Columbia residents turned to alternate forms of travel. 

City snowplow gets stuck

A city plow gets stuck in a snow drift on Eighth Street as an SUV drives by in the opposite direction on Tuesday night. The plow was stuck spinning its tires for about 20 minutes before finally freeing itself by backing out to Elm Street.

Taking a break from shoveling

Corrie Miller, left, and Matt Kloster take a pause while shoveling out a path to move a pickup out of a parking spot along Fifth Street on Tuesday.

Braving downtown snow

MU student Juanita Kwarteng shows off her frozen eyelashes at Elm and Ninth streets Tuesday afternoon. Kwarteng and a friend decided to head downtown to see what the blizzard was like.

Reaching a record?

Photo courtesy of Nina Slaney (@ninamarie_4). Nearly 17 inches of snow in East Campus.

Hanging onto an umbrella

Benedict Sin keeps hold of his umbrella as it blows inside out in the wind on Tuesday on Hitt and Elm streets. Sin was taking photos of the snow with his cell phone.

Downtown snow, as seen from a parking garage

The view from the top of the Hitt Street parking garage shows the snow-covered intersection of Elm and Tenth streets on Tuesday.

People walk on Virginia Avenue

People tread through the snow-covered sidewalks on Virginia Avenue on Tuesday.

14 inches and counting

Amy Perry (@Amy_Perry11) sent us this picture from East Campus.

Welcome home to snow drifts

Missourian print and opinion editor Jake Sherlock (@jakesherlock) needed a little help getting out of the newspaper's parking lot, but he made it home safe. He took this picture of the snow drift he found in front of his house.

Pushing the stuck car

Andre Mars, left, and Brandon White try to push a stuck car off a patch of ice on Tuesday affernoon on Mikel Street. Mars and White were trying to get back home to Sexton Street after making a grocery store run when they stopped to help the stuck vehicle.

Leaping the mounds

MU students Leif Kothe, left, and Pavan Vangipuram make their way across Ninth Street to Lakota Coffee in downtown Columbia. Lakota is one of the few businesses to remain open on Tuesday during the storm.

The snow drift ate my pickup

Lyndsey Nelson e-mailed us this picture from the Providence Hill Apartments next to the Stoney Creek Inn.

Canada Geese ride out the storm

Canada geese tuck their necks into their feathers attempting to stay warm in a pond in the Bearfield Meadows neighborhood on Tuesday morning.

Shovel power

Steve Hill, a retired city carrier for the U.S. Postal Service, tries to keep up with the snow accumulating on his driveway off Forum Boulevard on Tuesday afternoon.

11 inches and counting

Photo courtesy of Nina Slaney (@ninamarie_4). Almost 11 inches of snow at Clark Lane/Hanover Estates area.

Snowplows clear Interstate 70 near Boonville

A snowplow makes its way eastbound on Interstate 70 on Tuesday near Boonville. Mo. More snow is expected to accumulate throughout the day, with the heaviest snow expected in mid-afternoon.

Piling up

Karen Mitchell (@Uberscholar) sent in this picture at 1:23 p.m.
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