Spain wins World Cup

Spain team members celebrate with the World Cup trophy after the World Cup final soccer match between the Netherlands and Spain at Soccer City in Johannesburg, South Africa on July 11.

Watching trains

Lea Kleinwaechter, 6, watches the train go round at the Wabash Centennial Jubilee at Wabash Station on July 16. The train belongs to Bob McNeill who is a member of the Central Missouri Railroad Association, as well as the Wabash Railroad Historical Society.

Mayor McDavid at the Wabash Centennial Jubilee

Mayor Bob McDavid shakes hands with local historian Bill Clark at the Wabash Centennial Jubilee at Wabash Station on July 16. The official groundbreaking for Wabash Station was on July 27, 1909. The station was one of the busiest for its size, and accommodated up to ten trains each day. In 1982, Columbia began using the station for its buses.

Gesturing to the refreshment cart

Sean Brown, from the city's Public Communications Department, gestures attendees at the Wabash Centennial Jubilee to the "refreshment car"at Wabash Station on July 16.

Fisherman's association president trains for oil cleanup

George Barisich, president of the United Commercial Fisherman's Association, begins training Saturday to become an oil cleanup worker.

Heat doesn't keep 'Othello' actors from rehearsal

Sound and lights engineer Megan Dittman watches the opening moments of "Othello" while Elisa Bratten, as Desdemona, and Seth Showalter, as Othello, pass time waiting for their cues on Wednesday during one of the final dress rehearsals at Maplewood Barn Community Theatre in Nifong Park. Despite some triple digit temperatures, the cast rehearsed four to five days a week for the last eight weeks.

'Othello' sets recycled from previous plays

Joe Pritchard captures video of Jason Cascio as Iago during the dress rehearsal for "Othello" at the Maplewood Barn Community Theatre in Nifong Park on Wednesday. As a result of the fire at the barn in April, the sets were made of recycled lumber from the first two shows of the season, and nearly all of the costumes were handmade or pulled from actors' personal collections. The show opens Friday at 8 p.m.

Maplewood Barn Community Theatre features 'Othello'

Iago, played by Jason Cascio, rolls out of the line of attack as Roderigo, played by Joshua Johnson, goes in for the kill during the "Othello" dress rehearsal Wednesday at the Maplewood Barn Community Theatre in Nifong Park. Desdemona, played by Elisa Bratten, Gratiano, played by Richard Buffington, and Othello, played by Seth Showalter, watch from above. The show opens Friday at 8 p.m.

BP oil spill affects local businesses

James "Putt" Braud, 53, of Belle Chase, La., said the spill had killed his business. "It's down to zero," he said. "Can't pay my bills."

BP official briefs fishermen about compensation

Kenneth Feinberg discusses BP's $20 billion compensation fund with fishermen affected by the spill in Plaquemines Parish, La.

Kelsey Brandkamp archery

Kelsey Brandkamp, 16, looks down the sights of her compound bow at the Missouri Bowhunters Association 3D Archery competition in Millersburg on July 10, 2010. "I'm around archery all day, every day. If I'm not shooting in the backyard, I'll be asking one of my friends to come over and shoot with me, or I'll be talking to someone about it, or just be at the store working with people," Brandkamp said.

Kelsey Brandkamp

Kelsey Brandkamp, 16, is competing in both the Show-Me State Games field and 3D archery competitions this year. Brandkamp has been shooting since the age of five and took first in the 2009 Show-Me State Games 3D archery shoot in her class.

Brandkamp archery

Kelsey Brandkamp, 16, watches the target as Devan Wiss, 15, shoots at the Missouri Bowhunters Association 3D Archery competition in Millersburg on July 10, 2010. "When you go to these shoots, you start knowing everybody there and eventually they grow into family," Brandkamp said. "My teammates are my family."

Passengers wait for buses inside Wabash Station

Derek Silvey, left, and Randy Rosson, far right, wait for their bus along with other passengers at Wabash Station on Thursday, Oct. 4, 2007.

Riders wait for Columbia Transit buses

Buses wait at Wabash Station for riders on Saturday, Aug. 9, 2008.

Paulsell Wheelchair

Sharon Paulsell attaches one of her wheel chair seat covers onto a wheel chair in her office on Thursday, July 15. "It [the seat covers] initiates conversation," said Paulsell.

Veteran's Air Show

Sharon Paulsell wheelchair seat covers sit on a few chairs at the Veteran's Air Show on May 28. Paulsell and her Husband donated over 70 seat covers for the Honor Flights program. No one in Paulsell's family uses a wheelchair. She said, "If it wasn't for Honor Flights I wouldn't have thought about it," said Paulsell.

Wheelchair Personalitites

Sharon Paulsell makes wheelchair back covers that let people with disabilities express themselves with a cover of their choice, or they can design a cover themselves on the website. "I found things to go around the wheels and arms, but I didn’t find anything for the person in the wheelchair to express themselves, and that's why it's the name for our business, Wheel Chair Personalities." Paulsell said.

Passengers drive to Wabash station

This postcard depicts cars outside Wabash station.

Train leaves Wabash Railroad Depot

A train leaves the Wabash Railroad Depot in this sepia-toned, screened photo postcard, postmarked and dated 1915.