ZooToo - Inside Shelter

Debbie Blaisdell and her daughter Hazel play with an unnamed puppy at the Central Missouri Humane Society's Zootoo celebration on Friday afternoon. The Blaisdells adopted a cat from the shelter last summer, but they still come by to visit the animals frequently. "As long as we can come in here and give the dogs some love once in a while we feel like we're making a difference," Blaisdell said.

ZooToo Event

From left, Desi Bennett, 12, and Michelle Algya, 10, play with Polly, a pug-beagle mix known as a "puggle", under the supervision of volunteer Mary Devore at the Central Missouri Humane Society's Zootoo celebration on Friday. The Zootoo Shelter Makeover program provides money to renovate and improve animal shelters.

ZooToo Girls

Thirteen-year-olds Libby Burks, left, and Amanda Huhman hold Human Society dogs Lola and Lilly at the Central Missouri Humane Society's Zootoo celebration on Friday. Libby and Amanda discovered the Zootoo Web site in January and entered to win a Shelter Makeover for the Humane Society. Starting from 859th place with 9 members and 50 points, they sent chain letters, posted media and promoted the cause at school to improve their standings. Today there are 9,000 members involved, and the girls have generated more than 1 million points, enough to advance the Central Missouri Humane Society to the next phase of the Shelter Makeover competition.

Briton Rudd goes down

Chaminade's Brandon Hannah, left, trips Briton Rudd of Rock Bridge during the Class 5 state semifinal game at Mizzou Arena on Friday.

Matt Kelly pushes the pace

Rock Bridge sophomore Matt Kelly drives the ball past Chaminade senior Brandon Lockhart during the Class 5 semifinal game at Mizzou Arena on Friday.

Bruins shocked at loss

Rock Bridge's C.J. Ross, left, and Logan Parks, right, watch the Bruins lead slips away in the late in their state semifinal game against Chaminade on Friday at Mizzou Arena. The Bruins lost 66-65.

Rock Bridge's Sklyar Tolson drives the lane

Rock Bridge's Skylar Tolson drives against Chaminade's Bradley Beal, right, during the state semifinal game Friday at Mizzou Arena.

Bruins leave the floor dejected

Ricky Krewlow, left, and Briton Rudd, right, of Rock Bridge walk off the court following their loss to Chaminade on Friday at Mizzou Arena in the state semifinal game. Despite an early 21 point lead, Chaminade mounted a fourth-quarter comeback to win with 1.4 seconds left.

Rock Bridge's Jordan Dressler

Rock Bridge senior Jordan Dressler, center, fights through the Chaminade defensive pressure provided by senior Daniel Gross, left. The Bruins jumped out to an early lead in the game, but lost in the final minute after blowing an 18 point lead in the fourth quarter.

Rock bridge fan stunned

Rock Bridge senior Marlena Szweczyk is stunned following the Bruin's last minute 66-65 loss to Chaminade on Friday afternoon at the state semifinal game. Chaminade took the lead with 0.5 seconds left in the game on a free throw.

Big 12 Tournament

Missouri's Shakara Jones tries to drive to the basket against Texas' Ashley Lindsey.

Getting ready

Laura Clothier sits in the fashion studio at Stephens College while preparing her fashion line for the Model Citizen Fashion Show. The show is Saturday at the Holiday Inn Select Executive Center.

Taylor shoots a two-point shot

MU guard Zaire Taylor attempts a two-point shot in the second half of the game. MU won the game 81-60.

Paul moves past Roberson

MU's Miguel Paul attempts to break past John Roberson during the second half of the game.

Fight for the rebound

Texas Tech's Michael Prince battles for a rebound with MU's Keith Ramsey.

Taylor leads team in assists against Texas Tech

MU guard Zaire Taylor works the perimeter against Texas Tech's Nick Okorie. Taylor finished the game with a team-high seven assists.

Tiller ends game with 13 points

MU guard J.T. Tiller defends Texas Tech's Rogdrick Craig. Tiller finished the game with 13 points and helped the Tigers to victory with a final score of 81-60.

MU guard gets layup against Texas Tech

After a fast break MU guard Matt Lawrence puts in an easy layup. Lawrence ended the game with 13 points in 16 minutes of play.

Lyons puts in a layup against Texas Tech

Leo Lyons attempts to put in a layup after driving past Texas Tech's Robert Lewandowski. Lyons had a total of nine points in the game.

Denmon battles Texas Tech

MU's Marcus Denmon battles for possession in the second round matchup against Texas Tech. The Tigers will face off in round three against Oklahoma State at 8:30.