New Brady Commons for a new class

Renovations to Brady Commons, which began in 2005, are scheduled for a Homecoming Week completion. An official opening ceremony will be held Oct. 21. When finished, the student center will hold five restaurants, a bank and ATMs, meeting rooms, event spaces, lounges, student media centers and offices.

Outside the student center

Outdoor seating is available at the University Bookstore at the new student center. Five new restaurants are scheduled to open in the Student Center at 7 a.m. on Aug. 18.

Checking out the University Bookstore

Students shuffle up the stairs to the second floor of the MU bookstore to reach the back of the line to purchase textbooks on the first day of a fall semester.

If you have a question, they can help

Elliott Cade helps Amanda Meyer find her box of “early bird” textbooks at the MU bookstore. Students may reserve textbooks online and pick them up at the start of the semester.

Student ID card office

Amanda Chandler, an art student, searches the shelves for books at the MU bookstore before classes start. The TigerCard office is also located in the bookstore.

Protecting yourself against disease

MU graduate student Rebecca Mowry receives an H1N1 vaccination from nurse Jessie Baylor in Memorial Union. The Boone County Health Department, along with the Healthy for Life: Atkins UM Wellness Program, gave free H1N1 vaccinations to MU students, employees and their families last winter.

Transportation during winter

Noah Myers gets on line to board the 102E bus with his bike in January after work at the Root Cellar. Despite the cold weather, he still needs to ride his bike as he lives 10 minutes away from his bus stop. “It was real bad yesterday, but at least I have mittens today,” Myers said.

Ash Wednesday

Sacred Heart Catholic Church has Mass seven days a week, including a Hispanic Mass at 1 p.m. Sunday. Sacred Heart is located at 1115 Locust St.

Australian Exchange Students

Katarina Taurian, Belinda Jepsen, Anastasia Casey, Adam Duggan, Tara Fedoriw-Morris, Nishtha Handa, Michael Pedersen, and Sophie Lewis are eight exchange students from Australia who spent three weeks at MU.

The Blue Note Summerfest

Spectators of the Ninth Street Summerfest are gathered May 26 in front of the Blue Note to enjoy a night of music and dance. Of Montreal was the headlining performer of the night as the first concert in the Summerfest series.

Buck's Ice Cream is famous

Buck’s Ice Cream’s manager Rick Linhardt scrapes off excess ice cream from the tub with a knife before putting a lid on it. Buck’s Ice Cream is located in Eckles Hall on campus and is open noon to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Buck’s is famous for its Tiger Stripe flavor.

New roommates meet during move in day

Learning to get along with your new roommate is important for all new freshmen arriving at MU in August. Prior to arriving on move-in day, contacting your roommate and deciding who is bringing which items you will have to share is highly recommended by all Residential Life Staff.

Relaxation is key to a sudents success

Students learn how important it is to relax while in college during a Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction class at the Wellness Resource Center on Sept. 30, 2009.

Car passing by

Aric Bremer, host of Aric in the Afternoon on 96.7 KCMQ and driver of car 96.7, battles it out against his father-in-law, Billy Hendren, and others in the Figure 8 race Wednesday night at the Boone County Fair. Bremer placed 8th while Hendren's car was knocked out before the end of the race.

Figure-8 driver races against father-in-law

Crew chief Justin Craig and car #6 driver Billy Hendren congratulate Aric Bremer, car 96.7, for his eighth place win at the Boone County Fair figure-8 race Wednesday evening. Bremer raced again and beat Hendren, his father-in-law, during the main event.

Boone County Fair hosts figure-8 race

Aric Bremer, host of Aric in the Afternoon on 96.7 KCMQ and driver of car 96.7, mashed motors and mangled metal in the figure-8 race Wednesday night at the Boone County Fair. After three rounds, Jacob Wood took first place in car #17, second place went to Andy Lepper in #86, and Kevin Wilhite rounded out the top three in car #C4. Bremer placed eighth.

Eating her corn dog

Twenty-month old Marley Schuster eats a corn dog with her family at the Boone County Fair Wednesday evening.

Alligators can be seen at Boone County Fair

Ken Henderson calls Spike the Humigator because the 5-year-old alligator acts like a human. Spike and the other gators can be seen at the Boone County Fair until Saturday.

Crashes inevitable in figure-8 race

Billy Hendren rounds the first turn in the second heat of the figure-8 race at the Boone County Fair Wednesday evening. Figure-8 racing combines elements of oval racing, demolition derby and road racing on a figure-eight shaped track. The crossover makes crashes inevitable.

Hypnotist at the Boone County Fair

Hypnotist Roy Thompson performs an energy pull on Carly Lancaster while she is under hypnosis on Wednesday at the Boone County Fair. Thompson has been a hypnotist and magician for the last 20 years.