Gene Kelly

Voter Gene Kelly

Helping mom vote

James Kraatz, 2, and Alice Kraatz, 3, help their mom, Elizabeth Kraatz, submit her ballot at Shepard Boulevard Elementary School. Elizabeth Kraatz thinks it's important to explain the voting process to her children from an early age. Voting should be something you do all your life, she said.

Polls are open

Polls opened at Parkade Baptist Church on Garth Ave. at 6 a.m. on Tuesday. "I like to see the variety of people that come out to vote," said election worker Ginny Van Hove.

Voting is a right

McKenna Garman looks on as her mother, Lauri Garman, receives a ballot at Parkade Baptist Church. Lauri Garman said she always takes her children to vote with her. "They need to know that this is a right," she said.

William Powell

William Powell is a senior journalism student at MU.

Kyle Gibson receives a Kemper

Kyle Gibson, left, clinical assistant professor of physical therapy, was the first of five to receive a $10,000 check from MU Chancellor Brady Deaton, right, and Commerce Bank Chairman Jim Schatz on behalf of the 2009 Kemper Fellowship for Teaching Excellence on Monday. Gibson has already won the School of Health Professions Faculty Member of the Year and the Athletic Department's Professor of the Year for his ability to communicate difficult material to his students.

Rock Bridge tennis player Ford Zitch

Freshman Ford Zitch is playing in the No. 1 singles spot this season for the Rock Bridge tennis team.

Mitchell McKinney receives his Kemper

Mitchell McKinney, left, was the second of five professors to receive a $10,000 check from MU Chancellor Brady Deaton and Commerce Bank Chairman Jim Schatz on behalf of the Kemper Fellowship for Teaching Excellence on Monday. McKinney is noted not only for his effective teaching ability, but also for his use of technology in the classroom. McKinney was chosen by the National Communication Association to serve a one-year term as Director of Academic Affairs in Washington, DC.

Exercising at the Health Connection

Marge Leavene instructs an aerobics class at the Health Connection gym. The gym is scheduled to close on June 30, but employees and patrons are hopeful that the gym will remain open.

Surprising a Kemper winner

Robert Torres, left, is congratulated by MU Chancellor Brady Deaton as he awards one of the five 2009 William T. Kemper Fellowships for Teaching Excellence to him during a surprise visit in Torres' classroom Monday. Torres is a professor of agriculture education and director of graduate studies in the Department of Agricultural Education in the MU College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. "It's a tremendous honor to receive the the Kemper award," Torres said after he was presented a check for $10,000 by Commerce Bank chairman Jim Schatz. "But it's the students who make it all worthwhile." The students of his Data Collection, Analysis and Interpretation class, who were just writing their second exam when the award presenters entered the room, applauded and cheered for their teacher when his fellowship was announced. "He's one of the best," Stacy Vincent, one of the students, said. "He makes a topic that sounds very intimidating and boring ... fun and interesting." This year is the 18th time that the office of the MU Chancellor awards the William T. Kemper fellowship.

Matt Wilson teaches about jazz

Matt Wilson, who is in Columbia with his group The Matt Wilson Quartet, gives a lecture on the history of jazz drumming at the Columbia Public Library on Monday. Wilson said he is intrigued with different sounds and implements many different found and created objects into his drumming.

Chris Janku often jogs at Bear Trail Creek

Chris Janku poses against the sign for Bear Creek Trail, a place where he often jogs. Janku is Columbia's current City Council representative for the Second Ward, but has decided not to run for re-election.

Chris Janku jogs on Bear Creek Trail

Chris Janku jogs along Bear Creek Trail. Janku often uses the trail, which is near his home, for exercise. Janku is stepping down after 18 years on the Columbia City Council.

1991 Chris Janku advertisement

Chris Janku published this advertisement in the Columbia Missourian a few days before his first City Council election in 1991. Janku has served six terms on the council.

Chris Janku speaks at council meeting

Chris Janku, Second Ward councilman, speaks at a Columbia City Council meeting on Jan. 5. Janku is not running for re-election.

Dogs in cages in Ava

Dogs are seen in cages on property in Ava belonging to puppy breeder Marilyn Shepherd. Shepherd, who sells puppies via the Internet, has been the subject of three federal licensing complaints but still maintains a state license. Missouri is the "puppy mill" capital of America, home to more than 4,000 shoddy and inhumane dog-breeding businesses, by one estimate. But now the state is trying to shed its reputation, with the chief of the Agriculture Department pledging to do more to crack down on bad breeders.

Members of Columbia Farmers Market discuss local food

Eric Reuter, member-at-large of the Columbia Farmers Market. Reuter, along with Joanna Reuter, brings produce and herbs from his farm, Chert Hollow Farm, to sell at the Columbia Farmers Market. Reuter took part in a Q & A about local food Friday evening at Sycamore restaurant.

Columbia Farmers Market holds Spring Round Up Community Day

Dr. Kamyar Enshayan, director of the University of Northern Iowa Center for Energy and Environmental Education, was in Columbia to speak at the Spring Round Up Community Day held by the Columbia Farmers Market on Saturday.

Members of Columbia Farmers Market meet at Sycamore restaurant

Dr. Kamyar Enshayan (center), director of the University of Northern Iowa Center for Energy and Environmental Education, makes a point during a discussion with members of the Columbia Farmers Market on Friday evening at Sycamore restaurant.

Columbia Farmers Market treasurer talks about local food

Columbia Farmers Market Treasurer Vera Gelder speaks at Sycamore restaurant with other members about various topics concerning local food. Gelder and her husband, Art, own Walk-About Acres farm and are vendors at the Farmers Market.