Sketching on a traffic box

Dennis Murphy sketches out his traffic box painting at the corner of Broadway and Hitt Street. Murphy, an illustrator, said he has worked on the project for about a week for a few hours at a time. He said it took a few months to plan the sketch. This marks the first time Murphy has painted a traffic box. Murphy won a yearly competition through Columbia's Office of Cultural Affairs to paint the box . "It's less likely to be grafittied if it's painted — and it works," Murphy said.

We love you Michael

A heart made entirely of roses for Michael Jackson at his funeral in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

MJ in the sky

Helicopters spell out Michael Jackson's initials after the memorial service in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Zach Moss's interview

A photo right before MU student Zach Moss was interviewed by MSNBC at Michael Jackson's memorial service in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Line into the MJ memorial service

A view of the line into the Staples Center for Michael Jackson's memorial service in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

VIP entrance to MJ's memorial

VIP entry into the Staples Center for Michael Jackson's memorial service where MU student Zach Moss entered.

MJ memorial

The view from MU student Zach Moss's seat at Michael Jackson's memorial service on Tuesday in Los Angeles: section 12, row 12.

MJ's microphone

A spotlight shines on a single microphone with Michael Jackson's picture behind it at his memorial service Tuesday.

MU Repertory Theatre actor pulls double duty

Alexandra Milner, top, and Marsha Miller work through a scene from "Steel Magnolias," part of the MU Summer Repertory Theatre lineup. Milner plays beauty shop owner Truvy Jones.

MU Summer Repertory Theater offers many choices

From left, Ross Taylor, Alexandra Milner, Zackary Ruesler and Alesha Harmon rehearse the final musical number of "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change," Rhynsburger Theatre. The play opens July 8 and is part of the MU Summer Repertory Theatre program.

J.D. Franklin addresses the Columbia Trojan football team

Head coach J.D. Franklin addresses his Columbia Trojan football team after practice on Thursday, June 25. The team has a 2-0 record.

Columbia Trojan running back Dudley

Trojan running back James Dudley jokes with offensive coordinator Doug Zeugin during team practice on Thursday, June 25. Dudley used to be a wrestler for Missouri Valley College.

J.D. Franklin shouts orders at Trojan practice

Columbia Trojan head coch J.D. Franklin issues plays at a Trojan practice on June 25. Because of knee problems, Franklin couldn't play on the team, but he was happy to take a coaching job.

Columbia Trojan Jack Prewitt turns upfield

Columbia Trojan wideout Jack Prewitt turns upfield during kick return practice June 25. The Trojan Football team practices a professional approach to the game, being disciplined through the leadership of head coach J.D. Frankilin.

MU student with Honduran friends

Tyler Shields is surrounded by children from a malnutrition clinic and daycare for children in extreme poverty and social risk in Limon, Honduras, a small impoverished community outside of the city of Choluteca. The photo was taken at a farewell party.

Guest from first 'Pepper and Friends' show

Cookie Hagan greets Paul Pepper on Monday outside the KOMU/Channel 8 station. Hagan was on Paul's very first show 27 years ago as part of the Paquin ukulele ensemble. The group was interviewed upon their return from a performance for president Jimmy Carter.

"When we came home and a local TV station picked it up ... it was just wonderful, a memory that just lives forever," said Hagan.

'We love Pepper' sign

Paul Pepper and James Mouser, hosts of "Pepper and Friends," hold up a sign protesters presented them on Monday outside of the KOMU/Channel 8 station.

Handmade signs show support

Paul Pepper and co-host James Mouser, of the KOMU/Channel 8 program "Pepper and Friends," are greeted with cheers, embraces and a handmade sign.

Paul Pepper greets protesters

Paul Pepper, host of the KOMU/Channel 8 program "Pepper and Friends," emerges from the station to receive a group of protesters. About 30 people met on Monday outside the KOMU/Channel 8 station to protest the station's decision to take the program off the air.

Robert McNamara dies

Robert S. McNamara died Monday. He was 93. McNamara served as U.S. secretary of defense and was vilified for his role in escalating the Vietnam War, a disastrous conflict he later denounced as "terribly wrong."