Clemson baskeball player Andre Young

Clemson's Andre Young, left, defends against Georgia Tech's Maurice Miller.

Trying to count everyone

Mary Haldiman, right, and Sharon Wegener, center, receive information from U.S. Census Bureau employee Dave Perfecto at a rally held Monday in Jefferson City. The rally was held to spread information about the census and encourage people to participate.

Engraving valuables

Tom Seeger engraves an iPod at the Columbia Police Department's mobile command post on Tuesday. The Columbia and MU Police Departments came together to raise awareness about engraving valuables with identifying information. With recent thefts in the south Columbia area, Columbia police is taking steps to help people protect their valuables.

Raising awareness

An iPod is engraved with a driver's license number by Tom Seeger in south Columbia on Tuesday. Free engravings were available to raise awareness about being responsible for valuable belongings. If engraved with identifying information and recovered by the police, the item can be returned to the owner.

Daryl Dudley

Daryl Dudley is running for the Fourth Ward City Council seat.

Schnarre to join Fire Protection District board

Former Boone County Commissioner Keith Schnarre will become the newest member of the board of the Boone County Fire Protection District in April.

MU junior competes in YouTube contest

Alex Rozier, an MU junior, has been selected as a semi-finalist in an international video journalism contest. His video shows a day in the life of a Columbia Christian Fellowship School high school senior with cancer.

Jerry Wade speaks at forum

Mayoral candidate Jerry Wade spoke from a portion of resolution R 62-10 — promoting the city of Columbia as a youth and family-friendly community — during Tuesday's mayoral forum sponsored by the NAACP. The forum featured candidates from the school board, council and mayoral races.

Comparing notes at the forum

Annelle Whitt and Bradley Anresen compare notes on each of the candidates at the forum held on Tuesday evening at Second Baptist Church. Columbia's chapter of the NAACP sponsored the event, which featured candidates from the school board, council and mayoral races.

Listening to the candidates

Steve Calloway, a member of the Columbia Black Round Table, listens intently to candidates from the public office races on the April 6th ballot speak at the forum sponsored by the NAACP on Tuesday evening. While the NAACP does not endorse candidates, the Columbia Black Round Table will announce candidate endorsements prior to election day.

Manuel Scott

Manuel Scott is scheduled to speak at the MAC Scholars 2010 Spring Conference on Saturday at Hickman High School.

'Freedom Writer' to speak at Hickman

Manuel Scott will speak at the Minority Achievement Committee's 2010 Spring Conference on Saturday morning at Hickman High School. Scott is one of the original "Freedom Writers" depicted in the 2007 movie of that name.

Rick Buford

Rick Buford, a candidate for the Fourth Ward seat on the Columbia City Council, poses for an in-studio portrait.

Texas among seven Big 12 teams celebrating spots in NCAA Tournament

Texas forward Gary Johnson celebrates a basket during the Big 12 tournament. The Big 12 celebrates a record seven team being selected for the NCAA Tournament.

Clemson senior Trevor Booker looks to leave a legacy

Clemson senior Trevor Booker looks to make the Tigers contenders in the NCAA Tournament.

Colonial style homes suffered

A homeowner looks at the damages to his home following the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile on Feb. 27. Many homes in Chile are built colonial style and suffered damage because they are made of mud and clay materials.

A break in the land

A Chilean walks across a crack formed by the 8.8 magnitude earthquake which caused devastation to a large part of Chile on Feb. 27.

Surveying the damage

A Chilean homeowner assesses the infrastructure damage to his home after the 8.8 magnitude earthquake which devastated parts of Chile.

Conrad named new principal for Hickman

Tracey Conrad was selected as Hickman High School's new principal. She will begin her new role on July 1.

Barbershop chorus performs at Census rally

The Show-Me Showboaters barbershop chorus performs during the Census rally on Monday. The rally featured live performances as well as lawmakers and county officials.