Missouri catcher Ryan Ampleman

Catcher, Ryan Ampleman, a sophomore, runs towards third base during Missouri's game against Indiana St. on Wednesday.

Beauty in nature

Pinnacles Youth Park is a privately owned, 77-acre piece of land that is open to the public. The park is privately funded through donations and grants. It provides free camping for youth groups like the Boy Scouts.

Walk in the park

Robert Wojcik, left, and Nadia Marks take a walk with their dogs. Wojcik said they came to Pinnacle Youth Park because the weather was nice and this park is generally less busy downtown.

Pinnacle bluffs

Pinnacles Youth Park provides wide open spaces, rivers, streams and cliffs to climb for any visitors who are daring enough. It's not easy to cross the water that surrounds the limestone bluffs, but the park's board members have no plans for a bridge, which would cost thousands of dollars and provide more access for the climbers who contribute to degradation of the limestone.

Hanging out at Pinnacle

Rock climbing is a popular activity at Pinnacles Youth Park, which features tall limestone bluffs surrounded by creeks. Steve Pagan and Tuesday Critz practice on a ridge known as the Shelving Rock.

Three sing after serpent's defeat

Betsey Bledsoe, Stephanie Sander and Rachel Wyss sing a song as the three ladies during Show-Me Opera's rehearsal of the opera "The Magic Flute" inside McKee Gymnasium on April 8. In the opera, the three had just finished slaying a serpent to rescue a prince.

Peeking out from beneath a prop

Clare Huck peers out from underneath a serpent prop as she rehearses in her role as first spirit in "The Magic Flute" inside McKee Gymnasium on April 8. In the opera, the serpent makes a near-deadly attempt on Prince Tamino's life.

Rehearsing the roles of first and second ladies

Betsey Bledsoe and Stephanie Sander rehearse in their roles as first and second ladies during practice inside of McKee Gymnasium on April 8. The rehearsal was for Show-Me Opera's upcoming performance of "The Magic Flute."

JaNay Woolridge, Lana Mims and Alyssa Hollins participate in March Against Racial Stereotypes

From left, JaNay Woolridge, Lana Mims and Alyssa Hollins participate in the March Against Racial Stereotypes on Tuesday. The three are members of Community About Raising Excellence, also known as CARE, an organization for minority athletes that focuses on community service.

Missouri catcher Trevor Coleman against Indiana State

Missouri catcher Trevor Coleman moves to throw out a Indiana State runner trying to steal second base Tuesday at Taylor Stadium.

Tigers gather at practice

Missouri players gather at practice Tuesday.

Missouri linebacker Sean Weatherspoon at a 2009 spring practice

Missouri senior linebacker Sean Weatherspoon sidesteps a blocking dummy during a spring practice drill Tuesday at Devine Pavilion.

Matt Thompson mug

Matt Thompson is a 2008-'09 Donald W. Reynolds fellow at the Reynolds Journalism Institute.

Joe and Corinne Remeike buy tomato plants

From left, Joe and Corinne Remeike of Columbia buy Roma and Fireball tomato plants from Elaine Hodges of Lupus at the Columbia Farmers Market on March 21.

Beans and tomatoes at Columbia Farmers Market

Beans and tomatoes at the Columbia Farmers Market, shown here in 2008.

Therese Folsom and Diana Denman talk at Columbia Farmers Market

From left, Therese Folsom of Columbia tells her friend Diana Denman of Lupus, owner of Wolf's Point Studio, about the birth of her twelfth grandchild. "I know Diana from belly dancing classes," Folsom said. Folsom is a regular at the Columbia Farmers Market. "It's ... a wonderful Saturday morning experience," she said. "It's just not a weekend without farmers market."

Bell peppers in Columbia

Bell peppers at the Columbia Farmers Market, shown here in 2008.

Keeping up with Bo

Malia Obama runs with new dog, Bo, on the South Lawn of the White House on Tuesday. Bo is a 6-month-old Portuguese water dog.

Green savings under your own roof

Lunge to kick

Rock Bridge High School junior Katherine Crane lunges to kick the ball as Hickman High School junior Katie LaRue defends on Monday night at Hickman High School. Rock Bridge defeated Hickman 1-0 off of a penalty kick in the second overtime.