Skulls on a shelf

Skulls decorate the office of MU professor David Geary. The skulls are a species of the Australopithecines and of the early bipedal primates.

Fans in firework stand

Madison Blumenschein, Ryan Kalbfleisch and Matt Myler rest in front of two fans inside the Bob's Fireworks tent on Tuesday.

MU brain analyst

David Geary is an MU professor who has done research on the evolution of brains. In a research experiment, Geary and associates discovered the human brain has quadrupled in size primarily because of social competition.

Pining for cool at Pinnacles Youth Park

Justin Lutz holds Orion Alexander in the Silver Fork Creek Falls at Pinnacles Youth Park on Tuesday. Alison Alexander and Jade Alexander sit on the shore.

Demarre Carroll draft possibilities

MU men's basketball player Demarre Carroll during a home game against California on Dec. 7, 2008.

Lyons prepares for draft

MU’s Leo Lyons dribbles in for a shot at the MU vs. Baylor University men’s basketball game in the Mizzou Arena on Saturday, Jan. 31. The Tigers won the game 89-72.

Ceramic figures at Peggy's Gifts

Ceramic figures are among the gift items for sale at Peggy's Gifts, owned by Peggy Hurst. The store opened Dec. 15.

Peggy Hurst, proprietor of Peggy's Gifts in Columbia

Peggy Hurst, proprietor of Peggy's Gifts in Columbia, checks her gift card inventory. Hurst opened the shop in December of 2008.

Lottery winners unite

Jim Wilson jokes with children from a St. Louis day care during a reunion of former winners in the Missouri Lottery at Saint Louis Science Center on Tuesday. The reunion brings together two dozen lottery-made millionaires, like Wilson whose father won $254 million in the lottery in 2007.

Tough times mean tighter pants for stress eaters

Leslie Fuller, 51, is pictured outside her home in Las Vegas. Fuller says she has gained back weight she lost due to stress eating.

Stress eating causes Americans to put on pounds

Leslie Fuller, 51, walks her dog Sirabi near her home in Las Vegas on June 13. Fuller says she has gained back weight she lost due to stress eating.

Church camp cool down

Scott Ashton, mid-Missouri area director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, cools off during the FCA's Power Camp at Cosmo-Bethel Park on Monday. He advised campers to stay cool by putting water on the back of their necks.

Water stream fun

Roan Baxter-Marti, right, jumps into the water stream with friend Alexzander Sutherland at Stephens Lake Park on Monday. Baxter-Martin was part of a Camp Adventure summer camp, one of many camps out at the lake, who all went cool off from the scorching heat.

Keeping horses cool

Katherine Cowie and Jessica Schwartz wash down "Blitz" on Monday. The Stephens College Equestrian program takes steps to keep the horses cool during the hot months by washing them down frequently and limiting physical activity.

Douglass Park pool offers heat relief

Olivia Moore ,6, cools off at Douglass Park on Monday.

Spicing up a boring, hot day

Naybeah Moss, 4, wallows in the Stephens Lake Park Water streams to cool off. "It's hot and they're bored. I like coming here," said mother Maleshia Moss.

Stables equip fans to keep horses cool

"Some of the biggest ways to tell if a horse is comfortable is in the eyes and the ears. If it's too warm and they're tired, you'll see the eyes drooping and the nostrils will flare heavily," says Clay Stem of the Stephens College Equestrian program. You will find large fans blowing air through the stables to keep horses cool during these hot summer months.

Stream play

Rayshawn Moss runs from Katelyn England as he's sprayed with water at Stephens Lake Park. The park is a popular place when the temperature rises.

Taking a dive

At the Fellowship of Christian Athletes' Power Camp at Cosmo-Bethel Park on Monday, staffer Dustin Jeffries dives onto a water slide while campers and fellow staffer, Jeff Gamble watch.

Cooling down at Cosmo-Bethel Park

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Power Camp staffer Jeff Gamble hoses down camper, Jack Buckley at Cosmo-Bethel Park on Monday.