Murphy charges forward

MU tailback Marcus Murphy runs the ball down the field on Saturday in MU's last home game of the season against Kansas State.

Gimme Moe touchdown

MU wide receiver T.J. Moe scores MU's first touchdown against Kansas State in the first quarter while tight end Michael Egnew runs up to celebrate.

Missouri's Zou Crew vs. Arkansas-Fort Smith

Missouri Zou Crew fans try to distract a free throw from Arkansas-Fort Smith during Friday's game.

Missouri's Kim English drives through Jonathan Sharpless

Kim English drives through Arkansas-Fort Smith's Jonathan Sharpless during the second half of Friday's game. Missouri won 115-74.

Missouri's Kim English vs. Arkansas-Fort Smith

Missouri's Kim English dives for control of the ball against Arkansas-Fort Smith's Josh Simmons.

Missouri's Ricardo Ratliffe vs. Arkansas-Fort Smith

Missouri's Ricardo Ratliffe blocks Arkansas-Fort Smith's Cedric Henderson's shot during Friday's game at Mizzou Arena.

Missouri's Steve Moore vs. Arkansas-Fort Smith

Missouri's Steve Moore blocks Arkansas-Fort Smith's Kelson Stewart during Friday's game.

Children anticipate release of new Potter film at library party

Arren Mallott, 8, stares intently during a trivia game on Friday at Columbia Public Library. The party was for children ages 8 to 12 years old and celebrated the upcoming release of the film "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." It is the latest in the series of films based on the books by J.K. Rowling.

Wizard supplies in abundance at Harry Potter event

Wizarding goods sit with "muggle" amenities for a Harry Potter party on Friday at Columbia Public Library. Butter Beer is the beverage of choice for Harry and his friends.

Library's Harry Potter event a huge success

Members of Team Hufflepuff, from left to right, Beni Adelstein, 10, Adele Dorman, 13, and Audrey McAllister, 9, discuss possible answers to the question "What is 'Never Tickle A Sleeping Dragon'?" on Friday at Columbia Public Library. The team guessed that it was the French school Beauxbaton's motto, but the correct answer was that it was the Hogwart's motto.

Children participate in Harry Potter scavenger hunt

An abandoned scarf and a pair of round bifocals rest on a table on Friday at the Columbia Public Library. The items were left behind when the children ran out to participate in a library-wide scavenger hunt.

Columbia Public Library holds Harry Potter party

Laura Elfrink, 12, examines a jar of mystery contents during the first year potions exam on Friday at the Columbia Public Library. Elfrink thought the dried peas were the "eyes of a blind cat."

Columbia Police Department investigates Rock Bridge graffiti

"Although the damage says Kewpies, I don't necessarily think it was Hickman," Maus said of the graffiti on Rock Bridge's athletic facilities.

Rock Bridge athletic facilities vandalized

Rock Bridge High School's athletic facilities were vandalized on Friday. Principal Mark Maus said the damage was spray paint on the press box, track and signs, but there were also cuts to the goal posts and practice soccer nets. "Although the damage says Kewpies, I don't necessarily think it was Hickman," Maus said.

Shoes make journey from Columbia to St. Louis and beyond

Shoeman Water Projects' Karl Johnson closes the hatch to the moving truck he will use to transport more than 3,000 pairs of shoes from West Junior High School to St. Louis on Friday.

Shoeman Water Projects a success at West Junior High

A box of donated shoes rests in a pile for the Shoeman Water Projects on Friday at West Junior High School. The high school aimed to collect 2,010 pairs of shoes, but they counted 3,398 pairs as the total.

Powder Horn Guns and Sporting Goods busy as deer season progresses

Dave Shene works behind the counter on Friday at Powder Horn Guns and Sporting Goods on Paris Road.

Hunters ready for deer Saturday

Firefighter Nick Pointer came to Powder Horn Guns and Sporting Goods on Friday to get his tags for the first day of deer season on Saturday. Pointer said that he was going to be out hunting first thing in the morning.

Hunters purchase tags for deer season

Customers browse Powder Horn Guns and Sporting Goods on Friday. Numerous customers milled throughout the store while waiting to purchase their tags for the 2010 deer season. Hunters must have tags in order to legally transport deer within Missouri.

Excitement for firearms season mounts

Brian Montgomery, 14, tries out a Remington 700 SPS rifle at Powder Horn Guns and Sporting Goods on Friday on Paris Road. Brian and his father were browsing for his first gun in preparation for the first day of deer season on Saturday. He said if he didn't find anything, he would use one of his grandparent's guns instead.