Vacant building serves as shelter

Cooper Thornhill, 4, sweeps the floor of a future waiting area in the old Mid-City Lumber Building while volunteering on Saturday. The building will serve as a temporary shelter for for the Humane Society adoption center during renovations funded by the ZooToo million dollar makeover contest.

Sarah Palmer mug

Sarah Palmer is an assistant city editor for the Missourian.

Boy secures bike outside diner

Kahlil Roth, 10, secures a bungee on his bike outside of Shiloh Bar & Grill on Friday morning, May 7, 2010. Shiloh Bar & Grill served free breakfast provided by Broadway Diner for participants in the Bike Walk & Wheel Week.

Bike-in breakfast buffet at Shiloh

Participants in the Bike Walk & Wheel Week serve themselves breakfast at Shiloh Bar & Grill on Friday morning, May 7, 2010. Shiloh Bar & Grill was one of two "Early Bird" Breakfast Stations that opened at 6:30 a.m. The other 10 Breakfast Stations began serving breakfast at 7 a.m.

Father helps daughter with bike helmet

Drew Brooks helps his daughter Harper Piveral-Brooks, 5, fasten her helmet outside Shiloh Bar & Grill on Friday morning. Brooks, who rides his bike daily, said, "I work downtown, and I usually bring her to this and then drop her off at school."

Stopping for breakfast at Shiloh

From left: Jennifer McMullen, Kale McMullen, 3, Finley McMullen, 19 months, and Josh McMullen prepare to continue their walk after stopping for breakfast at Shiloh Bar & Grill on Friday morning, May 7, 2010. This was their first year to participate in the breakfast event.

Father, son have free breakfast at event

Will Fish eats breakfast with his son Brendan Fish, 12, at Shiloh Bar & Grill on Friday morning, May 7, 2010. The two have been riding and attending the breakfast event together for several years. "It's a lot of fun. You get to enjoy what's around you - the scenery," said Brendan.

Free breakfast prepared for bikers

Lee Smith locks his bike to a bike rack at Shiloh Bar & Grill on Friday morning. Shiloh Bar & Grill hosted free breakfast prepared by Broadway Diner for people participating in the Bike Walk & Wheel Week. Smith said it is his first year to participate in the breakfast.

Juice at the trailhead

From left: Cathy Seltsam, Nancy Rezabek and Anne Heine talk as Patty Clover prepares to store the remaining orange juice in a cooler at the MKT Trailhead at Forum Boulevard Clovers Natural Market and Tryathletics sponsored the breakfast station at the trailhead. Rezabek has volunteered at the event every year since it began 9 years ago. "I do it just to meet people and do things different. I hate just sitting in the house," she said.

Breakfast on the MKT

Miranda DeCourley, 3, sips a cup of orange juice from the Breakfast Station at the MKT Trailhead at Forum Boulevard on Friday morning, May 7, 2010. Her father, Paul Berg, said that he hopes to start biking the event again in the next year or two. "She's on a trike right now, which doesn't work very well. She can't go very fast," he said.

Joey Smith at bat

Hickman junior Joey Smith prepares to swing against Rolla on Monday at Hickman High School.

Hickman baseball's Joey Smith

Hickman junior Joey Smith watches the game from the dugout Monday.

Believes in youthful mission

Deronne Wilson laughs with Boys and Girls Club attendees Delijah Eckles, left, and Jerrion Nelson on April 14. Wilson said he enjoys taking an active role in the lives of Columbia's youth. "I just believe in the mission and helping kids," he said.

Burton, McDavid at news conference to discuss SWAT raid

Ken Burton, Columbia Police chief, said the department is reviewing its SWAT policies during a news conference at City Hall on Thursday. The news conference, which also featured Columbia Mayor Bob McDavid, was held to address concerns stemming from an online video that showed SWAT officers shooting two dogs while executing a search warrant in February.

Deronne Wilson helps with homework

Columbia Boys and Girls Club Unit Director Deronne Wilson points out the importance of doing homework to Laila Douglas, 5, at the Field Elementary activity site for the club on April 14.

Deronne Wilson wipes a cut

Columbia Boys and Girls Club Unit Director Deronne Wilson wipes off a cut on the forehead of Asha Hamilton, 8, on April 14. "We'll fix you all up," he said. Wilson has been working with the organization for almost 7 years and serves as administrator, caretaker and friend for the staff and children who attend the club.

Owner and boxer play at Barkley House

Shelli McGregor plays with her boxer Kati, 11, while her other boxer Brach, 8, rests in the Barkley House room at Stoney Creek Inn. Both dogs are being treated at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine. McGregor, who lives in Nebraska, has stayed at the Barkley House room with her dogs multiple times over the past several months while her dogs received treatment at the veterinary school.

Hickman soccer players

Hickman girls' soccer players Jessie Loch, far left, Lauren Chapman, middle, and Paige Nelson, front, lead an attack past Rock Bridge's Sarah Humphrey on Wednesday.

Soccer players collide

Rock Bridge's Kayla Hauck and Hickman's Mica Lopez collide in the second half of Wednesday's game at Hickman High School.

The Hatrick plays on Mel Carnahan Quadrangle

Pat Kay, left, Brian Heffernan, center, and Sean Canan, members of The Hatrick, perform on the Mel Carnahan Quadrangle as part of the Senior Sendoff activities on Wednesday.