Parenting during Ramadan

Kulsum Tasnif is working to get her three children (left to right, Imaan Siddiqi, 8, Safwaan Siddiqi, 5, and Saeed Siddiqi, 4) involved in Ramadan traditions.

Former Sen. Ted Stevens

In this Aug. 4, 2008, file photo, Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, speaks in Anchorage, Alaska, announcing that he is running for re-election.

Guts Frisbee event poster

Guts Frisbee created this flier to publicize the Eight Annual International Frisbee Tournament, held on the 4th of July, 1965, in Eagle Harbor, Mich.

Frisbee at the Rose Bowl

The International Frisbee Association used this layout to organize the 1968 Masters Tournament at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif.

Request for disc golf course info

A letter of correspondence to Wham-O Manufacturing from a woman trying to start a disc golf course in Indiana.

Top early Ultimate Frisbee team

The Air Aces from Troy, Michigan, seen here holding the Julius Nachazel Cup, were International Frisbee Tournament champions in 1971, 1972 and 1973.

1970s flying disc store

Disc golf historian and PDGA Hall of Famer Jim Palmeri, right, and his brother John Palmeri pose outside their Flying Disc and Chess Shop in the spring of 1975 in East Rochester, NY.

MU football players Jarrell Harrison and Kenji Jackson

Jarrell Harrison and Kenji Jackson talk with defensive coordinator Dave Steckel during a morning preseason practice this August.

Early Frisbee advertisement

The Empire Plastic Corporation advertises its 1958 "unbreakable" Frisbee, saying it's "the new college campus craze."

Sketch of new Catholic High School

A sketch from Peckham & Wright Architects Inc. show what the Father Augustine Tolton Regional Catholic High School will look like once completed. The school is expected to open in fall 2011 and will draw students from Columbia's three parishes.

Caitlin Valora

Les Bourgeois expansion

Operations at Les Bourgeois currently are housed in the winery's single building at its location in Rocheport, but a new building is under construction. Cory Bomgaars, Les Bourgeois head winemaker, said he hopes to have some parts of the winemaking process moved to the new facility within the next 30 days.

Les Bourgeois bottling room

The current bottling room at Les Bourgeois, the winery in Rocheport, will soon be moved to the new space in the winery's almost-complete new building. The tasting area will take over the vacated space after the bottling room moves to its new location.

Tour through MU bookstore

MU tour guide Josh Heffernan leads a tour of prospective students and parents through University Bookstore.

Tour guides walking backward

Josh Heffernan, a tour guide at MU, leads a late July tour of prospective students and parents on campus. There was a time when little thought was put into campus tours for prospective students. Today, tour guides at colleges and universities play important roles in the recruitment process. MU requires a written application and group and one-on-one interviews. And everyone is required to submit a project demonstrating their creativity.

Houdini's trap

Gary Mitchell shows off a "Havahart" raccoon trap outside his Columbia home.

Eagerly waiting

Lines of eager fans stretched across Faurot Field despite the heat Sunday at the Missouri football team's fan day. People waited in the hot sun to meet their favorite players and have them autograph memorabilia as a lead-up to the 2010 football season.

A popular souvenir

Footballs were a common object brought to be signed to Fan Day at Faurot Field on Sunday. Other popular items brought by fans included T-shirts, posters and jerseys.

Meeting one of the squad

Safety Matt White signs a t-shirt for young fan Jason Stringer, 6, during the Missouri football team's fan day Sunday on Faurot Field. Many alumni brought their children to the event to meet the 2010 squad.

Getting Gabbert's signature

Quarterback Blaine Gabbert signs a purse made out of a football for a fan during Fan Day at Faurot Field on Sunday. Fans flocked to Faurot Field with a wide array of objects for players to sign, ranging from posters and footballs to purses, t-shirts and statues.