Rock Bridge's Paris takes down Hickman players

Rock Bridge cornerback Logan Paris puts a hold on Hickman running back Ryan Asbuy while Hickman tight end Tyler Sprigg tries to break up the play during the Providence Bowl on Friday at Faurot Field.

Hickman football player pulls in a touchdown

Hickman Tight End Tyler Sprigg pulls in a touchdown pass as Rock Bridge cornerback Jordan Farris tackles him during the Providence Bowl. The Kewpies had taken a 20-17 lead with 1:45 to go on this play. The Bruins eventually won the game 24-20.

Rock Bridge rookie leads Bruins to comeback win

Jerome Fulcher had never played an organized sport until Friday night as he scored the winning touchdown to lead the Rock Bridge Bruins over the Hickman Kewpies 24-20.

Columbia College soccer player hits the field

Yudai Yamaguchi attempts a goal during practice on Thursday at the Marvin Owens soccer stadium.

West African dancers perform on Columbia's streets

West African dancers (from left) Pulguinha, Regina Hartleip-Pinto, 9, and Ashley Malorin move to the Guinean drum sounds of (from left) Mira Stoddart, Nancy Daniel and Peter Holmes as part of a District Unplugged event. Every Friday throughout the summer, different acts perform on the streets of Columbia as part of District Unplugged. The group will perform at Artlandish Gallery on Oct. 7, 2010.

Peace Nook celebrates 20 years on Sunday

Peace Nook employee Zora Serfozo sits behind the counter surrounded by the store's eclectic merchandise on Friday. The Peace Nook will celebrate its 20-year anniversary at 3 p.m. in Stephens Lake Park on Sunday.

Columbia College volleyball teams takes a breather from practice

Columbia College volleyball players Paula Ferreira, Chelsea Browner, Nicole Murphy, and Serena Jenkins take a water break during practice on Friday. The team prepares to host scrimmages with other schools on Saturday.

Columbia College volleyball practices ahead of season opener

Columbia College volleyball players Ola Shawky Nosear, Paula Ferreira, and Trinity Ojo all attempt to make a play at the net during practice on Friday.

Columbia College volleyball practices ahead of the season

Vesna Trivunovic goes up for a kill against Nicole Murphy during a Cougars practice on Friday. The Cougars will play four scrimmages on Saturday and open the season on Monday.

Sexually oriented businesses could take hit

MU junior Gabrielle Morin works as a sign flipper for Club Vogue on the corner of north Providence Road and Business Loop 70 east. The new laws restricting sexually oriented businesses would require bans on such things as full nudity, alcohol and operational hours.

Rock Bridge leads at halftime

Rock Bridge celebrates a touchdown in the first half of the Providence Bowl on Friday at Faurot Field.

Rock Bridge leads in Providence Bowl

Rock Bridge running back Brad Toyer skirts past Hickman defenders in the first half of the Providence Bowl on Friday night.

H.O.G. Rally weekend kicks off

Patches line the edges of Bessie Casper's booth Friday at the Missouri H.O.G. Rally. She has been running Casper's Leather for 30 years and just moved to Missouri from Minnesota. Vendor coordinator Barbie Oeth said there were 16 vendors at the event selling items that ranged from LED lights to leather.

Bikers participate in H.O.G. Rally

Guy Daniels of Lebanon, Mo., rides through the mini-experienced rider course during the Missouri H.O.G. Rally. The course was a smaller version of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's second tier course that is designed for riders who already possess basic skills. Daniels has been riding motorcycles for 30 years and has owned five bikes over that time.

Missouri State H.O.G. Rally kicks off first day

John Luce of Springfield, Mo, signals for riders to begin during a game of "Slow Ride" at the Missouri H.O.G. Rally on Friday in the Holiday Inn parking lot located off Interstate 70. The biker who makes it to the finish line the slowest without their feet touching the ground is the winner.

Peace Nook celebrates 20 years

Flags wave outside the Peace Nook on East Broadway. The Peace Nook will celebrate its 20-year anniversary at 3 p.m. in Stephens Lake Park on Friday.

Sporting MU's colors, logo

A new street sign bearing the MU black and gold colors is mounted at the intersection of Ninth Street and Elm Street. Sixteen of the 123 new street signs the university added throughout campus a few weeks ago have already been taken.

Black and gold signs disappearing

Sixteen of the 123 new black and gold MU-themed street signs that MU added throughout campus a few weeks ago have already been taken. Shown here is the street signs bearing the MU black and gold colors at the intersection of Ninth Street and University Avenue. Most of the new MU-themed street signs were installed by Aug. 12 and paid for with the money from the MU Alumni Association.

Controlling growth of carp

In this May 8, 2006, file photo, Jim Kirby, an outdoor writer from Palos Park, Ill., prepares to shoot Asian silver carp as they start jumping alongside his boat during a bowfishing trip near Utica, Ill. A federal judge has set Sept. 7 as the next hearing in a multistate lawsuit demanding tougher action to prevent Asian carp from overrunning the Great Lakes. Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota and Pennsylvania want to close locks and install barriers to stop the voracious fish.

Jumping carp

In this Aug. 19 photo, Asian Carp try to make their way upstream on the Kansas River near Edwardsville, Kan. Although now only 10 inches long, some could reach 100 pounds and take huge bites out of Kansas' $250 million sport fishing economy by crowding out native fish. Some could also eventually endanger boaters and skiers because, when a boat passes, the fish panic and jump, becoming 10- to 60-pound missiles and occasionally smacking into people.