SkyHawks wow the crowd

A member of the SkyHawks, the Canadian Armed Forces parachute team, floats to the ground displaying an American flag. The team jumped to ground in front of a cheering crowd at the air show on Saturday.

Eyes on the sky

Onlookers watch the sky as the AeroShell T-6 Demonstration Team performs at the Salute to Veterans Air Show on Saturday.

Taking in the show

Benjamin Phillips and Yvonne Simmons watch the air show at Columbia Regional Airport on Saturday.

In the shade of a plane

Col. Harry H. Berrier sits under a plane wing for shade in preparation for the air show at Columbia Regional Airport on Saturday. Berrier is a veteran who worked in the Veterinary Corps during World War II. He served three years of active duty in the Army and 30 years in the military reserves.

Salute to veterans

Charles Eaton holds a salute during the Salute to the Nation Solemn Ceremony at the air show. Eaton is a veteran of the Vietnam War.

Slowest guest

After plugging a trained snail act for a whole week, Paul Pepper and James Mouser watch P.J. Lamberson, 13, make his snail go over a wall of nails. Unfortunately there wasn't enough air time for the snail to complete its trick.

Pepper and two actors

Soap opera stars Candice Earley and Geoffrey Pierson appear with Paul Pepper at Biscayne Mall in March 1983.

Douglass graduation: Award winner

Brandon Gleason was on stage several times at the Douglass High School graduation on Friday. According to his grandmother, Gleason was given a total of eight awards and scholarships.

Douglass graduation: Warm hug

Cheryl Miller and Toya Minnis embrace after Minnis received the Douglass High School Parent-Teacher-Student Organization award at the Douglass High School graduation on Friday.

Douglas graduation: Doing the wave

Kayla Carter waves to her friends and family in the crowd as she stands on stage to receive an award.

Douglass graduation: On the lawn

Friends and family gather on the lawn of Columbia College to receive the new graduates.

Douglass graduation: Mother and son

Charlene Wright and her son, Isaiah Grant, celebrate after the graduation ceremony on the lawn of Columbia College. Friends and family gathered there to receive the new graduates.

Douglass graduation: The Class of 2009

The Douglass High School graduating class of 2009 pose at the front of the stage for friends and family to take pictures.

Douglass graduation: Posing for a portrait

Patricia Hughley poses for a portrait after the Douglass High School graduation ceremony.

Douglass graduation: Her diploma

Jessica Elliot gazes at her new high school diploma at the Douglass High School graduation ceremony.

Douglass graduation: Before the ceremony

Josh Maloney listens to *music before the Douglass High School graduation at Columbia College. Maloney was sitting patiently with the other graduates in the side corridor of Launer Auditorium before the ceremony on Friday night.

usscolumbia honored

Keith Richter, left, sonar chief for the USS Columbia, relays a message to Lee Tubbesing from his son, Max, on Friday, May 22, 2009 in Columbia, Mo. Max Tubbesing is one of two Columbia residents currently serving on the submarine.

Texas Tech scores on Missouri in Big 12 baseball tournament

Texas Tech's Chris Richburg, right, scores past Missouri catcher Ryan Ampleman in the eighth inning of the Tigers' second game of the Big 12 baseball tournament Saturday in Oklahoma City.

Ceremonial shovels at Scott Boulevard expansion groundbreaking

Ceremonial shovels are lined up at the corner of Scott Boulevard and Chapel Hill Road before Friday's groundbreaking.

Breaking ground on the Scott Boulevard expansion

Boone County Commissioner Ken Pearson, Fourth Ward Councilman Jerry Wade, Fifth Ward Councilwoman Laura Nauser and Mayor Darwin Hindman cut the ribbon at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Scott Boulevard expansion project Friday. The project will widen the street to four lanes and includes bicycle lanes and new sidewalks.