James O. Baker

Republican James O. Baker

Abdul Akram

Democrat Abdul Akram

Richard Tolbert

Democrat Richard Tolbert

Robin Carnahan

Robin Carnahan, Democrat

Water main breaks at Broadway and Ninth Street

Water gushes from under the street at the corner of Ninth Street and Broadway. There has been ongoing construction at the site.

Walking to the cave to see bats

Participants in the Missouri Department of Natural Resources' presentation about bats Friday night walk toward Devil's Icebox Cave, where they watched bats fly out as the sun set.

Hickman tennis coach serves

Hickman tennis coach Andy Materer serves a ball to the Rolla High School boys' tennis coach Cody Kennedy during the Show-Me State games on Friday. "The spirit of competition is better than most, I've known most of these guys for ten years," Materer said.

Leaving the tennis courts

Rusty Crane, left, walks back to the scoring pavilion with Joe Kupersmith after Crane won two sets. "Rusty has a killer serve," said Kupersmith.

Waiting to start the tennis match

From left, Rusty Crane and Joe Kupersmith talk before starting another set during the Show-Me State games on Friday.

Rolla coach takes a break from tennis match

Rolla High School's boys tennis coach Cody Kennedy sits on the court between serves during the Show-Me State Games tennis tournament on Friday. Kennedy lost both sets to Hickman tennis coach Andy Materer, 6-2, and 6-4.

Show-Me State Games tennis tournament

The shadow of a tennis player falls on the crowded court during the Show-Me States games tennis tournament on Friday, July 16, 2010.

Show-Me State Games tennis endures heat

The heat beats down on Maggie Filbert as she plays in her second Show-Me State games tournament. Filbert played against Patti Cole on Friday. "It's super hot, and that's the challenge," Filbert said.

Ready to play

The Rim Rockers from Conway form a huddle before the fourth quarter during their game with the Moberly Ballers on Friday.

Hickman tennis coach plays Show-Me State Games

Hickman Tennis Coach Andy Materer swings at the ball during the Missouri Show-Me State Games on Friday. Materer beat Cody Kennedy, Rolla High School's boys' tennis coach in both sets, 6-2, and 6-4.

Shooting hoops

Jamonta Black takes a shot on the net while his friends attempt a rebound during their own game of basketball, which they played before the next official tournament game on Friday.

Talking to the team

Mike Vavruska talks to his team, the Rim Rockers, during the opening day of the Show-Me State Games basketball tournament on Friday.

Train display at Wabash Centennial

Lynn Woodward talks railroad history with John Wilke at the Wabash Station Centennial Celebration on Friday.

Train rides at the Wabash Centennial

Richard Wieman played conductor for the day at the Wabash Station Centennial Celebration Friday, taking passengers like Ella Rogers for train rides through the parking lot. "I participated just for the fun of it," Wieman said.

Balloon making at Wabash

Gabe Senecal is delighted to get his hands on the balloon flower he requested when he and his family visited the Wabash Station Centennial Celebration on Friday.

Wabash Centennial trains

Model trains, train photography, and memorabilia filled the corridors below Artlandish Gallery as part of the Wabash Station Centennial Celebration on Friday.