Hickman tennis player Jimmy Hunter defends the backline

Rock Bridge's Jimmy Hunter returns the ball during the match against Hickman's Ben Levin on Thursday at Bethel Park. Hunter won the match 6-2, 6-3.

Hickman tennis player Ben Levin talks to his coach

Hickman senior Ben Levin listens to his coach Andy Materer during his match on Thursday at Bethel Park. Rock Bridge's Jimmy Hunter beat Levin 6-2, 6-3.

Swoosh into spring

Josh Hancock skates at the Cosmopolitan Park skate park on Thursday. Hancock, 23, says he has been skating for 17 or 18 years.

Tom Watson near the top of the Masters leaderboard after day one

Tom Watson watches his hit on the 12th fairway during the first round of the Masters golf tournament Thursday in Augusta, Ga. Heading into the second round, the Kansas City native sits in a five-way tie for second at 5-under par.

Missouri's new women's basketball coach announced

Missouri introduces new women's basketball coach

Missouri women's basketball head coach Robin Pingeton hold her son Black after a press conference on Thursday at Mizzou Arena. Pingeton has spent the past seven years as the head coach at Illinois State University where she finished with a record of 144-81 including two trips to the NCAA Tournament.

Calling for end to global warming

Coal Free Mizzou co-chair and MU senior Mallory Schillinger blows up a beach ball that has been painted as part of the group's protest that began in Speakers Circle at MU and went to U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill's office in downtown Columbia to deliver a letter protesting MU's use of coal. "We're wearing floaties, goggles and other beach attire to show how coal use causes global warming which leads to rising sea levels," said MU senior and protestor Katie Reinarman.

Calling for change from coal

From left, MU students Ashley Frayne, Erin Richeson, Thomas Leonard, Brian Roach, Mallory Schillinger, Katie Reinarman and Lauren Hystead stop on the way of protesting MU's use of coal. The protesters were part of "Coal Free Mizzou" that is working to eliminate MU's coal usage.

Protesting coal

A group of MU students walk from Speakers Circle to outside of Sen. Claire McCaskill's office in downtown Columbia to deliver a letter protesting MU's use of coal on Thursday. "We're working on bringing people together to reach an overarching goal for MU's campus to be coal free," said Coal Free Mizzou co-chair Mallory Schillinger.

High-five against coal

Kurtis Hunt, left, gives a round of high-fives to MU seniors Erica Brown, from left, Mallory Schillinger and MU junior Lauren Hystead outisde of U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill's office in downtown Columbia on Thursday. The group was delivering a letter to McCaskill protesting MU's use of coal.

Supporting the "Emerald Initiative"

Josh Chittum urges crowd members to support the "Emerald Initiative." He argues that marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol, therefore students deserve the right to make the "educated decision" to use marijuana and not receive harsher punishments for it.

Asking for a SAFER choice

MU students march together to the chancellor's office to deliver a copy of the "Emerald Initiative" and the book "Marijuana Is Safer: So why are we driving people to drink?" Students hope to receive the chancellor's endorsement of the "Emerald Initiative," Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreations' initiative to open discussion about allowing students to use marijuana.

Stating her mind

Kellie Smith, president of Mizzou NORML, gives a speech arguing for equal punishment for alcohol and marijuana use in Speakers Circle while other NORML members rally behind her for Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation's Day of Action. Smith said, "It's time our colleges and universities stop teaching students to 'drink responsibly' and start teaching them to 'party responsibly.'"

Paint replacing shoes

A student paints her feet to look like shoes at the Missouri One for One campaign meet-up.

Ditching the shoes

MU Sophmore Jessica Smith and freshman Jordan Hazelwood paint their feet during the MU One for One meetup at Tiger Plaza, on Thursday, April 8.

A wall of feet

Barefoot students wait for the start of the MU One for One meet-up at Tiger Plaza on Thursday. The barefoot attendees participated in foot painting, bracelet making, a cake walk and a barefoot walk around campus.

Getting ready to walk

MU freshman McKemzie Skoog paints her feet for the barefoot walk during the MU One for One meet-up at Tiger Plaza on Thursday. The walk was to raise awareness of poverty in the community.

The Stratmans in front of the theater

Elizabeth and Wes Stratman in front of the Maplewood Barn Community Theatre on October 10. The couple saw "The Fantasticks" on their first date at the theater in 2005.

Garcia covers second base

Missouri freshman Eric Garcia reaches for the baseball as Illinois' Josh Parr slides into second base during a close play Wednesday at Busch Stadium.

MU baseball at Busch Stadium

This file photo shows the Missouri baseball team at Busch Stadium in 2010 when the team played Illinois. The Tigers return to the stadium to play Illinois at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.