Keys to the City Sculpture

Gary Newton puts jigs in place to hold glass on the sculpture being constructed in front City Hall on Wednesday. The sculpture was designed by Howard Meehan and should be completed by Friday or Saturday depending on the weather.

Sculptor watches Keys to the City installation

Howard Meehan watches Wednesday as workers attach jigs for the glass on the sculpture he designed. Meehan enjoys creating large art installations and said, “I wanted something that would empower citizens as they walk through because they are a part of the community, they have a vested key.”

Harters to leave Columbia

Nancy and Phil Harter are shown in Vermont, while taking a break from biking.

Phil and Nancy Harter

Nancy and Phil Harter biking in Vermont.

Workers align structure over base of new City Hall artwork

Phillip Ortiz, left, and Henry Garcia align the structure over the base as it is suspended by a crane in front of City Hall on Wednesday. The rods were set into the concrete bases earlier in the day as part of the daylong project of constructing the piece of art.

Workers contruct base for City Hall artwork

Phillip Ortiz blows the air out of holes drilled into the base that will support the new artwork in front of City Hall on Wednesday. Each hole will hold a metal rod that is secured by a setting agent and matches up with holes on the bottom of the artwork.

Sculpture installed at Columbia City Hall

Howard Meehan, left, observes as Phillip Ortiz, center, and Henry Garcia install his sculpture in front of City Hall on Wednesday. Meehan designed the metal and glass structure that is part of the City Hall remodel.

Sculpture arrives at Columbia City Hall

Phillip Ortiz, left, and Henry Garcia align the metal structure for the artwork that will sit in front of the new Columbia City Hall on Wednesday. Ortiz used hand signals to communicate with the crane operator as part of the setup.

Humane Society volunteers

Kara Ward, 18, begins her first day volunteering at the Central Missouri Humane Society's temporary location on Paris Road. The temporary shelter is an old showroom, previously used by Mid-City Lumber.

MU softball player Jenna Marston

Jenna Marston's father, the coach of her high school baseball team, said she had average speed and above average arm strength compared to the boys.

MU softball player Jenna Marston vs. Baylor

Before MU freshman softball player Jenna Marston joined the Tigers, she had the highest batting average on her high school's baseball team.

Rock Bridge student named Presidential Scholar

Rock Bridge senior Alan Hatfield is the second student from his school to be named a Presidential Scholar. He was recognized by the Columbia School Board on Monday.

Airport redesign a final project for MU students

MU faculty member Newton Dsouza examines a concept design for a new Columbia Regional Airport during an architecture capstone review Tuesday at Memorial Union. Greg Cecil, the chair of the Airport Advisory Board, approached MU about having students come up with concept designs this spring, and the students presented their work as their final thesis projects.

Critiquing the airport design

MU senior Amber Schuster listens as MU assistant professor Michael Goldschmidt critiques her design for a new Columbia Regional Airport. Although there is not funding available for a redesigned airport, Airport Review Board chair Greg Cecil said that the airport will be expanding in the future.

Former LETI director speaks to class

Gary Maddox speaks to students of the Law Enforcement Training Insitute about communication during their first day of class on Jan. 11. The class graduated on April 23. Maddox was fired as director of the Law Enforcement Training Institute on April 28.

LETI students learn law enforcement strengths, weaknesses

Aaron Levinson draws his speaking topic from Gary Maddox on the first day of class on Jan. 11. After students spoke about their topics in front of the class, they received feedback on which mannerisms would help or hurt them as law enforcement officers. Maddox was the director of the Law Enforcement Training Institute until he was fired April 28.

Former LETI director said he joked with students to keep their interest

James Mongar, center, and classmates react to a joke by Gary Maddox on Jan. 11. Maddox said that because he teaches the dullest subjects, he uses jokes to help keep the students' interest. Maddox was fired as director of the Law Enforcement Training Institute on April 28.

KBIA hosts weekly news program on race, diversity in mid-Missouri

KBIA/91.3 FM tapes a special live segment of its weekly news discussion program "Intersection" on race and diversity in mid-Missouri in the Fred W. Smith Forum in Reynolds Journalism Institute at MU. The panelists selected for the discussion were Ibtisam Barakat, an international author based in Columbia; Eduardo Crespi, director and founder of Centro Latino; Marie Glaze, the City of Columbia's human rights specialist; Nathan Stephens, director of the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center at MU; and Roger Worthington, chief diversity officer for MU.

KBIA hosts 'Intersection' program on race, diversity

MU Associate Professor of Law David Mitchell asks a question about the make-up of the panel selected for a live taping of "Intersection," KBIA/91.3 FM's weekly news discussion program during a live broadcast of the show from the Fred W. Smith Forum in Reynolds Journalism Institute at MU on Monday. The panel discussed issues of race and diversity in mid-Missouri.

Rock Bridge loses to Cor Jesu

Rock Bridge sophomore Brett Fuller, center, tries to gain control of the ball as Cor Jesu senior Caiti Huber, right, attempts to steal it away Monday at Rock Bridge High School.