Wiring up a traveling carnival

John Wusczyk is an electrician for Wade Shows, a traveling carnival that will operate in Columbia this Thursday through Sunday. Wusczyk is setting up power for the electrical maintenance shop, which runs all the power for the carnival. "We're basically like a business on wheels," Wusczyk said. "We can do just about anything."

Food cart at downtown carnival

Jonathon Gaud and Bonnie Oliver discuss the location of their second water hose from inside one of the food vending carts. Wade Shows is hosting a carnival from Thursday through Sunday at Providence and Broadway in the old Osco Drug parking lot. Gaud, Oliver and their co-workers say they're typically on the road for eight months of every year.

Setting up the 'Kreepy Kastle'

John Cole, left, speaks to Jonathon Gaud, his supervisor, about setting up the "Kreepy Kastle" for a carnival in the old Osco Drug parking lot near Providence and Broadway.

Plugging in a ride for a downtown carnival

John Cole plugs in the power source for a strip of lights on the "House of Rock" ride for a carnival run by Wade Shows that is set to open Thursday and close Sunday. The carnival is on South Providence Road near Broadway, in the parking lot of the former Osco Drug.

Preparing a canoe for the Missouri River 340

Scott Bird, 23, of Roeland Park, Kan., prepares the canoe in which he and his paddling companion, Ryan Von Bevern, 27, of Kansas City, Kan., will be riding for the next few days as they make their way across Missouri. This is the pair's first time participating in the Missouri River 340. They became interested in the race after their co-workers competed in 2009.

Securing a dry box in the Missouri River 340

Scott Bird, 23, of Roeland Park, Kan., uses duct tape to secure a "dry box" for his cell phone underneath his seat on August 24, 2010. Bird spent minutes ripping duct tape off the roll with his teeth in an attempt to keep the box in its place.

Lewis & Clark re-enactors at the Missouri River 340

Dressed as members of the Lewis and Clark expedition, Jim Stanley, 79, of Bonner Springs, Kan., left, and Mike Calwell, 69, of Mission, Kan., signaled the start of the Missouri River 340 race with ringing shots from their rifles. Calwell has been starting each race with a bang since the very first Missouri River 340 race in 2006. He said that the rifles were exact replicas of one of the 13 rifles that were originally issued to the Lewis and Clark expedition.

At the starting line of the Missouri River 340

Ryan Von Bevern, 27, left, of Kansas City, Kan., and his rowing companion, Scott Bird, 23, of Roeland Park, Kan., carry their canoe Tuesday down to the Missouri River to begin the Missouri River 340 race. Von Bevern said that he and Bird have been practicing rowing up the river and working out to ready their bodies for the race. "They say it is a killer on your back and shoulders, so I have been working on those," Von Bevern said.

MU defensive lineman Jacquies Smith and Dominique Hamilton at practice

Defensive linemen Dominique Hamilton, right, and Jacquies Smith walk down the sideline at practice Tuesday. Hamilton, the only returning starter among the defensive tackles, says he has made the bull rush his signature move. “Of course, swimming and ripping is going to come in handy, but the bull rush, that’s just my thing."

NEA grant announced at Lewis Elementary

Susan McClintic, Columbia National Education Association president; Chris Guinther, Missouri National Education Association president; and Chris Belcher, Columbia Public Schools superintendent, welcome Dennis Van Roekel, National Education Association president, during a press conference at Alpha Hart Lewis Elementary on Tuesday. NEA is making a $10,000 grant to Columbia Public Schools. Brainstorming on how to use the grant has already begun.

NEA president announces grant for Columbia Public Schools

Dennis Van Roekel, president of the National Education Association, announces a $10,000 grant to Columbia Public Schools on Tuesday at news conference at Alpha Hart Lewis Elementary School.

Ryan Ferguson

Ryan Ferguson, at his trial in 2004 in Columbia.

Missouri 340 race begins

Missouri River 340 race participants begin their more than 300-mile journey on the Missouri River from Kaw Point Park in Kansas City, Kan. Minutes after the race began, canoes, kayaks and a dragon boat, among other paddlers, passed by the starting point of the race, which will end Friday in St. Charles. The fifth annual Missouri River 340 race was postponed for nearly a month from its original July 27th start date this year due to the high water levels on the Missouri River. The race is the world’s longest nonstop river race, and according to the race's website only two-thirds of last years' participants finished.

River racers Cami Ronchetto and Linda LaFontaine

Kayaking partners Cami Ronchetto, left, and Linda LaFontaine sit in Ronchetto's garage among gear and supplies as they prepare for the last year's Missouri RIver 340. The Columbia residents went on to win the women’s tandem division in 2009. They are competing again this year to see if they can improve their performance.

Preparing for the Missouri River 340

Missouri River 340 race participants, crew members and fans gather at the end of the rain-slicked Kaw Point boat launch in Kansas City, Kan., before the launch of the 2009 race.

Melissa McMillin and Jeremy Gebhardt

Melissa McMillin and Jeremy Gebhardt won the competition against three other couples to have their wedding planned and paid for by the "Today" show. Viewers can now vote on the rings for the couple.

Checking a map on first day of classes

MU senior Jen Stem pauses to check a campus map in front of Jesse Hall on the first day of fall classes. Stem thought her psychology class was located south of campus but was relieved to find out it was on White Campus instead.

Alexander signs with Rams

Former Missouri wide receiver Danario Alexander went undrafted in April's NFL Draft after tearing his left ACL for the third time in his career while practicing for the Senior Bowl. St. Louis signed him as a free agent on Sunday after a tryout earlier in the month.

Wes Kemp near catch against Illinois

Missouri wide receiver Wes Kemp just misses a touchdown grab at last September's Arch Rivalry game against Illinois in St. Louis. Kemp, a St. Louis native, had a big game in his hometown last year. After a quiet preseason this summer, he hopes for a similar performance against Illinois on Sept. 4.

Ashton Glaser practices for Missouri

Freshman quarterback Ashton Glaser throws in his green practice jersey, meaning he can't be hit by the other players. Glaser has made a impact with his physical presence on the field.