Freshman is sure to bring stuffed tiger to MU

Journalism major Katherine Blek from Orono, Minn, can't leave her tiger for a single day since she was 5 years old. So this tiger is lucky enough to travel with her to Mexico and Canada and to 49 states in the U.S. "She is 14 years old. I am sure she will live long and keep company with me for my whole life."

Freshman makes sure he packs Rolaids

Even the acid from a single apple can upset Chris Flores' stomach, so the MU freshman from Plano, Texas, made sure he came to college equipped with Rolaids. "I down like a bottle a week," he said.

Freshman listen to parents about college accessories

Jared Lyons holds his "puke bucket" while preparing to move into his dorm room. "It wasn't my idea," said the MU freshman from Peoria, Ill. Lyons' mom suggested the bucket because it is sometimes hard to get to the bathroom in time. "It's a mother thing, I guess," Robin Lyons said.

Freshman keeps longboard in dorm

Ray Rutz, a freshman from Chicago, shows off his longboard on Tuesday. Of the select items freshmen choose to fit in their limited dorm space, Rutz decided his board made the cut.

Freshman shows fish

Kylie Turner, a freshman accounting major from Jefferson City, kisses her papier-mâché fish at Laws Hall. She was one of the first to move into the residence hall on Tuesday. Her fish does more than add personality to her dorm room, she said. "It matches all my stuff."

Freshman displays gift from friend

MU freshman Allison Roebuck of Merriam, Kan., displays an owl statue she got from her friend as a gift. "She wanted to creep me out at night," she said, while moving into Jones Hall.

Student shows off poster

A framed photo of "Kissing on VJ Day" will make Victoria Goodwin, a freshman from O'Fallon, Ill., feel more comfortable on campus. "Bringing it to my dorm will make it feel like my room again," she said as she held it up outside her dorm.

Families help students get situated in dorms

Matt McCabe talks with his grandmother, Mary Ernst, about coordinating how his college gear should be moved into his new residence hall room on Tuesday at Hudson Hall.

Students carry belongings into dorms

Alicia Bradley and Gwendolyn Whiteside carry belongings of Bradley’s sister, Janae Bradley, into her new residence hall room on Tuesday in Discovery Hall. Alicia Bradley, a fifth-year accounting student at MU, helped Janae with the move-in process since she had already been through it.

Riley after arrest

David Riley five hours after his arrest on Sept. 28, 2009.

Tired travelers

Robert and Sheila Bailey arrive in Brielle, Netherlands after 16 days riding across Germany.

In Germany

Robert and Sheila Bailey at a German Bed & Breakfast.

U.S. trip

Sheila and Robert Bailey show off their shirts recognizing their trip across the U.S.

A bicycle built for two

Sheila and Robert Bailey have 13 years of stories to tell about how long-distance cycling has changed their relationship.

Fair queen

Boone County Fair queen Amy Wilsdorf poses for a portrait in her Columbia apartment. Wilsdorf won runner-up in the Missouri State Fair pageant in Sedalia.

MU football player L’Damian Washington at practice

Missouri redshirt freshman L'Damian Washington claimed the top X-receiver spot on Monday's updated depth chart.


Bill Easley and Lily Tinker-Fortel hold up signs encouraging a taser-free Columbia during a protest at City Hall on Monday. The demonstration occurred ahead of a scheduled city council vote to ban tasers from the city that evening.

Kilpatrick Obit

In this April 1, 1965 black-and-white file photo, then-Richmond News Leader editor James J. Kilpatrick, testified on Capitol Hill in Washington. Kilpatrick's wife said the widely syndicated political columnist has died at age 89.

Colombia Plane Crash

A police officer stands by a crashed plane sitting on the runaway at the airport on San Andres island in Colombia, on Aug. 16. The Boeing 737 operated by the airline Aires crashed on landing after departing from Bogota around midnight local time with 131 passengers. According to an Air Force official, at least one passenger died.

Carah Hart

Carah Hart is a summer intern for the Missouri Farm Bureau.