Police officer walking after shooting

Officer Tony Ash walks to his car carrying a bloody rag after responding to a shooting that occurred off of Creasy Rd. on Tuesday.

Capsule for rescuing Chilean miners

Rescue workers and officials test the rescue capsule that will be used to extract the 33 trapped miners one by one Tuesday at the San Jose Mine near Copiapó, Chile. The first of 33 trapped miners is expected to be lifted to the surface late Tuesday after surviving more than two months below ground.

Wardrobe scrapbook page

A scrapbook page from the 1970s shows photos of The Wardrobe in its first years.

Volunteers at The Wardrobe

Volunteers sort clothing contributions in this archive photo from The Wardrobe's scrapbook.

Wardrobe founder

Beverly Miles, one of the original founders of The Wardrobe, holds an award that the store's early board members gave her in 1971, acknowledging her efforts with the business. "It was a personal tribute to me, which made it extra special," Miles said. The Wardrobe will be celebrating its 40th anniversary on Saturday.

Nez Roberson waits with his grandmother at The Wardrobe to check out

Nez Roberson stands with his grandmother as she checks out at The Wardrobe on Oct. 5. Roberson pushed their basket in between the clothes isles and selected stuffed animals and toys to take home with him.

People at The Wardrobe checking in

From left to right, Pauline Marienfield checks qualification papers for Tina Carter and Melodee Roberts at The Wardrobe on Oct. 5. Carter and Roberts said they have been going to The Wardrobe for the past couple of years.

People wait in line at The Wardrobe

People wait in line for The Wardrobe to open on Oct. 5. The Wardrobe is a nonprofit organization that gives away free clothes to referral families and is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Many of the volunteers have served for years and complete tasks such as sorting out the clothes, checking people in and setting the clothes out for people to take.

A close up

A maquette of Blind Boone, unveiled at a ceremony on Monday, represents a larger version that will be created by sculptor Harry Weber.

Examining the design

From left to right, Greg Olson; Susan Altomari; sculptor Harry Weber and Jack A. Batterson, author of "Blind Boone: Missouri's Ragtime Pioneer" examine a maquette of Blind Boone playing piano on Monday at the unveiling in the Reynolds Alumni Center. The maquette will be placed in the Tribute Garden at Boone's house and represents a larger version that Weber will create.

Unveiling the model

From left to right, Clyde Ruffin, president of the Blind Boone Heritage Foundation; sculptor Harry Weber; and Jack A. Batterson, author of a book about Boone, unveil a maquette to be placed in the Tribute Garden behind Boone's house. The ceremony took place Monday in the Reynold's Alumni Center at MU. The maquette is a model for a larger life size work to be created by Weber.

Pablo Mendoza and Ryan Black organize group photo

Pablo Mendoza, MU's assistant director of student life, and Ryan Black, coordinator of MU's LGBTQ Resource Center, organize MU students for a group photo in front of Jesse Hall to celebrate National Coming Out Day.

Breianna Cowins at National Coming Out Day event

Breianna Cowins, an MU sophomore, holds a pride flag during a National Coming Out Day event on campus Monday. Cowins said this year's event was "a lot more involved this year than it was last year."

Valerie Pollock folds a pride flag

MU senior Valerie Pollock folds a pride flag after using it in a group photo for National Coming Out Day on Monday.

Students carry flags for National Coming Out Day

MU students gather behind pride flags for a picture in front of Jesse Hall during a National Coming Out Day event. October is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Awareness Month, and MU's LGBTQ Resource Center is conducting events all week.

Qian Jianguo demonstrates kite-making

Qian Jianguo shaves the bamboo pieces he'll use to construct a Chinese-style kite. The kite must be light enough to stay aloft even in minimal wind.

Qian Jianguo crafts a kite for One Sky, One World Kite Flying Day

Qian Jianguo shaves the bamboo he'll use to craft a Chinese-style kite during a kite-making workshop on Saturday at Columbia Art League. Qian was in Columbia for One Sky, One World Kite Flying Day.

Parker Houan at One Sky, One World Kite Flying Day

Parker Houan reacts to the kites in the sky for One Sky, One World Kite Flying Day on Saturday at Cosmo-Bethel Park.

Marathon starts on Route 66

More than 600 contestants start the inaugural Mother Road Marathon on Sunday on Commercial Avenue in Commerce, Okla. Runners took part in a one-mile race in Joplin and a half-marathon between Baxter Springs, Kan., and Joplin. The marathon course followed historic Route 66 beginning in Commerce and ending in Joplin.

Colorado has rough start to farewell tour

Colorado's Luke Walters, right, and Ethan Adkins, left, sit dejectedly on the bench during the final seconds of the fourth quarter of Saturday's loss to Missouri.