Fans at Vanderbilt's Memorial Gymnasium

The basketball court at Vanderbilt's Memorial Gymnasium rises above the first rows of seats like a stage.

Vanderbilt's Memorial Gymnasium

Vanderbilt's Memorial Gymnasium can give basketball fans the feeling they are watching a game in a theater.

Paul Rolfe

Paul Rolfe is the faculty coalitions coordinator for the student group Coal Free Mizzou.

Ryan Doyle

Ryan Doyle is a Sierra Club organizer with the Beyond Coal Campaign

John O'Connor

John O'Connor is a guest columnist for the Missourian.

Friends remember Emily Kahler

Friends and classmates of killed student Emily Kahler gather for a candlelight vigil Monday at St. Louis College of Pharmacy.

Community members attend candlelight vigil for Emily Kahler

St. Louis College of Pharmacy holds a candlelight vigil on Monday for former student Emily Kahler, who was killed Saturday. Several members of the community spoke at the short memorial.

St. Louis College of Pharmacy holds vigil for Emily Kahler

Rebecca Jones, associate director of academic support at St. Louis College of Pharmacy, speaks at a candlelight vigil for first-year student Emily Kahler, who was killed in Kansas over the weekend. Jones encouraged students to use the available counseling resources and advised them to "stick with each other to get through the tough times."

Rams pounded again

Rams running back Steven Jackson (39) is tackled by a swarm of Seahawks defenders in a 27-17 loss Sunday in St. Louis.

Burlingame, Kan., home was site of triple homicide

This home near Burlingame, Kan., was the scene of a triple homicide Saturday afternoon. A 12-hour manhunt ended Sunday with the arrest of James Kraig Kahler, 46, the former director of Columbia Water and Light.

Police vehicle guards house where Kahler victims were found

A vehicle from the Osage County Sheriff's Department guards the home of Dorothy Wight in Burlingame, Kan. The house was cornered off as a crime scene after a triple homicide and a 12-hour manhunt that ended Sunday with the arrest of James Kraig Kahler, 46, the former director of Columbia Water and Light.

Kahler after first court appearance

James Kraig Kahler is handcuffed Monday after his first court appearance on a capital murder charge in connection with the shooting deaths of his wife and their two daughters in eastern Kansas. Kahler also faces charges of attempted first-degree murder in the shooting of his wife's 89-year-old grandmother, Dorothy Wight.

Karen, Emily and Lauren Kahler

From left, Karen, Emily and Lauren Kahler

Karen Kahler

Karen Kahler photo from Facebook.

Lauren Kahler

Lauren Kahler photo from Facebook.

Emily Kahler

Emily Kahler photo from Facebook.

Teen's Make-A-Wish dream gives donation to food pantry

Julie Brock-Garcia, 13, is hugged by Vickie Lopez, director of the Guardian Angels Food Pantry, right, after Julie gave a $5,000 check to the facility in the Westport area of Kansas City on Nov. 21. The teenager, who suffers from a rare heart disease, asked the Make-A-Wish foundation give her funds to the local food pantry.

Man repairs 100-year-old cabin

Bill Buessink inspects the sawed off section of an oak log in the log cabin that he is rebuilding south of Jackson on Nov. 12, that Buessink's grandfather originally built in 1902. Bill Beussink is currently fighting Alzheimer's, but he's holding on tight to what he knows and loves. The 84-year-old former bricklayer is helping his son-in-law, Earl Bennett, complete the restoration of a cabin built from 100-year-old oak logs.

Diana Bentley

Diana Bentley died of cancer in 1978 at age 55. She was raised in working class north London, the daughter of a London bus driver. When World War II broke out in 1939, she joined the fire brigade — serving, among other things, as the volunteer who jumped out of windows so fire fighters could practice catching people in nets. After the war, she performed in musical theater and was on a London roller derby team.

Uncertain plans for jeresey

Kurtis Gregory, middle, helps hoist Grant Ressel after Ressel kicked the game winning field goal against Kansas on Saturday. When asked what plans he had for his jersey, Gregory sighed and said, “I don’t know.”