Practice makes perfect

Nina Parker, playing Betty Blast in the play Footloose, skates out to rehearse for her part during the last dress rehearsal while Sandy Decker, Harleigh Wacker and Maggie Washer watch from behind at Rock Bridge High School on Wednesday night.

TRYPS summer musical group

From left, Rebecca Burke-Aguero, Spenser Crum, Ellen Tucker Thieme, Olivia Jones, Nora Hennessey and Madi Mertz perform during the last dress rehearsal for Footloose on Wednesday night at Rock Bridge High School. The actual performance begins on Thursday, which will be TRYPS's 53rd show since its first show in 2000. The cast of Footloose have been rehearsing and preparing for 18 rehearsals for the past month.

Flooding on Ross Street

A car sits next to a stormwater drain on Ross Street in East Campus. Reader Betsy Raghu said the water, which is flooding driveways and yards, is at least 1 foot high in some places.

Standing water near the MKT trail

Tires start to dry out on Thursday in the parking lot of the Scott Boulevard access to the MKT trail. The lot has been closed during bridge construction.

Squirming worms

Dozens of earthworms squirmed on onto Route ZZ on Thursday.

Breaking apart a couch

Mike Denehy uses an axe to break apart Steve Windmoeller's couch on Thursday afternoon. Windmoeller's basement flooded with 4 feet of water Wednesday night, destroying his furniture.

Standing in floodwater

Bobby Schembre stands in the middle of West Boulevard near Ash Street on Wednesday afternoon. He said that about half an hour before the picture was taken, the water was about 2 feet high.

President Obama speaks at Smith Electric Vehicles

President Obama spoke at Smith Electric Vehicles Thursday in Kansas City about the growth of green energy in the United States. "But thanks to a new focus on clean energy and the work taking place in plants just like this one, we could have as much as 40 percent of the world's capacity to build these batteries in five years," Obama said. "That means jobs."

President Obama greets Smith Electric Vehicles employees

President Barack Obama greets employees and their families after his speech at Smith Electric Vehicles on Thursday in Kansas City. Obama praised the factory for their growth and contributions to the community and green energy.

Flooding at Wayne and Brandon roads

Reader Renee Hulshof shared this picture of the intersection of Wayne and Brandon Road. She said the water that looks like a river is actually the road. It was deep, and moving really fast. In that same neighborhood, she reports that one city drain backed up into a neighbor's patio, and then inside the house.

Route ZZ closed

Route ZZ north of West Broadway and south of Interstate 70 was closed because of flooding on Thursday. The water began to dry up pretty quickly when the sun came out a little before noon. Jeff Thompson, a student at Columbia College who lives near route ZZ, said, “Last night there were 3 roads closed to flooding. It took me four tries to get home. It’s everywhere.”

Wednesday flooding on West Boulevard

Reader Jamie Barnett sent in this cell phone picture, taken Wednesday on West Boulevard near Ash Street.

Richard G. Dekruyff

Richard G. Dekruyff was arrested in connection with a July 1, 2010, shooting in Columbia.

Flooding on Ash Street

Flooding at 1207 W. Ash Street in Columbia on Wednesday afternoon, where the water was a foot deep in some places.

At the screening

Crystal Rosemann is in the process of beginning a Columbia chapter of the LiNK organization. The group held a screening on Wednesday night of a documentary about North Korean refugees on campus at Jesse Wrench Auditorium .

Rain floods Stags Road

Heavy rain caused flooding on Stags Road off of Rock Quarry Drive, making the road impassable for most vehicles on Wednesday night.

DARE car show coordinator soaked after rain

Amanda Blank, one of the coordinators for the Missouri DARE convention car show, is soaked with rain while trying to stay covered under a remaining tent Wednesday. A heavy downpour brought the car show to abrupt stop before Blank decided to start taking down tables and tents.

DARE Corvette in car show

Detective Shawn Hornbeck, center in a wig, of the Belton Police Department drives a DARE corvette onto the parking lot of the Holiday Inn for the Missouri DARE convention car show on Wednesday.

Officer hurries to keep rain away from DARE car

Officer A.C. Walker hurries to put the inserts back onto her DARE t-top Camaro as rain continues to fall in during the Missouri DARE convention car show Wednesday at the Holiday Inn on I-70 Drive Southwest.

Attendees of DARE car show seek shelter from rain

As rain drives away most attendees of the Missouri DARE convention car show, the remaining people seek shelter from the rain at the back of a DARE vehicle on Wednesday.