'Eating with a Fork'

"Eating With A Fork" is part of artist Ming Zhou's display at Orr Street Studios.

'Good Taste'

"Good Taste" is one of the paintings displayed by Ming Zhou at Orr Street Studios through May 15.

Ming Zhou celebrates at Orr Street Studios

Ming Zhou, right, interacts with Dennis Murphy during the inauguration of her paintings at Orr Street Studios on Friday. Zhou said the paintings are her critique of China's new middle class, which she feels is mimicking the West and paying no attention to the spiritual aspects of traditional Chinese culture.

From Rock Bridge to Rwanda

Rock Bridge golfer Tyler Kolb, far left in second row, traveled to Rwanda with Kanakuk, a Christian athletic camp. While there, he learned first hand about the devastation still remaining from the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.

Levin leads Hickman tennis

Hickman junior Ben Levin returns a serve during a practice session at Cosmo Park on April 8, 2009. Levin is the No. 1 singles player for the Kewpies this year.

Missouri baseball player Aaron Senne runs the bases

Missouri's Aaron Senne rounds the bases in Wednesday's 20-5 victory.

Willie Smith Probable Cause State

Hickman celebrates Kewpie centennial

Kewpie dolls behind them, senior Diego Brown, juniors Candace Hayes and Ashley Atkinson eat lunch at Hickman High School on April 2, 2009.

Guarding Afghanistan

An unidentified soldier carries an assault rifle on a street in Afghanistan.

Tricia Bhatia

Tricia Bhatia of Medway, Mass., stands in front of a drawing of her brother, Michael Bhatia, at the family's home in Medway.

Afghanistani stands guard

A man stands with an assault rifle on a street in Afghanistan. Michael Bhatia, who took this photograph, was killed in the area of Khost, Afghanistan, in May 2008 while working for the Human Terrain System program.

Contractor Bhatia

Personal effects once belonging to Michael Bhatia are seen in the Bhatia family home in Medway, Mass. Bhatia, an academic, was killed in Afghanistan in May 2008 while working for the Human Terrain System program. The personal effects, including a notebook with entries from Afghanistan, background, and two identification patches, were sent to the Bhatia family by the U.S. Military following Bhatia's death.

Bates' return performance

Emily Bates, who played the lead in Be The Shoe Productions' film "American Gothic," acts out a scene with Peter Jacques in "Salad Daze."

Filming 'Salad Daze'

Writer/director Randy Prywitch, right, films a scene for "Salad Daze" between Emily Bates and Peter Jacques. The film was shot from May to August on a $2,500 budget.

'Salad Daze' cast

The cast of the film "Salad Daze." In front stands David Rosenfeld, Jake Rubin and Jamie Anderson, and in back, Scott Bates, Emily Bates and Gary C. Warren

Missouri baseball player Aaron Senne

Missouri outfielder Aaron Senne awaits the pitch with the bases loaded in the fifth inning Tuesday against Minnesota.

Second Ward candidate Jason Thornhill talks with a supporter at Bandana's BBQ

Second Ward City Council winner Jason Thornhill talks with friend and supporter Kevin Hayward at Thornhill's watch party at Bandana's BBQ on Tuesday. Thornhill won the election with 636 votes to Allan Sharrock's 607, according to the Boone County clerk.

Linda Dellsperger hands Michelle Pruitt champagne at news of her win

Campaign Treasurer Linda Dellsperger, left, hands Michelle Pruitt champagne after news of her win on Tuesday.

Following the election results

From left, Sam Phillips, Dave Baugher, Ken Greimann and Tim Harlan surround a computer as Price Phillips, center, monitors election results. According to the Boone County Clerk, Phillips finished the race with 2,392 votes, or 16.27 percent.

Michelle Pruitt wins spot on school board

Campaign Treasurer Linda Dellsperger, left, hands Michelle Pruitt champagne after news of her win on Tuesday.