Missouri football player Gahn McGaffie vs. Oklahoma

Missouri's Gahn McGaffie runs past Oklahoma defender Sam Proctor on his way to 86-yard kickoff return Saturday in the Tiger's upset victory over the Sooners.

Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops

Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops

Nebraska football coach Bo Pelini vs. South Dakota State

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini said Tuesday he would change a couple items on the schedule his team follows in the 24 hours before a home football game. "We'll do some things just a little different. It's nothing drastic. To me, it's all about making sure the distractions are eliminated ..." he said.

Missouri volleyball player Ashton Bodenstab

Ashton Bodenstab looks every bit a Missouri volleyball player, but she says she never intended to be a student athlete. “It was kind of far-fetched for me to be playing here,” Bodenstab said.

Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez vs. Oklahoma State

Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez jumps over a pile of players for short yardage Saturday against Oklahoma State.

Halloween candy

Decorated Rice Krispie pops lie on a table of Halloween treats at The Candy Factory on Tuesday. Employees said they have spent the past two weeks getting sweets such as chocolate lollipops and caramel apples ready in time for Halloween.

Shopping for Halloween candy

Carole Kennedy shops for sweet Halloween treats for her great-grandchildren at The Candy Factory on Tuesday. The Candy Factory has decked the store with Halloween decorations and terrifying treats, including tarantula gummies and chocolate eyeballs.

Poster version 3

This is version 3 -- a combination of versions 1 and 2.

Poster version 2

This is version 2 -- a photo of Francis Quadrangle with 18,000 Tigers fans packed inside for ESPN's "College GameDay" broadcast.

Poster version 1

This is Version 1 -- the Missourian's front page from Sunday.

View from the locker room

"Those Who Stay Will Be Champions," "A Year to Live It, A Lifetime to Remember It," and "Your Attitude is Everything" sprawl across the rafters of the Centralia High School football locker room. The Panthers had 20 minutes to make corrections during halftime in order to keep their lead against Monroe City High School.

Baylor's high-powered offense leads Big 12

Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin, left, slips past Kansas State defensive tackle Prizell Brown during the first half Saturday. Griffin's name is being tossed around as a possible Heisman Trophy candidate.

Lucy Faerber and Jonas Weir on bluff in Capen Park

MU sophomores Lucy Faerber and Jonas Weir sit on a bluff in Capen Park on Monday. Faerber says she comes to the bluff whenever the seasons change.

Dogs play in Hinkson Creek

Dogs take advantage of Monday's warmer weather to enjoy a swim in Hinkson Creek.

Tin of elderberries

Terry Durham holds a tray of elderberries. Durham sells elderberry juice, jelly and cough syrup. He says demand for the berries far exceeds the supply.

Terry Durham on his elderberry farm

Terry Durham tills land for a new elderberry orchard on his land near Hartsburg. Durham grows the largest crop of elderberries in North America. Elderberry growers and agronomists say the fruit could be competitive with trendy "superfoods" like pomegranate and acai, which are prized for their high levels of antioxidants.


Elderberries grow on a vine near Hartsburg.

Hannah Spratt applies stage makeup

Sophomore Hannah Spratt applies black pencil as she transforms herself into an "undead" Mr. Spock from "Star Trek." Spratt, a major in technical theater and English, is a student in a stage makeup class at MU.

Gwen Bobbitt mixes stage makeup

MU senior Gwen Bobbitt, a classical languages major, mixes stage makeup during a class Monday at Rhynsburger Theatre. Bobbitt was painting herself to become a tree.

Jessica Duncan applies stage makeup

MU sophomore Jessica Duncan prepares her face for her fantasy stage makeup Monday at Rhynsburger Theatre.