The Ham Committee deliberates

From left, Linda Lynn and Elaine George of the Ham Committee write down scores and producers for each piece of ham at the Boone County Fair ham show on Tuesday, July 20 at the Boone County Fairgrounds. For Wednesday's Ham Show, a total of 39 hams were selected to be sold at the ham auction on Saturday, July 31.

Questions for Christianson

J. Scott Christianson, left, Sean Spence, and John Sam Williamson listen as a Muleskinner member asks the two Democratic candidates, Christianson and Williamson, who are running for Boone County Presiding Commissioner, what they think about implementing a curfew for youth, during the Muleskinners weekly meeting Friday July 9 at noon located in Stamper Commons at Stephens College.

Christianson working the crowd

J. Scott Christianson hands out flyers and shakes hands during the Fourth of July parade in Ashland. Christianson is running for Presiding Commissioner of Boone County in the November 2 election.

A view of Christianson's home life

Presiding Commissioner candidate J. Scott Christianson, left, relaxes with his wife Ava Fajen in their backyard garden. The pair grow a variety of vegetables, along with apples, peaches, plums, pears and raspberries.

A big ol' profile

Six-year-old Bruno, a playful bear in the Welde Big Bear Show, enjoys the ring toss game in his free time.

Big, Scary Kiss

Johnny Welde, 53, kisses Ginger, a 16-year-old female grizzly bear that Welde has raised since she was a cub.

Lifesaving Mailman

Ohio letter carrier Keith McVey walks his route delivering mail in Akron on Friday. The veteran mailman has gained a reputation for delivering people from life-threatening situations three times while on the job. Last week, he gave CPR to a man along his route who wasn't breathing and whose lips were turning blue.

Road race results

Nicole Kumar, left, and Kate Floros, right, compile results of the Show-Me State Games 5k, 10k, and race-walk events at Bethel Park in Southwest Columbia on Sunday, July 18. Discussing why they volunteer, Kumar said, “because I hurt my ankle and couldn’t run.” Floros explained,” I want to be a race planner when I grow up.”

Preliminary rendering of parking garage

A preliminary rendering of the northwest stair tower at the new Fifth and Walnut parking garage. Now that artist Stuart Keeler's concept has been approved, he will begin to finalize the design's specifics.

Smith-Sigler wedding, Missouri United Methodist Church

Dr. C. Zoe Smith and James W. Sigler were married July 2, 2010, at Missouri United Methodist Church in Columbia.

Smith-Sigler wedding

Dr. C. Zoe Smith and James W. Sigler were married July 2, 2010, at Missouri United Methodist Church in Columbia.

Jeffery points out his work

Virgil Jeffery points out his morning routine ontop the crane located at the parking garage project on Fifth and Walnut streets Friday. Jeffery is the crane operator, and he begins his morning each day at 5:30 a.m. by climbing the 177 feet to the top of the crane.

High above Columbia

Virgil Jeffery's crane at the Fifth and Walnut streets parking garage construction site.

Contemplating his next move

Justin Hull, 26, contemplates his next move during a chess game against Missourian reporter Alysha Love outside Chipotle on Monday. Hull sets up a board and timer about three times a week challenging passersby to beat him and receive a free burrito.

Explaining the rules of chess

Justin Hull, 26, explains the rules of his game to Missourian reporter Alysha Love outside Chipotle on Monday. His challenge: Anyone who can beat him in a game of chess gets a free burrito. This is no easy feat as Hull has been playing chess for 15 years. He is yet to have an opponent win a burrito.

Chuck Purgason

John Cauthorn

Francis Vangeli

Allen Icet

Refurbished home in the Lower Ninth Ward

Shirley Livers' refurbished home in the Lower Ninth Ward.