Bruins' Okoye West

Senior defensive tackle Okoye West runs the ball for a touchdown during the fourth quarter of the Bruins' game against Riverview Gardens on Oct. 9, 2009, at Rock Bridge High School.

Mules celebrating Buck's Ice Cream anniversary

Truman the Tiger sits with MU veterinary student Ashley French and MU professor John Dodam in the driver's bench on the MU Mule Team wagon on Friday. The wagon is pulled by mules Terry, left, and Tim, a pair of 16-year-old Missouri mules. The team was giving wagon rides as part of the Buck's Ice Cream's 20th anniversary festivities.

Truman the Tiger enjoys riding the mule cart

John Dodam, left, MU professor and adviser to the MU Mule Team, climbs into the mule wagon to join Truman the Tiger and team member Ashley French before a ride on Friday. The Mule Team's participation in Buck's Ice Cream's 20th anniversary celebration is just one of approximately 50 events the team does across the state each year.

Waiting to give blood at blood drive

Students wait to donate blood during the Mizzou Homecoming Blood Drive on Thursday at the Hearnes Center Fieldhouse. After two days of the drive, more than 4,700 people had donated blood.

Giving blood at the blood drive

Kathleen Mitchell, American Red Cross collection technician, helps Kara Lappin, 19, donate blood during the Mizzou Homecoming Blood Drive on Thursday at the Hearnes Center Fieldhouse. Lappin was giving blood for her sorority, Pi Beta Phi, as part of homecoming week.

Nervous about giving blood at the blood drive

Kara Lappin, 19, shows her anxiousness before donating blood during the Mizzou Homecoming Blood Drive on Thursday at the Hearnes Center Fieldhouse. Though Lappin has donated blood before, she was a bit anxious about it, but still donated for her sorority, Pi Beta Phi.

Jodie Ferguson reviews a form with daugher

Jodie Ferguson, left, Hans Chrisman, center, and their 8-year-old daughter, Juniper Chrisman, right, go over a form for her elementary school at their home on Sept. 24. When she was younger, Ferguson underwent chemotherapy for cancer, and now that she is 26, she has found insurance premiums, which are higher because of her medical history, to be unaffordable. Instead, Ferguson lives without health insurance but has given legal guardianship of her daughter to her parents, who live nearby, so that she can be covered under their own health insurance plan. Ferguson, a hair stylist of eight years, is also a full-time student at Columbia College, enrolled in night classes. While the couple is longer together, Hans lives in Columbia and is active in his daughter's life. "He takes her on nights when I have class and that makes it tons easier," Jodie said.

Fergus Moore working in his office

Fergus Moore, working from his remote office at Lakota Coffee Company, grades test papers from the art history class he teaches at Moberly Area Community College. He chooses not to carry health insurance.

Jim Widner playing

Jim Widner. As part of the “We Always Swing” jazz series, the Jim Widner Big Band and special guest Bobby Watson will perform a scholarship benefit concert at 8 p.m. at the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts, 203 S. Ninth St.

The Thomas Hickman House almost ready for tours

Built in 1819, the Thomas Hickman House in New Franklin stands almost ready for public tours on Thursday. The house is one of Missouri's oldest intact brick houses and will open to the public on Saturday during the seventh annual Missouri Chestnut Roast.

Kitchen building at Thomas Hickman House

The Thomas Hickman House includes a separate building that served as the summer kitchen, pictured here on Thursday. The family's servants in the 19th century would have prepared meals, sewed and done laundry in this one-room building, which features a functional hearth.

Attic of Thomas Hickman house

The attic of the Thomas Hickman House in New Franklin remains the house's only unfurnished room as of Thursday. Walnut timber and brick walls are the attic's only guard against the elements. The Hickmans, who had nine slaves in the 1850s, would lock their slaves in this attic at night.

William Clinch

William Clinch

Jeremy Bohannon

Jerry Bohannon

Becky Doisy

Becky Doisy

Missouri safety Jarrell Harrison

Missouri safety Jarrell Harrison runs drills during Missouri football practice Tuesday on Kadlec Field.

Missouri linebacker Sean Weatherspoon

The passion Sean Weatherspoon has for football is clear. ""Every time we step out there, no matter who we're playing, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else," Weatherspoon said.

Winning smile of Missouri linebacker Sean Weatherspoon

Missouri linebacker Sean Weatherspoon has always stood out in a crowd. "He met no strangers," his mother Elwanda Weatherspoon said.

Serving Columbia at night

Tim Mallory serves customers at his concession stand located near Ninth and Locust. In addition to hot dogs, Mallory offers brats, burgers, and nachos. He gets most of his business late at night after the bars close.

Grilling midnight snacks

Tim Mallory prepares hot dogs, brats, and burgers for his concession stand located near the corner of Ninth and Locust. Mallory opened his stand about a year ago, working into the night to serve those looking for a late night snack.