Washington running against Bowling Green

Missouri tailback Derrick Washington tries to fight his way through the Bowling Green defense in the first half of Saturday's Tigers victory.

Pile up against Bowling Green

Derrick Washington gets crushed by the Bowling Green defense during the second quarter of the Tigers' victory on Saturday.

Gabbert hands off against Bowling Green

Blaine Gabbert hands off to Derrick Washington in the first half of the Tigers' victory against Bowling Green on Saturday.

Tour of Missouri stage six winner

Francesco Chicchi celebrates as he crosses the finish line to win Stage 6 of the Tour of Missouri on Saturday in St. Joseph.

9/11 Memorial - Imagine Peace

Shelly La Fata of Mid-Missouri Peaceworks lifts an "Imagine Peace" sign inside the Firestone Baars Chapel at Stephens College in Columbia on Friday night. La Fata carried the sign supporting peace onto Broadway to remember the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks and support peace in the world.

9/11 Memorial - Imam

Imam Abdullah Smith of the Islamic Center of Central Missouri speaks inside of the Firestone-Baar Chapel at Stephens College in Columbia on Friday night. The imam spoke in support of peace in the world and in remembrance of the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks eight years ago.

9/11 Memorial on Broadway

Robin Remington holds a peace sign and candle Friday night over Broadway to remember the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks and support peace in the world.

Arthritis Walk

Susan Hughes walks around the track Friday night at MU's Stankowski Field for the Let's Move Together Arthritis Walk. Hughes suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and walks between five to six days a week to help with the pain. The walk was hosted by the Arthritis Foundation's Eastern Missouri Chapter.

Tour of Missouri fifth stage winner

David Zabriskie with team Garmin-Slipstream shows his winning form Friday, Sept. 11, 2009 as competes during stage 5 of the Tour of Missouri individual time trials in Sedalia, Mo.

It's football time

Students stand in line as they wait to pick up their tickets for the 2009 football season on Friday. Some waited over 45 minutes to reach the ticket window. Many waited in line to get tickets for parents weekend.

New scoreboard with flag

Randy Robert and James Niederhelm install a side panel on the new football scoreboard Tuesday at Memorial Stadium.

New scoreboard ZOU

The new football scoreboard at Memorial Stadium is being installed and tested.

Bird nest art by Susan Taylor

Susan Taylor Glasgow's "The Communal Nest," a sculpture made from hundreds of glass shards and wooden twigs, lies complete at the George Caleb Bingham Gallery at MU. The exhibit, which includes bird masks from various Columbia artists that will be auctioned off, will be on display in the Bingham Gallery from Sept. 7 through Oct. 1.

Desk at Orr Street Studios

Byron Smith’s wooden studio desk looks cluttered, but Smith can easily navigate through the piles of drawings and watercolors at the Orr Street Studio. The studio allows artists a place to both work on their artwork and display it at the same time.

The Collective Nest

Artist Susan Taylor Glasgow finishes her installation of "The Communal Nest" by laying down crushed glass, called cullet, Sunday at George Caleb Bingham Gallery at MU. Glasgow said the cullet serves as a "barrier from reality" for her 10-foot wide sculpture.

Book of work

Byron Smith flips through a collection of nude paintings he has created at Orr Street Studios. Smith had to put a book together to display his work because he has painted so many that the collection he had was overwhelming for people to look through.

Bird mask by Dennis Murphy

Bird masks like this one by Dennis Murphy, donated by various Columbia artists, are set up for display with artist Susan Taylor Glasgow's exhibit at the George Caleb Bingham Gallery at MU. The masks are being auctioned off at a reception Thursday, Sept. 17th., and the proceeds will benefit the McCambridge Center.

Mixing yellow

Byron Smith mixes a yellow tint onto his pallet at Orr Street Studios. Smith worked with oils on Saturday, but his passion lately has been watercolor. “It’s translucent and hard to control, that’s what I like about it. I let it do what it does, and I don’t try to control it, I work with it,” Smith said.

House painting

Byron Smith paints a house he started working on with his friend Frank Stack at Orr Street Studios. Stack has an almost identical painting of the house on the wall of the studio they share.

Rock Bridge center Skyler Hinton

Rock Bridge senior Skyler Hinton prepares to hike the ball during practice Tuesday. Hinton spent last year sidelined after he broke his leg at the September 12, 2008, game against McCluer North of Florissant. Hinton has defied doctor's projections and expects to help the Bruins better last season's 1-9 record.