Red-light cameras draw protest

Aaron DeFoe and Liz DeFoe-Thomas on Friday hold signs protesting the red-light cameras on the corner of Providence Road and Broadway. Liz DeFoe-Thomas is a member of Liberty on the Rocks, a national organization that she said is "focused on individual liberty."

Walking Tour of Broadway

Timothy Speed Levitch explains the History of Alley A and its informal former name "Historic Clown Alley" during his walking tour of Broadway on Saturday. The tour, part of the True/False Film Fest, focused on little known facts about downtown Columbia and personal stories from Levitch.

K. Kendall Mathews goes up for a jump shot

K. Kendall Mathews played high school basketball in Detroit. This worn picture is of Mathews when he was a member of the varsity for the Detroit Mumford Mustangs in 1978.

March March 2010

Joshua Hulen, the True/False robot, dances at the corner of Broadway and Ninth Street during the True/False March March parade on Friday.

Alex Keith goes up for two

Hickman junior guard Alex Keith attempts a shot during the second period of the Hickman-Holt game held at Holt Buchanan High, on Thursday, Feb 24.

Hickman's fans cheer in the stands

The crowd cheers as Hickman gains on Holt during the second half of the Hickman-Holt gameheld at Holt Buchanan High, on Thursday, Feb 24.

Bruins' Amaya Williams drives to the basket

Rock Bridge senior guard Amaya Williams drives towards the basket during the first half of the Rock Bridge - Troy Buchanan game held at Troy Buchanan High on Thursday, Feb 26.

Brooke Boehmer performs balance beam

Missouri senior gymnast Brooke Boehmer performs her balance beam routine during the Tigers' meet against the Illinois State University team on Friday, Feb. 26, 2010, at the Hearnes Center.

Shire balances on the beam

Missouri senior gymnast Sarah Shire performs her balance beam routine during the Tigers' meet against Illinois State University on Friday, February 26, 2010. Shire set a new school record in all-around competition with 39.725 points.

Chatman goes up for two

Bruins senior guard Orreshia Chatman tries to avoid Troy Buchanan sophomore forward Erin Mennemeyer during the Class 5, District 9 championship game held at Troy Buchanan High on Thursday, Feb 26.

Rock Bridge girls show off championship trophy

Rock Bridge senior guard Orreshia Chatman, senior guard Amaya Williams, and junior guard Megan Marshall, (left to right) show the district championship trophy to Coach Jill Nagel's son, Zachary. The girls defeated Troy Buchanan with a final score of 43-29.

Accident on Providence

Five cars delayed traffic heading southbound on Providence Road Friday evening. According to the Columbia Fire Department, three people were treated for non-serious injuries.

Collision on Providence

Gasoline leaks from one of the vehicles involved in a five-car chain reaction accident on Providence Friday evening. The Columbia Fire Department used absorbent material to clean up the fuel.

Crash on Providence

Columbia firefighters begin cleanup of a five-car pile up crash on southbound Providence Road on Friday evening. The crash closed both lanes of traffic for a short period before cars were able to pass on the shoulder.

Fish fry fun for all

Larry Morrow, left, gives a massage to Jack Schweitger during the break after morning preparation for the annual Lenten fish fry dinner at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Columbia on Friday.

Cottonballs at the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center

Cotton balls lie scattered in front of the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center on Feb. 26. Witnesses said the cotton balls were thrown around the building between 1:30 and 2 a.m. early that morning.

Fish prepared for frying

Fish are prepared for frying at the annual Lenten fish fry dinner at the Knights of Columbus in Columbia on Friday.

Cheesy potatoes at Fish Fry

Ray Speckhals prepares cheesy mashed potatoes for the Lenten fish fry dinner on Friday at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Columbia.

MU baseball freshmen

MU freshmen outfielders Dane Opel and Blake Brown look on during an indoor baseball practice Wednesday at Devine Pavilion.

Rock Bridge girls basketball coach Jill Nagel preps her team for the district championship game

Rock Bridge girls basketball coach Jill Nagel blows a whistle to signify the end of a drill during practice on Thursday. The girls varsity team will play in a district championship game against Troy Buchanan High School on Friday.