Benton exhibition tells viewers a different story of Missouri history

Erin Roesler, an MU freshman, walks through the Thomas Hart Benton 1930s exhibit on display at the State Historical Society of Missouri at MU.


Benton's lithograph "The Prodigal Son," completed in 1939, is on display at the State Historical Society of Missouri.

More than 600 students graduate from Hickman High

The Hickman High School class of 2008 waits to receive their diplomas during commencement at Mizzou Arena on Saturday.


Michael Jeffers, principal of Hickman High School, addresses the class of 2008 at commencement at Mizzou Arena in on Saturday.


The Hickman High School Senior Ensemble sings the Star Spangled Banner prior to commencement for the class of 2008 on Saturday afternoon.

Buddhist Center holds Vesak celebration

Nanda Kurwadkar, right, helps her son, Siddaharth, 3, as Stephanie Clark helps Kurwadkar’s daughter, Gaya, 2, create crafts during the Vesak festivities.


People create a mandala using colored sand. Rev. Dhammaruchi said the mandala will be destroyed once it is completed to illustrate the impermanence of objects.


Maridee Williams explains the colors of Tibetan prayer flags. Children created flags similar to the Tibetan flags during the event. Each color represents a light that radiated from Buddha.


The meditation area of Vipassana Buddhist Church is set up for Saturday’s Vesak festivities. The statue of Buddha is made of Burmese marble.

Rock Bridge graduates 551 students in Mizzou Arena

Students of Rock Bridge Senior High School's graduating class listen to fellow senior Sheela Lal's commencement address during Saturday evening's program at Mizzou Arena. This year's class was the largest in Rock Bridge history with 551 graduates.


Graduating senior Sheela Lal delivers the commencement address during Rock Bridge High School's graduation program Saturday evening at Mizzou Arena. Lal, who was elected by a committee of her peers to deliver the speech, spoke about overlapping social circles and being connected in today's world.


Students of Rock Bridge High School's graduating class look for family and friends during the processional to begin this year's graduation program at Mizzou Arena.

Minister’s retirement turns into second career as writer

Father Emmanuel Hatzidakis of St. Luke Greek Orthodox Church in Columbia sings a hymn during Vespers, or evening prayer service, on May 3. Father Emmanuel wrote a book on the Divine Liturgy, a Greek Orthodox communion service, entitled "The Heavenly Banquet."


Father Emmanuel Hatzidakis delivers a brief message to the congregation following the evening service at St. Luke Greek Orthodox Church on May 3.


Father Emmanuel Hatzidakis reads from a liturgical text during the evening service, or Vespers, at St. Luke Greek Orthodox Church on May 3.

How different churches break bread

Photo illustration showing some of the elements of the Eucharist.

MU baseball team wins regional opener

Missouri pitcher Aaron Crow gave up just three hits to the Rebels in nine innings.

Kind caregivers: How one family cared for grandma with dementia

Anne takes a break from folding laundry to watch her granddaughter, Susan and great-granddaughter, Elisabeth, in the kitchen. Anne suffered from dementia and was no longer able to care for herself. Susan helped pick out Anne’s clothes, tie her shoes and feed her. In return, Anne helped with laundry, dishes and some cooking. “A lot of people said to put her in a nursing home, but she did not want to do that. And we didn’t either,” Susan’s husband John said about the decision to have Anne move in with the family. “She would be dead right now if we had not done something.”

Man accused of passing counterfeit money at garage sales

John Patrick Mooney, 39, was arrested on four counts of forgery, according to the Columbia Police Department.

Warm weather perfect opportunity to garden

Eileen Beiger and her “gardening cat,” Olive, take advantage of the warm weather Thursday to manage one of Beiger’s many home gardens. “She’s not much help,” Beiger said about her gardening companion.