Handball humor and camaraderie

Sixteen men from across Missouri played handball in the Show-Me State Games on Saturday at Wilson's Fitness Center on Forum Boulevard. The handball players have a strong sense of camaraderie and humor, as shown in a sign someone brought to the tournament.

Stephen Webber

Stephen Webber

Kelly Schultz

Kelly Schultz

Taking a break from handball

Wearing a bandage over his injury — the only one of the tournament, Mark Kohnle talks with his wife Sarah, left, and his handball partner's wife Susan Schafer, right, on Saturday during a timeout in the final round. Kohnle and Dave Schafer finished in second place for the Show-Me State Games handball competition.

Mike Becker

Mike Becker

Paul Quinn

Paul Quinn

Steven Wilson

Libertarian Steven Wilson

Christopher W. Dwyer

Libertarian Christopher W. Dwyer

Stretching before the handball game

Bob Gartner, left, of Lohman, stretches as Will Goldstein, right, of St. Louis takes a swing at the ball during the handball competition of the 2010 Show-Me State Games on Saturday at Wilson's Fitness Center on Forum Boulevard. "Any time I play with [the Columbia-based players] it's great fun," Goldstein said. "They're great guys."

Blaine Luetkemeyer

Republican Blaine Luetkemeyer

Handball players await competitors

Handball players Tom Burnett, left, and Bob Gartner, right, wait for the other two players to return to the court during the handball tournament on Saturday as part of the 2010 Show-Me State Games. The results of the first round of play split the brackets into winners and losers sides, ensuring that everyone would play at least three matches for the day.

James O. Baker

Republican James O. Baker

Abdul Akram

Democrat Abdul Akram

Richard Tolbert

Democrat Richard Tolbert

Robin Carnahan

Robin Carnahan, Democrat

Water main breaks at Broadway and Ninth Street

Water gushes from under the street at the corner of Ninth Street and Broadway. There has been ongoing construction at the site.

Walking to the cave to see bats

Participants in the Missouri Department of Natural Resources' presentation about bats Friday night walk toward Devil's Icebox Cave, where they watched bats fly out as the sun set.

Hickman tennis coach serves

Hickman tennis coach Andy Materer serves a ball to the Rolla High School boys' tennis coach Cody Kennedy during the Show-Me State games on Friday. "The spirit of competition is better than most, I've known most of these guys for ten years," Materer said.

Leaving the tennis courts

Rusty Crane, left, walks back to the scoring pavilion with Joe Kupersmith after Crane won two sets. "Rusty has a killer serve," said Kupersmith.

Waiting to start the tennis match

From left, Rusty Crane and Joe Kupersmith talk before starting another set during the Show-Me State games on Friday.