Golfing technique

Jerry Hitzhusen, associate professor in MU's department of parks, recreation and tourism, demonstrates adaptive golf techniques to Terry Balthazor after blindfolding him during an open house for Celebrate Ability Week on Monday at the MU Student Recreation Complex. There were three golfing stations at the event where participants could learn adaptive golf techniques.

Shooting some hoops

MU senior Gretchen Maune shoots a basketball from a wheelchair under the guidance of Troy Balthazor, left, and Jerry Hitzhusen during an open house for Celebrate Ability Week on Monday at the MU Student Recreation Complex. Maune said she used to play basketball before going blind four years ago. "It felt really good to make a basket again," Maune said after making several shots from the wheelchair.

Pumpkin patch

Elliott Cely, 2, of Portland, Ore., plays in a pumpkin patch at the Rasmussen Farms Wednesday.

Pumpkin pie

Cooks in New Bremen Ohio stand next to their 20 foot wide, 3,699 pound pumpkin pie. The massive pie took over 13 hours to bake in a special oven, and will be the world's largest once certified by Guinness World Records.

Pennsylvania farmer waits for rain

Farmer Rick Ebert stands in his pasture next to a dry culvert with some of his dairy cows on his farm in New Alexandria, Pa on Friday. Rain fell on Ebert's dairy farm last week, but the less than 1/4 inch that dropped didn't do much to help his parched well. Instead, he had 3,000 gallons of water trucked in this week to ensure that his cows stayed hydrated and cool. "We really don't want a thunderstorm where it downpours and runs off," Ebert said. "We really need an all-day, nice rain."

A fashionable cause

Lucy Faerber strikes a pose during a fashion show at the Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking fundraiser at the Parkade Center on Sunday. The fundraiser included artwork exhibits, food tasting and a silent auction.

Talking about experience in human trafficking

Margaret Howard gives a speech at the Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition fundraiser at the Parkade Center on Sunday. This was Howard's first time talking about her personal experiences being trafficked and said she was honored and grateful to speak.

Sharing stories of immigration

From right, Eloy Montenegro speaks on the panel of immigrants with Mayra Canales and Gabriela Renteria-Poepsel for the first Immigration Summit at Columbia Hope Church on Saturday. During the panel, titled "The Reality of Immigration," immigrants shared their stories on coming to the U.S.

Being creative with recycled objects

Ellie Colborn, 3, and Katy McDonald, one of the owners of the Creative Days Art Studio, play with clay on Sunday at the Mid-Missouri Peaceworks Sustainability Fair. Many of the craft projects made at the art studio are made from recycled materials.

"Little Joe's" ammo crate

Sam Hargrove, a two-year member of the Cannon Crew, loads a fired round into an ammo crate. Spent cartridges are marked with an X.

Pushing up after points

Members of the Mizzou Cannon Crew do pushups at the beginning of the second half for every point scored in the first half of home games. The ROTC members do a pushup for every point after every time Missouri scores.

Bracing for the bang

Missourian sports writer Len Goldman, center, gets a close-up view of the firing of "Little Joe." Although the cannon fires blanks, the noise from the explosion is jolting.

Standing at attention with Truman

Truman the Tiger stand with members of the Mizzou Cannon Crew on Saturday on Faurot Field. the crew fires the cannon after every Missouri touchdown and field goal during the game. The crew fires the cannon to mark the the opening of the gates and at the beginning of the game.

Resting with "Little Joe"

Cadet Jake McKinney rests on "Little Joe" before the football game on Saturday. McKinney has been on the Mizzou Cannon Crew for three years.

Columbia College forward dribbles past a defender from Friends University

Columbia College forward John Hutchinson dribbles past Friends University freshman Patrick Trollman in the first half of the match on Saturday. Hutchinson assisted on the only goal of the match.

Columbia College soccer forward fights for position against Friends University

Columbia College forward Dylan Barduzzi battles with Brent Hobson from Friends University on Saturday. The Cougars won 1-0.

Missouri's "Little Joe" end zone cannon takes a shot

Members of MU's ROTC Cannon Crew fire "Little Joe" from Faurot Field's north end zone.

Columbia College soccer players celebrate the lone goal agains Friends University

Columbia College players celebrate Edgar Reyna's goal against Friends University on Saturday. Reyna is on the far right and Milos Milosavljevic points towards Cougars forward John Hutchinson who passed the ball to Reyna.

Washington jerseys still popular

Ryan Bexten, 7, dances to the Missouri Waltz at Saturday's game against Miami (Ohio) University at Memorial Stadium. Bexten still wears the No. 24 Tigers jersey worn by running back Derrick Washington before he was charged with sexual assault and left the team.

Missouri place-kicker Grant Ressel vs. Miami-Ohio

Missouri's Forrest Shock holds while place-kicker Grant Ressel leans into a point-after attempt in the Tigers' 51-13 victory over Miami (Ohio) University on Saturday at Memorial Stadium.