Playing at the Sprayground

Bethany Rigdon, 4, and Jack Taylor, 4, circle around the Flat Branch Park Sprayground on June 4.

Fountain Spray

Adeline Rigdon, 17 months, leans forward in her mother's grasp to come into contact with the fountain spray at the Flat Branch Park Sprayground on June 4. Adeline's mother, Sarah, commented at how pleased she was that Columbia offered activities such as the Sprayground for kids. Rigdon moved to Columbia last summer from Lawrence, Kansas, which she considered less family friendly.

Flat Branch Park water spout

Jack Taylor, 4, covers his hands over a little water spout at the Flat Branch Park Sprayground on June 4. The Sprayground is open May 1 to Sept. 30.

Flat Branch Park Sprayground

Hope Taylor, 8, and Mason Justice Davis, 3, play at the Flat Branch Park Sprayground on June 4. Justice Davis was running around tweeting, and later explained that, "yes" he was a bird.

Missouri softball prepares for game 2 at College World Series

The dugout floor is strewn with athletic gear as the Missouri women's softball team took to the practice field Friday.

Missouri softball coach Ehren Earleywine watches practice

Missouri softball coach Ehren Earleywine watches practice from the edge of the outfield.

Missouri softball's Lindsey Muller cools down on the bus

After a tough practice in 96-degree heat, pitcher and first baseman Lindsey Muller retreats to the shade of the bus to cool off Friday.

Missouri softball's Abby Bock takes batting practice

Infielder Abby Bock zeros in on a speeding softball during batting practice on Friday.

MU softball player Gina Schneider meets the press

Missouri's Gina Schneider meets the press after practice on Friday.

Scott Swafford

Scott Swafford is the senior city editor for the Missourian and an associate professor for the Missouri School of Journalism.

Dozing at the World Series of Softball

Natalia Hernandez dozes beneath a beach umbrella with her friends after a day spent at the Women's College World Series in Oklahoma City, Okla. "We don't really support a specific team," said fellow napper Lizzy Cervantes. "We're here to watch everybody play," she said.

Relaxing at the World Series of Softball

Sarah Froese, left, and Cindy Samuels relax in style after a day at the Women's College World Series in Oklahoma City, Okla. Their tailgate setup includes a flatscreen TV, so the softball watching doesn't have to end when they leave the stadium.

Cannabis Caravan

Chuck Campbell with Montana Buds talks with a new card holder about the services he offers. Roving cannabis caravans appear to be unique to Montana, although mobile marijuana operations have arisen elsewhere.

Assortment of handmade quilts to be sold at auction

Lola Brooks has been making quilts nearly her entire life. She hand-pieced and hand-sewed each quilt and was always looking for new designs. Lola's quilts are to be auctioned off along with the rest of her antiques.

Brooks antiques housed in log cabin on West Boulevard

Lola Brooks and her husband, Woody, bought their cabin after seeing an ad for it in the March 9, 1969 edition of the Columbia Daily Tribune. They moved the cabin log by log from Ashland to its current location on West Boulevard.

Log cabin houses multiple rooms of antiques

The Brooks' log cabin has two stories and three rooms, all of which are filled with antiques that Lola Brooks collected. When she ran out of room in her first house next door, she and her husband purchased the cabin to make more space for her collection.

Cleaning out Lola Brooks' desk

Terry Brooks cleans out the desk belonging to his mother, Lola Brooks, on May 28. Lola's house is so full of antiques that three auctions will be held in order to clear out the house. The desk is set to be sold at the second auction on June 19.

Scrapbooks describe history of antiques

Lola Brooks has two scrapbooks filled with pages of photos and articles written about her and her antique collection. The scrapbooks include articles from Columbia publications that date from the 1960s to the 1990s.

AttorneyMissing 2

Richard French is an attorney with the State Public Defender's Office in Jefferson City. He is a white male, approximately 6 feet tall and weighs about 220 pounds. He drives a 2007 black Kia Sorento with Missouri license plates.

Playing dodgeball

Cullen Dutton, 12, right, goes for the ball with Ian Fitch, 13, left, during Smithton's sixth grade field trip to Cosmo Park on June 3.