MU volleyball players keep superstitions

Missouri volleyball players Caitlyn Vann, left, and Julianna Klein both say they are superstitious and don't want to jinx their team. Vann has a specific routine before matches involving chewing gum, and Klein refused to cut her hair until the regular season ended.

Michael Scott plays Frank Nifong in holiday re-enactment

Michael Scott will play Frank Nifong, a Boone County surgeon who was instrumental in establishing Boone County Hospital, during a re-enactment of Christmas 1905 in the Maplewood House. Actors portraying members of the Lenoir and Nifong families and will interact with visitors, discussing both local and national events from the early 20th century.

Stolen Christmas decorations returned

These Christmas decorations were stolen from the Wetmore residence on Skylark Drive, then later returned after police arrested two suspects.

Shasun founder announces MU partnership

Abhaya Kumar, founding director of Indian pharmaceutical company Shasun, speaks at a press conference at the MU Life Science Business Incubator on Thursday about the partnership between his company and MU researchers to develop new treatments for prostate cancer.

Celebrating a new partnership

MU researchers Raghuraman Kannan and Kattesh Katti, Robert Churchill, dean of the MU School of Medicine, and Abhaya Kumar, the founding director of Shasun celebrate the foundation of the new drug development company, Shasun NBI, which will work on further development of a prostate cancer treatment that uses gold nanoparticles.

Perusing magazines

Alicia Jones, 6, looks through a magazine as she and her dad spend some time perusing the aisles in Village Bookstore while her mom shops at the store next door Tuesday, Nov. 30. In September 2010, Village Books moved to a new location, which was much larger than its original store.

Browsing Village Books

Nathan Spencer, of Ketchikan, Alaska, browses the aisles of Village Books while in town to visit his sister for Thanksgiving on Tuesday, Nov. 30. Spencer works on tugboats during the summer and says that he reads between 50 and 60 books during his free time on the boats. "I saw a used bookstore and I couldn't resist," Spencer said, "On the tugboats we read just about anything."

Reading to her son at Village Books

Becky Cahalin, of Columbia, reads a book to her son, Cooper Cahalin, 4, in the kids section of Village Books on Tuesday, Nov. 30. Cahalin said that she likes coming to Village Books to read to her son because of the quiet atmosphere.

Checking out at Village Books

Kimberly Watkins (left) and Kelly Osborn are checked out by co-owner of Village Books, Becky Asher, on Tuesday, Nov. 30. Watkins and Osborn are both regulars at Village Books and often bring in used books to trade in for store credit, though they left with a box full of books that Asher did not accept.

Reading a book

Cooper Cahalin, 4, presses down a button to make the windshield wipers noise on a sing-a-long book while his mom, Becky Cahalin, reads to him in the kid's section of Village Books on Tuesday, Nov. 30. Cahalin said that she and Cooper come to Village Books about once a month to read through children's books and pick one out to buy. "We will usually read about 10 before he decides on one," Cahalin said.

Beerup does Pilates at Stephens College

Pam Beerup does Pilates at Stephens College's Health and Wellness Challenge class on Nov. 15

Pilates at Stephens College

Corrie Hutchinson, a library director at Stephens College, does Pilates during the Stephens College Health and Wellness Challenge on Nov. 15.

MU basketball player Marcus Denmon vs. Georgetown

Missouri's Marcus Denmon scored a career-high 27 points Tuesday against Georgetown in his native Kansas City. Denmon and the Tigers will be in less familiar territory Thursday when they play at Oregon at McArthur Court, one of the oldest on-campus college arenas still in use.

The menorah: night No. 1

The menorah is lit on the first night of Hanukkah at Hillel at MU on Wednesday. Candle lighting will occur every night at Hillel until next Wednesday.

MU students recite the candle lighting blessing

MU freshman Jonathan Deutsch, left, recites the candle lighting blessing as MU sophomore Mira Barasch, right, lights the menorah for the first night of Hanukkah on Wednesday.

Participants come out to raise AIDS awareness

Briana Kvasnicka, 19, and Melissa Gephardt, 19, hold vigil candles on the corner of Ninth Street and Broadway for World AIDS Day. Gephardt said she came out to "stand in solidarity and raise awareness."

HIV case manager shows support

Michelle Brandt, an HIV case manager in Columbia, holds a vigil candle on the corner of Ninth Street and Broadway for World AIDS Day. Brandt said she came out to "honor the people that have lost their lives to AIDS."

Supporters display AIDS ribbon downtown

Supporters of World AIDS Day hold an AIDS ribbon on the corner of Ninth Street and Broadway. Supporters walked from the A.P. Green Chapel, where a remembrance was held to mark the day, to Ninth Street and Broadway where they stood for an hour at the four corners of the busy intersection to raise awareness to passersby.

End of era

Former Oklahoma football coach Barry Switzer, left, and former Nebraska football coach Tom Osborne shake hands on Feb. 22, 2006, in Lincoln, Neb. The upcoming Big 12 championship game between Oklahoma and Nebraska brings back memories of those Thanksgiving weekend battles between the Big Reds of the North and South.

IBM's new Columbia building

IBM intends to have 800 employees in the Columbia center by 2012. The grand opening will be held early next year.