Boone County Fair carnival rides

Two fair workers walk down the stretch of carnival rides at Boone County Fair. After a long day of rain Tuesday, fairgoers attended later in the evening.

Keaira Rubble performs at talent show

Keaira Rubble, 12, performs Kellie Pickler's "Red High Heels" during the Junior Division of the Boone County Fair Talent Show, held Tuesday at the Boone County Fairgrounds.

Girls wait to perform at talent show

Stephanie Stricker, 13, left, and dance partner Caroline Sunvold, 13, wait backstage before performing in the Junior Division at the Boone County Fair Talent Show.

Nathan Tempel sings at talent show

Bill Tempel, left, of Columbia, videotapes his son Nathan, 8, during his performance at the Boone County Fair Talent Show Junior Division. Nathan has been singing since age 3.

Final act at fair talent show

Taylor Noakes, 16, performs the final song of the Boone County Junior Division Talent Show on Tuesday. Noakes sang "Not Anymore," by LeToya Luckett.

Rachel Guilford waits to sing at talent show

Rachel Guilford, 9, waits for her turn to sing during the Boone County Fair Talent Show. Guilford, along with sister Hannah, 11, performed in the Junior Division.

Water guns at Boone County Fair

Water guns sit unmanned after rain drove away fairgoers at the Boone County Fairgrounds on Tuesday.

Family operates non-denominational church

Pastor Eric Petrie preaches on Sunday about church participation at God's Creation Worship Center, the church he founded with his wife, Linda.

Eric Petrie worships with his congregation

Eric Petrie, pastor of God's Creation Worship Center, worships with his congregation ahead of his sermon on Sunday.

Family members follow sermon

Steven Petrie, 25, the son of founding pastors Eric and Linda Petrie, and Rajah Petrie, 2, their grandson, follow along during the sermon at God's Creation Worship Center on Sunday.

Working for a laugh

No Content member Shannon Kirk, left, and DeeDee Folkerts work their way through a series of improvised scenes with the help of a Styrofoam prop. Every new attempt to make the audience laugh is a new risk, but most succeed in the end. “You could fall flat on your face, literally,” Folkerts said, “and that might be funny.”

The crowning of a queen

Rashall Westhoelter, right, was crowned queen at the Boone County Fair Royalty Competition on Monday night. This was Westhoelter's third bid for the crown. Emily Reinbott, left, was the second runner-up in the competition.

Zipline offers new adventure for Missouri tourists

Emily Beaty, 16, smiles as she passes overhead on a zipline at Eagle Falls Ranch Zipline Adventures in Eminence, Mo. Beaty visited the attraction while on vacation with her family from Memphis, Tenn.

Zipline owner instructs users

Brandon Atchison listens as Eagle Falls Ranch Zipline Adventures owner Shawn Nye explains how he should hold the pulley with one hand while using the other to brake as he slides down the zipline in Eminence, Mo.

Albino Deer stands out

An albino deer in Sharon Kinden's backyard makes a rare appearance.

Missouri offers zipline fun

Visitors to Eagle Falls Ranch Zipline Adventures in Eminence, Mo., prepare for their next zipline slide after climbing up a narrow walkway to the launch platform. Some participants reported that the trip up the walkway was scarier than the zipline ride.

Zipline participants must wear protective gear

Helmets and protective leather gloves sit at the ready for zipline participants at Eagle Falls Ranch Zipline Adventures in Eminence, Mo.

Phoenix facility under way

Dan McCord, a representative for Fisher Environmental Controls, stands in what will be the education room of Phoenix Programs' new administrative and residential facility in Columbia, on Wednesday. The construction of the facility, which is expected to open in the late fall, is mainly funded by grants and private donations.

Holding on to memories

Phoenix Program Director of Clinical Services James Kimbro explains the meaning behind the name plate he is contributing to the time capsule that will be placed in the addiction treatment center's new building as the center's executive director Deborah Beste listens on in the background on Wednesday. The new building on the north side of Columbia will house Phoenix Programs' administrative offices as well as residential facilities for the program's clients.

Carnival ride assembly begins

Andre Radyn and brothers Kevin and Chris Botha assemble a section of a carnival ride at the Boone County Fairgounds. Lowery Carnival Company employs about 40 South Africans who travel from town to town in Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas and Louisiana working at small summer fairs and festivals.