Summer camper waits her turn

Lauren Shallert, 7, watches fellow players shoot after the lunch break at the Missouri Basketball Youth Camp July 1, 2010 at Mizzou Arena. This is Shallert's second year at the camp.

Columbia dart throwers

Rick Cole aims for the target as Mike Mudd watches at a regular gathering of Columbia dart throwers Wednesday at the Eagle's Aerie in Columbia.

Customers look at fireworks

Jeff Manion, left, and his employee Kale Trimble shop for fireworks at Bob's Fireworks on Friday.

Bob's Fireworks selects China's best

Bob's Fireworks at the Lake of the Woods Exit 131, off Interstate 70, are selected by Dave Rasmussen and are shipped directly from China. "When I see them they are just a brown box, then I watch them and select the best," Rasmussen said.

Fireworks selected in China

Bob's son-in-law Dave Rasmussen sells fireworks for Bob's Fireworks at the Lake of the Woods, Exit 131, off Interstate 70 on Friday. Rasmussen has traveled to China every fall since 2005 to select fireworks for the following Fourth of July.

Family shops at Bob's Fireworks

Ben Kunkler carries his son, Anthony, 2, and his wife, Katie who holds 1-year-old Tristan as they search for fireworks at Bob's Fireworks on Friday. "We live in town, my husband has been here his whole life," said Katie Kunkler.

Child looks at sparklers at Bob's Fireworks

Anthony Kunkler, 2, looks at fireworks with his mom, Katie, and the rest of their family at Bob's Fireworks on Friday. "We will let them play with sparklers, but that's about it," said Katie Kunkler.

Children are handed balloons during parade

Riley Nichols, 6, and Megan Nichols, 4, get balloons from the parade in Ashland on Saturday.

Home engulfed in flames when firefighters arrive

Damage from a fire at 5707 Candlewood Drive at 1 p.m. Saturday. Approximately 50 percent of the home was engulfed in flames when crews arrived earlier.

Artist's rendering of parking garage art

A sketch of the parking garage art from the artist.

Ragtag birthday celebration

Steve Ruffin, dressed up as Mr. Plum from the movie "Clue," prepares food and beverages before the beginning of the movie karaoke event at the Ragtag Theater on June 30th. Ragtag celebrated its 12th anniversary by holding a birthday bash with food and beverages supplied by the Uprise Bakery. Following the movie karaoke, there was a screening of the movie "Clue," where the staff of Ragtag performed a scene from the movie.

Child watches others play at youth basketball camp

Lauren Shallert, 7, watches fellow players shoot after the lunch break at the Missouri Basketball Youth Camp at Mizzou Arena on Thursday. This is Shallert's second year at the camp.

Kim English shoots during Missouri Youth Basketball Camp

Mizzou basketball player, Kim English, takes a shot at the basket during the Missouri Youth Basketball Camp on Thursday. The camp is a two-day camp for children ages 6 to 10.

Players gather to huddle

Mizzou basketball player Michael Anderson Jr. gathers his players in a team huddle after running timed shooting drills with them. Anderson is helping at the youth basketball camp at Mizzou Arena on Thursday.

Mike Burden demonstrates how to install a rain barrel

Michael Burden demonstrates how to set up a rain barrel.

MMA fighter Francisco “Kiko” France

Francisco “Kiko” France left his home in Brazil, where he was a black belt and state champion in jujitsu, and came to Columbia to start a Mixed Martial Arts career.

MMA fighter Francisco “Kiko” France works out

Mixed martial arts fighter Francisco “Kiko” France goes head-to-head for the last time with sparring partner Justin Dyer on Wednesday afternoon at American Top Team gym in Columbia. France is leaving in a week to go to Phoenix where he will train with mixed martial artist Ben Askren, a former MU wrestling standout.

Bookmobile children

Lexi McClain, 7, shows her friend Whitney Hickman, 11, the My Little Pony sticker she colored when she registered for the summer reading program at Lunch in the Park June 25, 2010. The Bookmobile Jr. travels to Douglass Park every Friday as a part of Daniel Boone Regional Library's outreach program.

Bookmobile reading

Claire Whitney, 12, picks out a book during her first visit to the bookmobile Friday at Douglass Park. She and her younger brother, Will Whitney, came out because they were curious about the bookmobile while spending time with their friend. Whitney checked out books from the young adult section that day. Her mother, Greta Cole, said Whitney is an avid reader who usually enjoys going to the public library.

Moving Forward Meredith

Meredith Donaldson shows kids a bat at Rock Bridge State Park in Columbia. She explained that bats were the keystone species in cave environments like Devil’s Icebox.