Carpet troubles

The carpet in Shirley Hargis' apartment was supposed to be replaced because of its old age and it being full of mold. Two years later, the carpet has yet to be replaced and Hargis can do nothing about it. She hopes new legislation that imposes tighter standards of living to landlords will pass.

Signs of disrepair

A damaged corner in Shirley Hargis' bathroom exposes mold behind the walls. Hargis said she also has mold growing under her linoleum floors and carpet that her landlord refuses to fix.

Minimal repairs

The building across from Shirley Hargis' apartment caught fire more than six months ago, but her landlord has yet to do anything about it. "It is ridiculous to be expected to pay rent, and our landlord just sits on his tail and does nothing about it," Hargis said.

Rental frustrations

Shirley Hargis says she hopes new legislation will pass that imposes tighter local restrictions on landlords. Hargis, along with several thousand other Columbians, lives in an apartment that to most appears as non-livable, with crumbling walls and moldy floors. Hargis says her landlord refuses to fix the problems in her house but still expects her to pay the bills monthly.

Wood Splitters

Wood Splitters

Randy Calvert, 16, and Ian Rich, 13, add to a pile of split wood that will eventually be sold in Harrisburg. Calvert, a sophomore at Harrisburg High School, found out about the job opportunity when his basketball coach asked if anyone wanted to work.

Wood Splitters

A wood splitter makes it way through a piece of wood while Randy Calvert, 16, supervises.

Stephens College coach earns diploma, win

The Stephens College basketball team put a sign behind its bench to congratulate coach Dane Pavlovich for earning his master's degree in business administration. The team beat Westminster College 64-59

Murray State hems in MU's Leo Lyons

Murray State's Ivan Aska, left, and Isacc Miles, right, corral Missouri's Leo Lyons during the first half of the Tigers' 75-64 victory over the Racers on Dec. 13 at Mizzou Arena.

Mary and Joseph wait for travelers

Mary and Joseph, played by Corie and John Day, wait in the manger for travelers to come visit them along their journey through a live nativity. The annual event is hosted by the Fairview United Methodist Church and is in its 19th year.

Live nativity

As part of a live nativity, Mary, played by Chelsea Chambers, sits in the manger with baby Jesus, Joseph, played by Caleb Siefkas, and the three wise men at the Fairview United Methodist Church. "Its something we do every year, and Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without it," Chambers says.

Fairview United Methodist Church nativity

As part of a live nativity at Fairview United Methodist Church, a wise man, played by Susan Burpo, offers gifts to baby Jesus and his parents, Joseph and Mary — played by Caleb Siefkas and Chelsea Chambers. The nativity is an annual event hosted by the church each year.

Van Johnson

Van Johnson in St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York in 1964.

MU women's basketball player RaeShara Brown

Missouri's RaeShara Brown scored a career-high 11 points Tuesday against Bradley.

Greg Wasserman mug

Greg Wasserman is a reporter for the Missourian.

Playing beer pong at Reactor Field

Steve Winters, 21, throws a Ping Pong ball toward the other end of the table while playing beer pong at Reactor Field before an MU football game. Winters played with his friends while tailgating before the game against Kansas State.

Beer pong ball falls into cup

Before an MU football game, a Ping Pong ball is tossed and bounces on the cups before landing in one. Steve Winters and his friends custom made the table which is painted in MU colors to play the game

New lives new stories

Debbie and Willie Jones display the side of their cardboards representing their daughter’s birth and Willie’s cancer recovery.

Advent wreath

Ab Advent wreath sits on the altar at St. Thomas More Newman Center.

Advent calendar

Advent calendars are popular in many Christian homes, especially as a way of involving children in the season.