INAUGURATION: Picking out buttons at the Blue Note's inauguration event

Ann Breidenbach helps her young friend Nora Hargett pick out an Obama button at the Blue Note's "Tatters to Tuxedos" Inauguration Ball in Columbia on Tuesday evening.

INAUGURATION: Watching the Obamas' Neighborhood Ball

Daryl Kirkland-Morgan, left, and Lauren Grant listen to singer Beyonce's performance as part of the Obamas' Neighborhood Ball, an inaugural celebration featuring performances as well as the First Couple's dance. The broadcast was shown on the big screen as part of the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center's inaugural celebration festivities Tuesday night at MU.

INAUGURATION COLMBIA: Disappointed in telecast quality

Sarah Scanlan of Columbia watches the inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama in Memorial Union at MU. Scanlan was frustrated by the poor broadcast quality. "This . . . is miserable," Scanlan said. "I'm really disappointed that the university couldn't set this up properly. There's a reason why nobody is here. Because this is useless."


Last year as a sophomore, Toy RIchbow started all but three games at point guard.


At a watch party for Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony at the Reynolds Journalism Institute at MU, students, faculty and staff watch as Joe Biden takes the oath of office for vice president.


Students, faculty and staff gather at a watch party for Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony at the Reynolds Journalism Institute at MU.

INAUGURATION: Shamans perform ceremony to honor Obama

Shamans Juan Osco, left, and Luis Valle hold a picture of Obama while performing a ritual honoring Obama's inauguration in Lima, Peru, on Tuesday. Twelve faith-healers from the Apus-Inka association dedicated an ancient Quechua ritual to send Obama strength during his presidency.

INAUGURATION COLUMBIA: Applauding the swearing-in

Eric Wright, right, and Billy Herbert applaud after Barack Obama took the presidential oath of office. They attended a watch party for the inauguration ceremony at the Reynolds Journalism Institute at MU.


Freshman Kim English has started the past two games for Missouri in place of Matt Lawrence.

INAUGURATION: Joe Biden takes the oath of office

Joe Biden, left, takes the oath of office as vice president of the United States on Tuesday.

INAUGURATION: President George W. Bush and Obama hug

Former President George W. Bush, right, hugs Obama after he was sworn in on Tuesday.

INAUGURATION: Obama at the lectern in Washington

Obama delivers his inaugural address at the U.S. Capitol in Washington on Tuesday.

INAUGURATION: Mirage displays Obama speech in Las Vegas

Obama's inauguration speech is displayed in the poker room at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

INAUGURATION: Singapore watch party

Ilana Lorge of Chicago, left, Joy Martinex of St. Augustine, Fla., center, and Jamie Stevens of Los Angeles, right, gather at a party marking the inauguration of Obama on Wednesday Jan. 21, 2008 in Singapore.

INAUGURATION: Obama takes the oath of office

Barack Obama, right, joined by his wife, Michelle, second from right, and daughters Sasha, second from left, and Malia, takes the presidential oath of office from Chief Justice John Roberts on Tuesday.

INAUGURATION: Cheering on the National Mall

Inauguration Day spectators on the National Mall cheer as President Barack Obama takes the oath of office Tuesday in Washington.

INAUGURATION: Michael Holmes, from St. Louis, cheers in Washington

Michael Holmes, from St. Louis, cheers in front of the White House in Washington on Tuesday after President Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th president of the U.S.

INAUGURATION COLUMBIA: Thrilled by historic event

Sue Cross watches Tuesday's inauguration on TV at Nephew's Nite Life as President Barack Obama delivers his speech. Nephew's Nite Life hosted an inauguration party sponsored by Columbia's African-American community, Nephew's, the Frederick Douglass Coalition and Black Business of Columbia.

INAUGURATION COLUMBIA: Watching at MU's Black Cultural Center

Alana Flowers sat among a crowd of onlookers at MU's Gaines-Oldham Black Cultural Center for the inauguration and the speech by President Barack Obama. She, like several other students there, skipped class to watch the event. "I thought it was beautiful. It was the first time I'd seen something like this."

INAUGURATION COLMBIA: A peaceful change of power

Dorothy Addae did not find the inauguration of a black leader as novel as many in the room. Her family is originally from Ghana and she has become accustomed to seeing black leadership. "Seeing this change of power in peace is kind of nice," compared to the non-peaceful changes in Africa, she said.