Tausha Fields

Tausha Fields is charged with the death of her husband, Mitchell Kemp.

Witness testimony during Fields murder trial

Carolyn Kemp examines evidence as Boone County prosecutor Andrea Hayes displays it during witness testimony in the first-degree murder trial of Tausha Fields on June 22 at the Boone County Courthouse. Fields is charged with the death of her husband, Mitchell Kemp, who was Carolyn Kemp's son.

Tausha Fields listens at her trial

Tausha Fields listens to the prosecution's opening statements June 22 at the Boone County Courthouse.

Evidence in Fields murder trial

Boone County Sheriff's Detective Thomas O'Sullivan identifies evidence as Boone County Prosecutor Richard Hicks displays it during the first day of testimony in Tausha Fields' first-degree murder trial on June 22 at the Boone County Courthouse. Fields is charged with the death of her husband, Mitchell Kemp.

Traffic flow

Lines of cars are seen driving northbound on Stadium Boulevard on Monday from the intersection of Stadium and Broadway.

Taking a sip

Terrell Page lets his seven-month-old cousin Malik Shipley drink from a cup of lemonade purchased from a stand run by Mezzie Anderson and Kayla Wingate on Monday. The stand was located outside Anderson's house on Range Line Street.

Young entreprenuer

Eleven-year-old Mezzie Anderson pours a cup of fresh-squeezed lemonade at the lemonade stand she and Kayla Wingate ran from the Anderson's house on Range Line Street. Tessa Anderson, Mezzie's mother, said the lemonade stand was entirely Mezzie's idea. "She said 'It's summer, I want some money. How about a lemonade stand?'"

Holding their sign high

Kayla Wingate, 13, and Mezzie Anderson, 11, hold signs advertising their lemonade stand on Monday afternoon. This was the second day that the girls operated the lemonade stand, and Anderson's mother, Tessa, said that they grossed $35 in their first day - enough to pay for their start-up costs.

MU power plant goes green

A MU power plant received a 2010 EPA Energy Star Combined Heat and Power (CHP) award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. MU is one of three universities in the nation recently recognized with the honor; the others were the University of California in San Diego and Fairfield University.

Columbia trash

Columbia trash

Trash gets emptied at Columbia landfill

Dancing in celebration

Despite the heat on Sunday afternoon, Shirley Roane and Vernon Jackson dance at the Juneteenth celebration in Douglass Park.

Reviewing history

Kenneth Harris-Jones, left, and Chatrina Wilkins take their time viewing a display on African-American history at the Juneteenth celebration in Douglass Park.

Dominoes in the park

Mike McClain, right, plays dominoes with Eric Cravens at the Juneteenth celebration at Douglass Park on Sunday.

Celebrating Juneteenth

Earnestine Campbell displays the work of various artists depicting different aspects of African-American culture and history. "People should see it's not just basketball and baseball players," she said. Campbell travels with her collection of artworks and sells them at events such as the Juneteenth celebration Sunday in Douglass Park.

Wrapping up the rodeo

Three teens on horseback, from left, Amee Riley, 15; Kelsey Eitel, 16; and Jake Pendelton, 17; talk among other competitors at the state rodeo champshipships from across the state on Friday. The teens lined up on their horses to watch the calf roping event and prepare for their upcoming runs.

Catch and release

Volunteer Will Chann helps three-year-old Timothy Market release a fish that his mother caught from a lake at Jefferson Farm and Gardens on Saturday. The farm, located on 63 acres of land in south Columbia, hosted an open house where city residents were invited to explore the farm's grounds that include a livestock barn, flower gardens and a lake. Kelly Mottaz, an employee at Jefferson Farm, is pictured at left.

Learning about wool

Kathleen Brown, left, explains to 10-year-old Spencer, 7-year-old Ross, and Elaine Hagen the difference between processed and unprocessed wool inside the Jefferson Farm and Gardens MFA Children's Barn. Brown was one of many volunteers who helped guide visitors during the Jefferson Farm & Gardens' open house this Saturday. The farm is located on New Haven Road, in south Columbia, and provides year-round attractions and educational events.

High school rodeo competitor Emily Thompson

While warming up for her event, Emily Thompson of Clark, right, greets rodeo fan Avery Faulkner on Saturday at the Missouri High School Rodeo State Finals at the Boone County Fairgrounds.