Columbia College soccer player Tom Vincenc

Columbia College sophomore defender Tom Vincenc has made the song "I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith a team favorite when the music gets turned up in the Cougars' locker room.

Columbia College soccer player Dylan Barduzzi

Columbia College junior forward Dylan Barduzzi has made a team sing-along to Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” mandatory after every Cougars victory.

The Columbia College soccer team's locker room

The building the Columbia College men's soccer team uses as a locker room, a refurbished hair salon across the street from R. Marvin Owens Soccer Stadium, echoes with raucous celebratory singing after Cougars victories.

MU wrestler Todd Schavrien at practice

Senior Todd Schavrien is one of three returning Tigers wrestlers that made an appearance in the NCAA championships last season.

Columbia College volleyball player Ola Shawky celebrates with teammates

Columbia College junior Ola Shawky, second from left, celebrates a point with her teammates in the Cougars' victory against Hannibal-LaGrange in the semifinals of the 2010 American Midwest Conference tournament.

Columbia College volleyball player Ola Shawky in AMC semifinal

Columbia College junior Ola Shawky Nosear tallies a kill in the first game of the Cougars' victory over Hannibal-LaGrange in the semifinals of the 2010 American Midwest Conference tournament.

Casino sale draws low bids

This Oct. 25, 2005, file photo shows the St. Louis gambling casino, The President Casino, that is aboard the S.S. Admiral along the Mississippi River in St. Louis. The century-old riverboat, home until last summer to The President Casino, is on the market on eBay and several other online auction sites as a nostalgic relic in search of a buyer willing to convert the 365-foot-long, 95-foot-wide vessel into anything from a monster houseboat to convention digs, upscale dining or more.

Local biologist collects dead gull

Local biologist Rick Hansen collects a dead oiled laughing gull. "I put the bird in the paper sack and provided the documentation for our report," he said.

Biologists look for oiled pelicans

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologists check a nesting area for oiled pelicans in Mangrove Island, La. BP installed this red boom tube to prevent additional oil from washing up on the shore of the island.

Veterans Day Parade Begins

The Veterans Day parade begins as members of the Army and Navy leave the starting point at the MU Columns on Thursday.

MU veteran shows off artwork to fellow veterans

MU veteran Michael Fiscella, speaks with fellow MU veterans Adam Chmielik, Nick Kundert and Tony Olson about his ceramic tank that he made in ceramics class. Fiscella also had a series of black and white photography prints from a trip he took to Washington D.C. on display.

MU veteran views his artwork

MU veteran Aaron Schaal, steps into the Craft Studio art gallery inside Memorial Union to check on his work that is on display on Thursday. One of Schaal's works, titled "The Last Patrol" depicts a scene from his last patrol before he left Iraq. Schaal said that he fired an illumination round into the sky and that image was burned into his mind.

First Lieutenant Travis Miller

First Lt. Travis Miller and his daughter Vivien Miller, 1, attended the free Veterans Day breakfast at Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 280 on Thursday. Miller returned from a tour in Afghanistan six weeks ago. He is currently a member of the Missouri Army National Guard and has served since 2002.

Don Briggs

Don Briggs served in the Army from 1958-1979, including two tours in Vietnam. He spent five years stationed in Germany and also spent time in France, Italy, the Dominican Republic and Panama.

Karl Spry

Karl Spry, an Army and Army Reserves veteran, served in the military from 1970-2009. He was an active-duty Army soldier for the first six years of his career and has been in the reserves since 1976. Spry was a food inspector during the First Gulf War and was stationed in Europe during the '90s.

Nancy Suthoff at Veterans Day ceremony

Nancy Suthoff listens to a speech given by featured speaker Michael Wilson at a Veterans Day ceremony at Truman Veterans Hospital on Thursday. Suthoff said the event hit close to home, as her father was a World War II veteran who died last week.

Frederick M. Wilson

Frederick M. Wilson speaks at a Veterans Day ceremony at Truman Veterans Hospital on Thursday. Wilson is currently a lieutenant colonel in the Missouri Air National Guard and serves as the medical director of the Truman VA Community Living Center.

Taylor Yeagle

Taylor Yeagle of Rock Bridge High School, honorable mention in the Veterans Day contest

Courtney Engle

Courtney Engle of Rock Bridge High School, first place winner in the Veterans Day contest

David Maddox

David Maddox of Rock Bridge High School, second place winner in the Veterans Day contest