Hickman lunch break

Hickman High School students hold up traffic as they cross the intersection of Providence and Business Loop 70 during their lunch break on Wednesday. Because land holders in the area were not properly notified of Tuesday's meeting, the City Council has postponed pedestrian improvements meant to make the intersection safer.

Changing street name from Maryland to Tiger

At Tuesday's meeting, the City Council unanimously voted in favor of renaming Maryland Avenue to Tiger Avenue at MU. According to University Affairs director Ana Romero, the change is considered beneficial because now the main thoroughfare on campus will reflect school spirit.

Fighting the fire at Maplewood Barn

A firefighter sprays the remains of the Maplewood Barn Community Theatre, located in Nifong Park, which burned to the ground on April 5. The historic barn was the backdrop and staging area for the community theater, which has now proposed recreating the barn with new construction.

Missouri defensive end Aldon Smith chases Illini quarterback

Missouri's Aldon Smith closes in on Illinois quarterback Nathan Scheelhaase in Saturday's victory. Smith had 10 tackles, three tackles for loss and two sacks in the game.

Missouri defensive end Jacquies Smith vs. Illinois

Missouri's Jacquies Smith lunges after Illinois quarterback Nathan Scheelhaase during the second half of Saturday's victory over Illinois in St. Louis.

Hickman volleyball player Emily Peel vs. Boonville

Hickman senior middle hitter Emily Peel jumps to make a block on Tuesday against Boonville. The Kewpies lost their home opener in two games. “We are way better than what we showed here tonight,” Peel said.

Pooch Plunge - Boone in the sunset

Boone, an 18-month-old golden retriever, skips across the side of the Oakland Family Aquatic Center pool near sunset. Boone won the first competition he was ever entered in at the Lincoln County Fair in Troy, MO and has since competed with the Big Muddy Dock Dogs.

Pooch Plunge - Mac

Mac, an English Springer Spaniel, struggles to get out of the pool after retrieving a chew toy. Mac is a returning dog to the Pooch Plunge and is accompanied by his human companions, Laura Erickson and Lauren Boeckel.

Pooch Plunge - Macie

Seven-year-old returning dog, Macie, dries off next to her owner, Nicole Johnson. Johnson says she and her Boston terrier will absolutely be coming back next year.

Pooch Plunge - Sammy

Sammy, a German Shepherd, chews on a tennis ball pool side at the Pooch Plunge. This marks the third annual Pooch Plunge, and there were 75 contestants.

Pooch Plunge - Boone

Dog owner Jeff Staake throws a ball into the water as his dog, Boone, jumps in after it at the Pooch Plunge at the Oakland Family Aquatic Center on Tuesday. Boone, an 18-month-old golden retriever, has begun competing in jumping competitions; his personal best is a 19'4".

Kansas athletics director Lew Perkins

Kansas athletics director Lew Perkins watches from the sidelines during Kansas' 6-3 loss to North Dakota State on Saturday in Lawrence. Perkins has retired, a year before he planned to step down.

Mug shot of Eric Dawon Jamison

Eric Dawon Jamison

Harry Morrison

Harry Morrison served as a music professor at MU and Stephens College. Family and friends remember him as an influential teacher.

Dogs take a cool swim

Eddie, a pitbull, Lucy, a golden retriever, and Tess, also a golden retriever, chase after a tennis ball at Twin Lakes Park. Their owners, Nolan Marling and John Luetkemeyer, brought their dogs to cool off at the park on Labor Day.

Playing with dogs

John Luetkemeyer of Columbia plays with one of his two dogs, Lucy, on Monday at Twin Lakes Recreation Area.

Climbing the jungle gym

Aysha Palmero, 6, climbs the pipes of the jungle gym at Twin Lakes Park on Monday. Aysha and her father, Michael, spent Labor Day at the park with Aysha's friend, Eva Brinkerhoff, 5. Both girls attend Paxton Keeley Elementary School.

Matting Schwartz's art work

Chief Museum Preparator Greig Thompson mats a piece of Charles Shwartz's art work for an exhibit scheduled for Friday, Sept. 3, 2010. Being a former artist himself, Thompson enjoys being immersed in this line of work.

Checking the math

Chief Museum Preparator Greig Thompson rechecks his math for a mat frame on Friday Sept. 3, 2010. Thompson's previous job was with the Museum of art and archeology at MU and he described his responsibilities as "caring and feeding" the art work.

Scherzer faces White Sox

Detroit Tigers starter Max Scherzer pitches against the Chicago White Sox in the second inning Monday in Detroit.