Missouri soccer player Tasha Dittamore

Missouri senior goalkeeper Tasha Dittamore earned her 15th shutout with the Tigers over the weekend, giving her the school record for career shutouts.

Missouri soccer player Alysha Bonnick

Missouri forward Alysha Bonnick, right, fights for the ball against Texas Tech's Talor Lytle on Sunday at Walton Stadium

Texas receiver Jordan Shipley

Texas' Jordan Shipley (8) catches a pass as Colorado's Jalil Brown on Saturday in the Longhorn's home victory.

Actors practice a scene from "Identity Politics"

Juniors Brian Kirn and Sheldon Price read off of the script for "Identity Politics," a play that will be put on by the Interactive Theater Troupe. The play deals with affirmative action and racial identity in a college environment.

Reading through the "Identity Politics" script

Doctoral student Noah Lelek, front, runs through the script of the play "Identity Politics" with fellow doctoral student Emily Rollie and former faculty member Sally Foster at the Fine Arts Annex on Wednesday, Sept. 23. The script was written by the University of Missouri's Chief Diversity Officer Roger Worthington.

MU international students participate in Accent Modification Program

From left, Meongsu "Aric" So, Taejun "Arnold" Kim and Sungja "Saint" Cho, watch Sara Sieker as she demonstrates difference between the vowel sounds in "beat" and "bit" at MU's Accent Modification Program on Thursday, Oct. 1. So, Kim and Cho all moved to Columbia from South Korea, and have been taking weekly classes to improve their pronunciation of the English language.

MU international students work to perfect the English language

From left, Sungja "Saint" Cho, Meongsu "Aric" So and Taejun "Arnold" Kim study the difference between the vowel sounds in the words "bit" and "bet" under the instruction of Sara Sieker. Cho, So and Kim all moved to Columbia from South Korea and have been attending weekly sessions with Sieker to improve their pronunciation of the English language.

MU international student participates in MU's Accent Modification Program

Taejun "Arnold" Kim carefully pronounces the word "myth" under the instruction of Sara Sieker at MU's Accent Modification Program. Kim moved to Columbia from South Korea and has been attending weekly sessions with Sieker in order to improve their pronunciation of the English language.

Peace rally occurs at Courthouse

From left to right, Michael Ugarte, Mary Mosley, Bill Monroe and Emily Monroe wait for speakers to begin at the "Eight is (More Than) Enough: End the Wars Peace Rally" at Courthouse Square on Sunday, Oct. 11. Bill Monroe came to the rally from Fulton, where he works with Democracy for Missouri.

Participants at peace rally at Courthouse

Axel Littlepage-Holmes, 3, presses his peace sign into the face of his father, Colan Holmes, at the "Eight is (More Than) Enough: End the Wars Peace Rally" at Courthouse Square. The rally marked the 8th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan.

A crowd gathers at the peace rally

A crowd begins to gather at Courthouse Square for the "Eight is (More Than) Enough: End the Wars Peace Rally" on Sunday, Oct. 11. The rally featured music and speeches from Michael McPhearson, executive director of Veterans for Peace, and Bill Ramsey, the founder of the Human Rights Action Service.

Child plays with a leaf at peace rally

Axel Littlepage-Holmes, 3, plays with a leaf in his peace sign at the "Eight is (More Than) Enough Peace Rally." His father, Colan Holmes, brought him to the rally.

Maclin scores first NFL touchdowns

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin, right, pulls in a 40-yard touchdown pass as Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety Will Allen defends. The Oct. 11, 2009 game saw Maclin score his first two NFL touchdowns.

Pet owners take pets to Halloween photo shoot

MU graduate student Nicole Scott tries to get her cat, Mia, to perk up for the camera after dressing her as a bumble bee at the Halloween photo shoot at Award Pet Supply. The photo shoot is a benefit for Columbia Second Chance with all proceeds going to the animal shelter.

Pets dress up to benefit Columbia Second Chance

Photography assistant Cathey Clark, right, gives a treat to Pierre, dressed as PePe Le Pew, while Pierre's owner Rachel Wilkinson, far left, tries to get him to pose for a portrait on Sunday, Oct. 11. A Halloween photo shoot at Award Pet Supply was held to benefit Columbia Second Chance. All proceeds from the photos will go to the animal rescue organization.

Everyday Cartoonist

Cartoonist Jeremy Burt sketches Saturday at his home in Columbia. Burt has been drawing the "Jeremy and Tim" comic strip since he was 8 years old and now uses computers to illustrate his comics. Burt says he draws inspiration for his plot lines from everyday moments.

A life-inspired cartoon

The "Jeremy and Tim" cartoon strip, created by Jeremy Burt, is modeled after his childhood self and one of his brother's stuffed animals.

Children gather at the Bookmobile

The Bookmobile is organized every two weeks by Boone County Regional Library Outreach Services. It visited the Bear Creek neighborhood on Sept. 15, ready with literary projects for the children.

Children look at books in the Bookmobile

The mobile library stops on Elleta Boulevard in the Bear Creek Neighborhood on Sept. 15. Once the library opens, children gather, play and go through shelves of books.

Blaine Gabbert runs against Nebraska

Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert runs through the rain on the way to a second-quarter touchdown Thursday against Nebraska.