Sgt. Mike Hestir tests a weapon

Columbia Police Sgt. Mike Hestir uses a replica of his side arm during a demonstration of the new police officer training system that uses real-life scenarios to evaluate use of force.

Dairy cows can produce two batches of milk a day

Cows eat a healthy cassarole mixture of alfalfa, straw and several other ingredients. Eating around 80 pounds a day, the cows produce two batches of milk.

Cows are milked twice a day

Grey Battershell, left, and Aaron Maberry prepare to clean the udders of the first batch of dairy cows at Foremost Dairy Farm. The farm's 200 cows are milked twice a day using these machines.

Foremost Dairy Farm home to 200 cows

The MU Agriculture School's Foremost Dairy Farm is home to 200 cows, several heifers and calves. The farm's two 2,000-gallon tanks hold the milk until it is sold.

Crowd gathers at forum on sharing the road

More than 100 people attended a forum on bike and motorists safety at Columbia's Activity and Recreation Center on Wednesday. The gathering allowed people to voice concerns about the legal and practical issues facing motorists and cyclists who must share the road.

Resident speaks up about cycling

Dennis Payne voices his concerns for cyclists during a meeting at the Activity and Recreation Center on Wednesday. The crowd reacted to Payne's opinion when he issued the challenge of cyclists being restricted to using the Katy Trail for recreational riding.

Bike rider speaks up at meeting

Janet Godon, center, refutes the idea that cyclists can't hear what's coming up behind them while riding next to Columbia traffic at the public forum on bike/motorist law. "In fact, I feel even more conscious," said Godon, who is an avid bike rider.

Neighborhood residents speak up

Attorney Skip Walther listens to a resident of the neighborhood surrounding West Broadway and West Boulevard explain that parking for any new developments in the area should be in the rear of buildings.

Great Hang-ups slated for reconstruction

The owner of Great Hang-ups, Mark Nichols, is planning to replace the current structure at the corner of West Broadway and West Boulevard. Neighbors voiced concerns about Nichols' plan for rezoning and possible demolition of the building and adjoining properties.

Mello trains with her father

Nicole Mello trains with her father, Cesar Mello, early Wednesday morning. Nicole Mello, who will be a freshman at Hickman High School this fall, would like to run cross country at the high school level and has been recognized for her past track and field achievements.

Track and field competitor Nicole Mello

Nicole Mello stretches before her Wednesday morning workout, which consisted of a rebuilding phase where Mello focused on agility, plyometrics and injury-preventing exercises.

Norman breaks away

Khris Norman, in gold, breaks away past the green team's Brian Harmon.

Goalies feel the heat

Keith Lane, who tended net for the red team, wipes sweat from his brow in between games. With temperatures in the nineties Sunday evening, the goalies may have suffered a bit more than the other players because of all the protective gear they wear.

Timbrook plays goalie in Hallsville

Goalie Jordy Timbrook has been playing hockey for nearly three years in Hallsville.

Championship tournament held Sunday evening

A view from the press box at Whitney Briggs Memorial Hockey Arena in Hallsville. The only hockey league in mid-Missouri, the Twister Hockey League, held its playoffs and championship tournament Sunday evening.

Brown suits up

Christi Brown puts on her protective padding. She was one of two women playing hockey Sunday evening in Hallsville.

Duran stretches before beating the gold team

Dustin Duran stretches before his team's first game Sunday afternoon. Later, the gold team would come from 3 goals down late in the second period to defeat the green team.

Poteet waits in the penalty box

Morgan Poteet spends time in the penalty box near the end of the first hockey game of the Twister Hockey League playoffs Sunday evening in Hallsville.

Traffic backed up on Interstate 70

Traffic was slow on Interstate 70 eastbound following a fatal crash on Wednesday morning.

Van rollover on Interstate 70

A rollover accident on Interstate 70 eastbound killed one person and sent several others to a hospital Wednesday morning. The accident occurred near the Stadium Boulevard exit on I-70 around 7 a.m.