Airshow: Waiting in line

Visitors wait in line to tour an MH-53E Sea Dragon, a US Navy helicopter, at the Salute to Veterans 2010 air show held at the Columbia Regional Airport on Saturday.

Taking a cool-down break

Jacob Turner and his son Hayden, 3, take a moment away from the airplanes to cool off at a misting fan during the 2010 Salute to Veterans air show on Saturday. "He's not a big fan of big noises," Jacob said about his son wearing ear protection.

Residents discuss Minnesota budget cuts

In this February file photo, patrons at Annadee's restaurant in Faribault, Minn., discuss how Gov. Tim Pawlenty's budget affects their town. From left are Ralph Brooks, 55; Dick Prokes, 59; and Craig Schuster, 60. Confronted with revenue shortfalls, some states have found a convenient way of softening painful cutbacks and avoiding statewide tax increases: They've passed the buck to their counterparts in cities and counties.

Visiting with USS Columbia crew

Harold Mauller, left, a World War II submarine veteran, speaks with USS Columbia Petty Officer Charles Laymon during the 16th annual reception for Columbia’s namesake partnership at Boone Tavern and Restaurant on May 28. Three USS Columbia crew members were invited to the event, which has been an annual tradition during Memorial Day Weekend since the submarine was christened in September 1994.

Homes to be remodeled for access

The homes at 106 W. Sexton Road and 108 W. Sexton Road have been purchased by Columbia from The Intersection, a nonprofit after-school program for children in the neighborhood. The homes were purchased through a federal grant and will be redeveloped with an emphasis on accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

Libraries hurt by state funding cuts

In this February file photo, Delane James, director of the Buckham Memorial Library in Faribault, Minn., talks about how Gov. Tim Pawlenty's budget plan to cut local aid to cities affects her and the library.

Douglass High School graduation: The graduate

China Collins 17, is surrounded by friends and family as she celebrates her graduation from Douglass High School. China Collins' sister, Kia Collins; 2-year-old daughter, Khiylaa Collins; friend Destiny Patrick; and her mother, Cassandra Collins, were there to support her. "My family is so precious to me really. They have been with me all along my journey and it's great to have them here now," China Collins said.

Douglass High School graduation: Cheering on the graduates

Destiny Patrick, Khiylaa Collins and Cassandra Collins watch as China Collins crosses the stage Friday night at the graduation ceremony for Frederick Douglass High School.

Douglass High School graduation: Waiting to walk the stage

Jeremy Williams and Gary Lewis wait onstage to lead the Pledge of Allegiance on Friday at the graduation ceremony for Douglass High School.

Douglass High School graduation: The keynote address

Heather Piatt delivers the keynote speech Friday at the Douglass High School graduation ceremony.

A veteran visits Smithton

Colonel George M. Boyd, Ph.D., a member of the Tuskegee Airmen, spoke to students at Smithton Middle School on May 28 as part of their Memorial Day Weekend observation.

A military mom's loss

Rhonda Fingar, mother of Specialist Jason D. Fingar, 24, who died in Afghanistan on May 22 met with those who gathered on the tarmac at Columbia Regional Airport six days later while awaiting the arrival of her son's coffin.

Loading the coffin

Pallbearers load the coffin of Specialist Jason D. Fingar, 24, who died in Afghanistan six days before at Columbia Regional Airport on May 28. The Patriot Guard Riders then escorted his body into town.

Aeroshell Acrobatic Team

The Aeroshell Acrobatic Team flies four North American AT-6 Texans, a plane originally designed as a trainer aircraft for pilots in World War II. Mark Henley, a pilot with the team, bought his plan 22 years ago and said it costs about $25,000 in maintenance every year.

Cavalhadas Festival in Brazil

A girl attends the Cavalhadas festival in Pirenopolis, central Brazil, on May 23. The traditional festival of masked horsemen was introduced in the country in 1826 by a Portugese priest to celebrate the Holy Spirit and to commemorate the medieval victory of Iberian Christian knights over the Moors.

Veterans watch the Air Show

WW II veteran Lt. Ed Brown watches the air show with Kevin Ryan, back left, and WWII veteran Hershel Bell at the Columbia Regional Airport on May 28.

A-10 Thunderbolt II dives above the airfield

Captain Joe Shetterly flys over Columbia Regional Airport on May 28 in a special Air Show performance honoring military veterans. Shetterly demonstrated the capablility of the A-10 Thunderbolt II by rolling and dive-bombing above the airfield.

Veteran advice to ROTC Commander

Honored guest Colonel Michel Latouche demonstrates some flying techniques with his escort Richard Gannon, Commander of the Air Force ROTC at Mizzou, during the Veterans Air show at Columbia Regional Airport on May 28. Gannon said, "I have the privilege to escort him, and learn from his experience."

Heritage Flight at Columbia Regional Airport

A-10 Thunderbolt II flown by Captin Joe Shetterly, above, and the WWII P-38 Lighting Flown by Kevin Eldridge, below, join together in the Heritage Flight at Columbia Regional Airport on May 28 in a special performance for military veterans. A heritage flight is a tribute to the legacy and future of military aircrews.

NASA visits Hickman High School

Former NASA astronaut Robert "Hoot" Gibson operates a robotic arm at Hickman High School's NASA simulator, called Columbia Aeronautics and Space Administration (CASA). With the help of Hickman senior Jordan Verslues, right, Gibson picks up a mock satellite on May 28 during his visit to Hickman. CASA is a program designed to stimulate many elements of space missions, including mission control, life on a space shuttle and troubleshooting problems that may occur.