Set for demolition

The Craftsman style bungalow at 1500 Walnut St. is one of six with peeling paint, leaky roofs and cracked foundations set for demolition on Monday. The houses have been sitting empty without maintenance for more than a decade.

Karen Edison

Karen E. Edison is the director of the Center for Health Policy at MU.

Columbia Swim Club Coach Phil Garverick

Phil Garverick has been the head coach of the Columbia Swim Club for 11 of the 14 years he coached for them.

Columbia Swim Club coach oversees practice

Phil Garverick, head coach of the Columbia Swim Club, instructs his swimmers at practice. "It's very fun working with Coach Phil," assistant coach Lauren Cooper said. "He's a lot of entertainment, and the kids are great."

Cheers and disappointment

Ghana fans cheer while U.S. fans groan in agony as the U.S. narrowly misses a goal during the first half of the World Cup game on Saturday at Ragtag Cinema.

The big debut

Stephens Lake Park Amphitheater opened Saturday with performances from the Maplewood Barn Community Theatre and the Columbia Community Band. "This is the final piece of Stephens Lake Park," Dan Devine, of the Parks and Recreation Commission, said.

Soccer fans enjoy World Cup game at Ragtag Cinema

Juanita Kwarteng, right, an MU graduate student who was born in Canada and has family roots in Ghana, cheers at the end of Ghana's victory over the United States at the World Cup on Saturday. The Ragtag has been showing World Cup games at its two theaters and Kwarteng came to enjoy Saturday's match with friends, including Adam Bouras, left.

Entering their new home

Staff Sgt. Robert Canine enters his newly built house with his 9-year-old son, Sebastian, and wife, Jennifer on Saturday. The house, which is completely handicap accessible, was built and paid for through the efforts of Homes for our Troops.

A 'good' reunion

Sgt. Nicholas Linn stands by as Sgt. Corey Hessler hugs Staff Sgt. Robert Canine upon reuniting at Canine's new house Saturday. At their feet rest the helmet and pack Canine had with him during the explosion in Baghdad, in which he lost his legs. Hessler and Linn recovered the gear from the evacuation site in Baghdad; and, as they returned the pack to Canine, assured him that it contained "all things good," a phrase commonly used among Canine and his comrades.

Family reunion

Lacey Weddle and Chief Warrant Officer 3 Chris Weddle hold their 4-month-old baby Zeke on Saturday at the Jefferson City Flight Facility. Chris Weddle is a member of Detachment 40, which was commemorated upon its return from Afghanistan.

Return to Jefferson City Flight Facility

Brig. Gen. Larry Kay and Chief Warrant Officer 5 Don Muschler salute as Detachment 40 is dismissed from duty upon returning to Jefferson City Flight Facility on Saturday.

Central Missouri Astronomical Association co-sponsors Party with the Stars

Participants line up to look at the bright orange moon through a pair of binoculars at the Party with the Stars program held on June 25 at the Columbia Public Library. Val Germann from the Central Missouri Astronomical Association said he did not expect the large turnout for Friday evening's event. "The last one (in May) was only seven or eight people," he said. "I thought it wouldn't be many today because of the heat."

Kids see the moon at Party with the Stars program

Kaya Huffman, 4, looks at the bright moon through a pair of binoculars with the help of her mother Amber on June 25 at the Party with the Stars program at the Columbia Public Library. Amber said this was Kaya's first time seeing the moon through magnification. "Moon!" Kaya said after looking through the glass. "It's really close up."

Parents, children enjoy Party with the Stars event

From left, Diana Suh, 9, her mother Karen Jung and her brother James Suh, 7, watch the night sky as the International Space Station passed by on June 25 at the Party with the Stars event put on by the Daniel Boone Regional Library. The space station moved from right to left across the sky, as bright as a large star, for about five minutes before disappearing behind the Earth's shadow.

Party with the Stars allows attendees to view Saturn

Librarian Nina Sappington, right, helps Shelby Sappington, 7, center, and Kayla Holmgren, 7, look through a pair of binoculars pointed at the moon on June 25 during the Party with the Stars program at the Columbia Public Library. A larger telescope was set up for attendees to view Saturn as well.

West Ash Neighborhood Association forms subcommittees

Carol Rogers, president of the newly formed West Ash Neighborhood Association, speaks with Officer Gamal Castile while the rest of the members of the association break off into three subcommittees to address more specific topics. The meeting on Thursday at Again Street Park was the neighborhood association's second meeting.

Neighbors discuss plans for meetings

Ginny Muller, right, attentively listens to Carol Rogers, president of the West Ash Neighborhood Association, as they discuss plans for future meetings on Thursday at Again Street Park.

West Ash Neighborhood Association meets

Shannon Canfield gestures to members of the West Ash Neighborhood Association on Thursday at Again Street Park. Canfield took suggestions for potential subcommittees to try and sort out the number and area of focus for each committee.

Hospice volunteer visits patients at home

Glen Sapp is a volunteer for Hospice Compassus. He visits patient Harry Simons about once a week.

Hospice volunteer spends time with patient's family

Glen Sapp’s visits can be 20 minutes or several hours. He talks to Harry Simons and his wife and caregiver, Zelmajoyce Simons.