Services for Eid

Ronald Smith Jr., the imam and director of religious affairs for the Islamic Center of Central Missouri, leads a group of Columbia residents in prayer on Wednesday morning. The services for Eid, a holy day of prayer celebrating the end of the month of fasting, were held at the Knights of Columbus at 2525 Stadium Boulevard.

Bridget Mullen mug

Bridget Mullen

Undecided voters

From left, Amy Davis, Miguel Lopez and Keith Clark are undecided about whom they want as America's next president. The Missourian will follow these three undecided voters through the remainder of the presidential campaign, right up to Election Day on Nov. 4.

MU journalism student Amy Davis plans to vote for the first time Nov. 4

MU freshman journalism student Amy Davis, 18, will vote for the first time in the presidential election on Nov. 4. “I just think that it actually does truly matter, and that one person's vote really can make a difference,” she said.

Miguel Lopez says the U.S. needs a president who can make good decisions

Undecided voter Miguel Lopez says the U.S. needs a president who can make good decisions.
“I need change, I want change, you know,” he said. “I don’t want more Bush.”

Keith Clark doesn't know whom he wants to be the next American president

Clark is undecided on who he wants as America's next president. He believes both Republican presidential nominee McCain and Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama have good points but also come across as liars. "Right now, I'd rather vote for a monkey, because at least I know we'd be getting bananas," Clark said.

Keith Clark, an undecided voter, with his children at home

Keith Clark poses for a portrait with his children (left) Daunte, 3, and Kumani, 6 months, on Sept. 30 at his house in Columbia. Clark is undecided as to whom he will vote for in this year's presidential election. His two main concerns are his children and the economy. He wants to know what each candidate can guarantee for his children's future.

Mixed martial arts promoter coach Robert Hulett

Mixed martial arts promoter and coach Robert Hulett instructs two of his pupils during a recent training session. Hulett has helped increase the popularity of the sport throughout the Midwest. He recently promoted fights as part of the Roctoberfest biker rally.

Rock Bridge runners Jordan Crook and Caleb Wilfong

Jordan Crook and Caleb Wilfong run with a pack of Rock Bridge runners during practice Sept. 25 on Bethel Road in Columbia.

Bonnie Rose

Nixon's son keeps shoe collection

Jer Nixon keeps a shoe collection that highlights the latest trends; among these pairs, Jer has a pair of retro, re-released Reebok pumps.

Jer Nixon helps with dad's campaign

Jeremiah "Jer" Nixon has been helping out with his father's gubernatorial campaign. The MU sophomore is also a parody rapper and has an impressive athletic shoe collection. His dad, Jay Nixon, is the Democratic gubernatorial candidate for Missouri.

Order up

Mississippi Fish Shack owner Kim Perry places an order of friend okra under the heat lamps at the restaurant in Columbia. "I'm just a plain Jane," Perry said. "I really love the people and cooking the food."

Food waits under heat lamp

A dish of fried okra and red beans and rice bask under the heat lamps before being served at The Mississippi Fish Shack in Columbia.

The Heibel-March building

The Heibel-March building, also known as "The Corner," on Rangeline Street on Tuesday. Central Missouri Community Action tried for eight years to renovate the building and turn it into a community center, but the group wasn't able to raise enough money.

Vandalism at 'The Corner'

Darin Preis, executive director of Central Missouri Community Action, struggles to open the front door of the Heibel-March building on Rangeline Street on Tuesday. About a month ago, the glass front door was shot in by a vandal, Preis said. There is still glass on the floor inside.

Failed renovations

The inside of the Heibel-March building on Rangeline Street remains in decay Tuesday. The names on the wall include those who have painted the building and have tried to turn the building into a community center, but Central Missouri Community Action has not been able raise enough money over the past eight years to renovate the building and recently had to return it to the city.

Cheerleaders perform at Providence Bowl game

Rock Bridge cheerleaders perform on the sidelines of Faurot Field during the match off football game between Hickman and Rock Bridge on Friday, Sept. 26.

Fans cheer teams on at Providence Bowl

Drew Crumbo, 8, gets a high five from the Hickman High School mascot during the rivalry football game between Hickman and Rock Bridge at Faurot Field on Friday, Sept. 26.

Bruins rush the field at Providence Bowl

The Rock Bridge Bruins football team rushes the field at the beginning of the Providence Bowl on Friday, Sept. 26. The Bruins played their homecoming game against the Hickman Kewpies.