Collecting statistics after Show-Me State Games 10K

Kyle Lisnbey of Columbia receives a popsicle stick from a volunteer after completing the 10K race of the Show-Me State Games on Sunday at Bethel Park in southwest Columbia. Volunteers recorded statistics on such popsicle sticks, so that racers could turn them in and have their results compiled. Lisenby said he likes to listen AC/DC and Bon Jovi while running.

Getting advice from volleyball coach

From left, Anna Noble, Deidra Mattson and Hannah Hensel of the Club Como volleyball team listen carefully as coach Lei Wang discusses strategies right before their match with the Xplosion from Hannibal at the Columbia Armory on Sunday. Club Como 13-1 of Columbia won a bronze medal in the Girl's 7th-grade division.

Cooling down after Show-Me State Games race walk

Cindy Boyer, left, assists Debbie Simon in getting the last drops of water from a cooler after the Show-Me State Games’ 5K, 10K, and race walk at Bethel Park in southwest Columbia on Sunday. Boyer said she and a friend, Nancy Mueller, do a 5K every month.

Shooting arrows like grandfather does

Gage Hill, 3, shoots his grandfather Spencer Barron's arrows at the Show-Me State Games 3D archery competition. Barron is president of the NOMO Bowhunters Archery Range in Moberly where the events took place.

Taking aim at archery target in the distance

Richard Potter of Huntsville judges the yardage of the target during the Show-Me State Games 3D archery competition on Sunday. At this particular target site, archers competing in the Men's Open, which Potter did, had to shoot from the top of a bridge at the target approximately 32 yards away. Potter received first place in the class.

Becca Nowlin with her bow

Becca Nowlin, 16, hangs up her bow after shooting at the Show-Me State Games 3D archery competition. Nowlin placed third in the young adult, age 15 to 17 female class.

Brandkamp finds her mark

Kelsey Brandkamp, 16, finds her mark during the Show-Me State Games 3D archery competition on Sunday. Brandkamp has been archery shooting since age 4. "I will continue to do it for the rest of my life if I can," Brandkamp said. She placed first in the young adult, age 15 to 17 female class.

Archer aims her arrow at target

Kelsey Brandkamp, 16, aims her arrow at the target on Sunday at the Show-Me State Games. The games were held at the NOMO Bow Hunters Archery Range in Moberly.

Women's event in archery at Show-Me State Games

Lynda Hodges, left, shoots at a target as Kelsey Brandkamp converses with friends and opponents during the Show-Me State Games 3D archery competition on Sunday. Hodges has been shooting for four years and took the gold medal in the women's open event.

Clippings from Columbia's past

Bill Crawford, 93, showing historical newspaper clippings of The Walters-Boone County Museum's grand opening that took place 20 years ago. The museum celebrated its two decades with a party on Sunday afternoon.

John Cauthorn

Edwards wins Nationwide race

Carl Edwards, left, passes Brad Keselowski in the final lap to win Saturday's Nationwide race at Gateway International Raceway in Madison, Ill. Edwards nudged Keselowski out of control on the final straightaway spinning him into the wall before he was struck head-on by Shelby Howard as he slid back to toward the infield. Edwards won for the third time at Gateway, which he considers his home track.

Live auction

Mark Mahnken, president of the Columbia Farmers Market, hosts a live auction supporting the Farmers Market and Sustainable Farms & Communities, at the Farmers Market's 2010 Appeteazer. There was also a silent auction, and donations and money raised from the auctions will be used to support the planned Columbia Farmers Market Pavilion.

Appetizers at the Appeteazer

Local food, drinks, and art abound at the 2010 Appeteazer, an event held in support of the Columbia Farmers Market, at the Fay Street Lofts on Saturday, July 17.

Beer at the Appeteazer

Dan Meenehan of Broadway Brewery pours a draft of beer for Rumi Faizer at an event benefiting the Columbia Farmers Market. Broadway Brewery joined other Columbia businesses, including Main Squeeze, Les Bourgeois, and the Wine Cellar and Bistro, to help raise funds for a proposed pavilion at the Columbia Farmers Market. Faizer, who lives in Columbia, is a "long-time supporter" of the Farmers Market, and was joined at the 2010 Appeteazer by his wife and two sons.

Talking at the Appeteazer

Mike Sleadd, Mike Knoll and Dorothy Canote talk at the 2010 Appeteazer, a charity event supporting the planned Columbia Farmers Market pavilion, on the Woodruff Sweitzer patio at Fay Street Lofts on Saturday. The Appeteazer was held by the Columbia Farmers Market and Sustainable Farms & Communities, organizations that have worked since 1996 to foster the growth of the Farmers Market. "This pavilion is a long-time dream," Knoll said, "and events like this help those in the community who want to help us."

Photo showing Katrina's devastation to St. Patrick Church

A photo hanging just to the right of the altar inside St. Patrick Catholic Church in Port Sulphur, La., shows the damage the church sustained after Hurricane Katrina. Now, many in the parish are dealing with the fallout of the BP oil spill.

St. Patrick Church in Plaquemines Parish, La.

St. Patrick Catholic Church in Port Sulphur, La., is frequently used for relief work related to the oil spill in the Gulf.

Starting early for Show-Me State Games competition

Two-year-old Colt Schmitz from Shelbina ventures onto the court and takes a shot at the net during the Show-Me State Games basketball tournament on Friday.

Waiting for the ball at Show-Me State Games basketball

Greyhounds Joshua Matthews waits in anticipation while his teammate Manson Chandler receives the ball on Friday during the Show-Me State games basketball tournament. Greyhounds lost to South Shelby 66-7.