Missouri's Brian Coulter

Defensive end Brian Coulter stretches at practice. He joined the Tigers this season after overcoming a series of family- and personal-related struggles.

Brain scans

Specific parts of the brain are activated when children try to comprehend sentences. Scans allow researchers to measure that process in a study at the Education and Brain Research Program at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore.

Checking out brain scans

Blair Smith looks at an image of her brain as her mother, Stephanie, fixes her hair. Blair is part of a study to understand the neurological differences among students with varying reading abilities at the Education and Brain Research Program at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore.

Politics inspiring art

Students of Sharyn Hyatt-Wade's art class at Rock Bridge High School work on gradations with watercolors. The students' artwork on political and controversial topics hang on the walls.

A student's work

The caption for this artwork on abortion reads: "...No matter what an individual's choice is, there is always love between mother and child."

Art & Politics

Rock Bridge High School students in Sharyn Hyatt-Wade’s class created mixed-media artwork on poltical topics. Student Bryan Tweeddale’s piece — featuring a blind-folded head painted black with gold leafing — represents his view of the economy.

Fantasy football players

In many NFL seasons, a typical Sunday for Tae Cho, left, and Michael Alexander consists of watching football from 12:30 to 9 p.m. Part of that routine consists of checking the stats of their players and coming up with scenarios for how either one could win each week.

DeMarre Carroll drives

MU forward DeMarre Carroll goes to the hoop Thursday night over Lincoln's Michael Dorton at Mizzou Arena.

Frank Warren speaks at Jesse Hall

Frank Warren talks to the crowd at Jesse Hall during his speech on Thursday, Nov. 6.

MU's Shakara Jones

Shakara Jones has been one of three Tigers carrying the scoring load.

Daniel and Vandiver

"The people who matter know what kind of relationship we have," Blaire Vandiver says.

Horse trained to prepare for auction

Emily Newsom coaxes Barney to step over a board on the ground of the MU Horse Barn. Barney’s skills are being honed to prepare the horse to be sold in the MU Animal Sciences Division online horse auction taking place now until Nov 13.

Horses to be auctioned off

From left, Jessica Abell and Jen Havens groom two horses that are being auctioned off by the MU Animal Sciences Division. The auction, which will include the sale of Penguin, left, and Diablo is taking place online until Nov. 13.

Blaire Vandiver

Blaire Vandiver is MU quarterback Chase Daniel's girlfriend.

Customers at the Fish Shack react

Will Flood, 26, left, speaks to customer Marilyn Hicks as Larisha Jones serves Hicks her meal at Mississippi Fish Shack on Wednesday, Nov. 6. Flood and Jones are excited about Obama being elected President. It gives them hope for the future.

Douglass High School students

Gary Lewis, left, 17, RJ Hester, 17, and Patricia Hughley, 17, joke around in Douglass Park on Wednesday, Nov. 6, before heading to class at Douglass High School. The students are excited about Obama's victory on Tuesday. They think a black President will help ease racial tensions in the United States.

Reynolds Journalism Institute watch party

Retired MU faculty Steve Mudrick, left, chats with David Leuthold and William Eugene Robertson at the Reynolds Journalism Institute's presidential election watch party on Tuesday.

Hickman players console each other

Hickman forward Mason Morawitz,left, is consoled by forward George Plakorus after Hickman lost 2-1 against Jefferson City Nov. 5. Hickman lost halfway through the first overtime.

Hickman midfielder dribbles around Jefferson City defenders

Hickman midfielder Jervis Atagana dribbles around two Jefferson City defenders Nov. 5. For most of the game, the Jays held the one-goal lead they gained on Morgan's shot off a rebound. But with 8:39 left, Hickman's Mason Morawitz scored off a rebound to tie the score.

Zaire Taylor ready to play

Junior guard Zaire Taylor is ready to play for Missouri after sitting out last season as a transfer student from Delaware.