Missouri flood: Day 1

Danny Brown's backyard floods in Cairo, Ill.

Danny Brown steps through his flooded backyard in Edgewood Park in Cairo, Ill., on Tuesday. Brown said the water came in from the sewer and rose to six feet in his basement before he was able to start four pumps to fight the flood. It's the worst flooding he's seen in the eight years he has lived there.

Cairo residents evacuate flooded farmland

A flooded farm can be seen in the distance from Highway 62 near the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers on Tuesday in Cairo, Ill. At least 100 Cairo residents heeded their mayor's plea to voluntarily evacuate the southern Illinois city as the Ohio and Mississippi rivers rose around it, and officials said the evacuations could become mandatory if the Ohio gains a few more feet. Mayor Judson Childs also defended a controversial U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plan to protect his struggling town of 2,800 by intentionally breaking an upstream levee that now protects about 130,000 acres of Missouri farmland.

Kevin Upchurch and Mark Hanners boat down a flooded street

Kevin Upchurch, left, and Mark Hanners navigate down a flooded street Wednesday in Commerce. Powerful storms that swept through the nation's midsection have pushed river levels to dangerous heights and are threatening to flood several towns in Missouri.

Wendy Swetz holds press conference about missing teen Kylan Patrick Stubler

Wendy Swetz talks to members of the media about Kylan Patrick Stubler, who has been missing since April 21, during a press conference held Wednesday at Rock Bridge State Park. A friend of the Stubler family, Swetz held the press conference to clarify details about what she knows about what happened.

Flood victim recounts level of floodwater at his farm

Hill Woods Jr. of Neelyville describes shows how high the water was when he left his 40-acre farm on Tuesday. Woods was evacuated by boat to the neighboring town of Poplar Bluff, where he is staying in the Black River Coliseum until he receives word that it is safe to return to his home.

Flood victim pauses to think in Black River Coliseum

Hill Woods Jr. pauses to think inside the Black River Coliseum on Tuesday. He has never seen floodwater this deep in southeast Missouri. "I can't remember a time when it was like this, not even in the '40s when it flooded," he said.

Flood victim lies awake at Black River Coliseum

Antoinette Jones lies awake after lights-out at the Black River Coliseum on Tuesday. Jones and her grandmother, Terry, are staying at the temporary shelter while they await news about their house in Poplar Bluff, into which floodwater was beginning to seep when they evacuated with few personal belongings on Monday.

Volunteers and tractors work to build a levee in Dutchtown

Volunteers work to place sandbags atop a temporary levee on Tuesday night in Dutchtown.

Lightning strikes as volunteers place sandbags in Dutchtown

Volunteers work to place sandbags atop a temporary levee to fight back floodwaters as lightning from a thunderstorm is seen in the background on Tuesday night in Dutchtown.

Volunteers fill sandbags in Dutchtown

Josh Newby, right, and Mathew Speakman work with other volunteers to fill sandbags in an effort to fight back floodwaters on Tuesday night in Dutchtown. Powerful storms that swept through the nation's midsection have pushed river levels to dangerous heights and are threatening to flood several towns in southeast Missouri.

Blaine Gabbert at Missouri Spring Game

Former Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert laughs with his former teammates during the spring NCAA college football scrimmage game Saturday, April 16, 2011, in Columbia. Mo.

Hickman thrower Sarah Hall at Hickman Relays

Hickman High School senior Sarah Hall competes in the shot put at the Hickman Relays on Tuesday, April 26, 2011. Hall placed first with a throw of 37 feet, 7 inches.

MU softball player Nicole Hudson

Missouri sophomore third baseman Nicole Hudson was an All-Big 12 second-team selection last season as a freshman. This season she is hitting .306 with 37 hits and 34 RBIs.

Gov. Jay Nixon discusses flood with leaders in Poplar Bluff

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon listens to a question during a roundtable about the flooding at the Black River Coliseum on Tuesday. The governor listened to concerns and answered questions from local and national officials including those leading the Red Cross, National Guard and Poplar Bluff police.

Poplar Bluff evacuee worries about her home in flood

Terry Jones adjusts her head scarf and glances across the Black River Coliseum as she lies on her cot during the second day of evacuation from her home on Tuesday. She is waiting to go home until she knows she can — for now, she can just assume the worst. "I just don't know what I'm gonna do," she said. "I'm going through a lot right now."

Man stays home in Poplar Bluff flood despite evacuation orders

A man walks along his porch despite a mandatory evacuation for the area surrounding his home on Tuesday. Much of southern and eastern Poplar Bluff were part of the evacuation zone.

Dog stands in Poplar Bluff floodwater after levee breached

A dog stands guard near his home on Saxon Street, now submerged, in the southern part of Poplar Bluff on Tuesday. Water topped the levee near Saxon Street on Monday evening and spilled over, causing standing water on many roads in the area.

Poplar Bluff roads covered in water after flooding

A car submerged in water to its headlights sits in the middle of Park Avenue in Poplar Bluff on Tuesday. Many roads were still fully covered in water despite the cessation of heavy rains during the day.

Poplar Bluff residents evacuate after floods breach levees

Evacuees prepare for bed in the temporary shelter set up by the Red Cross in the Black River Coliseum in Poplar Bluff on Monday. Evacuation zones stretched across the southern and eastern parts of Poplar Bluff as the Black River breached levees because of heavy storms rolling through the area Monday night.