Attaching the horses

Nicholas Eckman, left, and Caleb Vaughn, right, help Charlie Kane attach his horses to the sled Monday before his team's run in the Boone County Fair's horse pull.

Pulling to second place

Tom Miller steers his horses, Frank and Marty, to a second-place finish Monday at the Boone County Fair horse pull. Nine different horse teams competed in the farm teamcompetition, in which they pulled up to 12,000 pounds of cinderblocks up to 20 feet.

Shearing sheep

Will Garrett, left, helps Brendan Rost, right, shear his sheep for the weigh for the breeding sheep show at the Boone County Fair on Monday. The breeding sheep show is scheduled to take place on Wednesday.

Waiting to open

Storm clouds roll in over the the Boone County Fairgrounds on Monday before the rides officially opened for the day.

Dripping with watermelon

Abby Miller, 7, of Columbia, reduces a slice of watermelon to its rind during Family Fun Night Monday at the Boone County Fair. Rain and clouds persisted throughout the day, but three-legged races, water balloon tosses, and watermelon eating competitions gave visiting families ample reasons to enjoy their night.

Watermelon eating contest

Lainey Gussman, 3, Noah Wilson, 4, and Adam Wilson, 5, attend to their watermelon slices with varying degrees of determination during the Family Fun Night watermelon eating contest on Monday night at the Boone County Fair.

Finishing the rind

Garrett Snow, 4, left, watches his brother, Hunter Snow, 5, cruise to a first-place victory during the Under-6 watermelon eating competition at the Boone County Fair on Monday night. Hunter, who showed his pig in the Pee Wee competition, said that the watermelon topped off an "awesome" day.

Nebraska footbal coach Bo Pelini

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini answers reporters' questions Monday at the 2010 Big 12 Football Media Day in Irving, Texas.

Raptors sign Kleiza

Former Missouri player Linas Kleiza answers reporters' questions last month in Toronto after the Raptors extended him an offer. Toronto signed Kleiza to a multi-year contract on Monday.

Taking a call at Joint Communications

Suzanne Fred, an operator at the Office of Emergency Management and Public Safety Joint Communications takes a call on July 15. Fred, an employee there for 25 years, said that the recent increase in cell phone use has doubled her office's workload. She said she is concerned that people use the 911 line for legitimate calls and not frivolous ones. "We ask that folks use a non-emergency number for things that are not life and death," she said. "I've had calls from people who wanted the score from the Mizzou game."

Watching a weather report at Joint Communications

Kim Fuenfhausen, a call operator at Joint Communications, watches a weather report on July 15. Fuenfhausen, who was in charge of weather alerts and firefighter dispatches for the day, said operators generally switch between duties throughout the week.

Sen. McCaskill discusses Arlington

Sen. Claire McCaskill spoke outside the Boone County Courthouse in front of the war memorial on July 26. McCaskill discussed the investigation of mismanagement at Arlington National Cemetery.

Inspired by her daughter

Ella McPheeters, 5, puts her glasses on her mother, Hope McPheeters, on July 23. Hope McPheeters was inspired by her daughter and is applying for a Pepsi Refresh Everything grant for $25,000 to help local children with autism get early therapy.

Riding a spring horse in therapy

Ella McPheeters, 5, sits quietly for just a moment while riding a spring horse on July 23 during her therapy session for living with autism. The therapy helps to develop language and social skills. Hope McPheeters was inspired by her daughter and has applied for a $25,000 grant from Pepsi Refresh Project to start an Early Development program in Columbia.

Reading to Ella

Emma Murphy, right, reads to Ella McPheeters, 5, during one of her monthly therapy sessions on July 23. During the therapy they focus on developing language and social skills.

Ella laughs while being tickled

Ella McPheeters, 5, laughs while Megan Tregnago, one of her therapists, tickles her with a stuffed tiger during their session on July 23, 2010. "I like her laughter," Tregnago said, one of Ella McPheeters therapists. " And she is always just pulling stuff out to make us laugh."

Sgt. Zachary Fisher

Sgt. Zachary Fisher of Ballwin was among four soldiers killed July 14 at Zabul province, Afghanistan, when insurgents attacked their military vehicle with an improvised explosive device. Fisher was 24.

The Big 12's Dan Beebe

Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe smiling as he responds to a question during an interview July 19 in Irving, Texas.

Cheering for Demolition Derby

Bethany Haeley-Winn and Kevin Winn cheer as a winner emerges in one of the demolition derby events Sunday night at the Boone County Fair.

Waiting to begin

Wil Lawrence of Columbia waits in his car for the demolition derby to begin Sunday evening at the Boone County Fair. Lawrence placed second in the stock car class.