INAUGURATION COLMBIA: A peaceful change of power

Dorothy Addae did not find the inauguration of a black leader as novel as many in the room. Her family is originally from Ghana and she has become accustomed to seeing black leadership. "Seeing this change of power in peace is kind of nice," compared to the non-peaceful changes in Africa, she said.


People gathered together in MU's Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center to witness the inauguration of President Barack Obama on Tuesday.

INAUGURATION COLUMBIA: Best seat in the house

Lauren Grant sits front and center to watch the inauguration of President Barack Obama at MU's Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center.

INAUGURATION: Lincoln's historic Bible

President Barack Obama rests his hand on President Lincoln's inaugural Bible as his wife, Michelle Obama, holds it as he takes the oath of office at the U.S. Capitol in Washington on Tuesday.

INAUGURATION: Watching the oath of office

Mary K. Jones, 78, and Ella Crawford, 73, watch the inauguration of Barack Obama at the Hannan House in Detroit on Tuesday.

INAUGURATION: Obama takes oath of office

Barack Obama, joined by his wife, Michelle, and daughters Sasha and Malia, takes the oath of office from Chief Justice John Roberts to become the 44th president of the United States at the U.S. Capitol in Washington on Tuesday.

Fire at 4200 Rock Quarry Road

The Columbia Fire Department extinguished a fire at 4200 Rock Quarry Road that destroyed a shed behind a home. The fire was reported at 3:05 a.m. Tuesday. Investigators later discovered a body in the rubble of the shed.

Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

Mary Ratliff, president of the local and state NAACP chapter pulls away in a car that lead the motorcade from the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Garden to Second Baptist Church.

Leading a candlelight march

Nathan Stephens and Harry Williams lead the Martin Luther King Jr. Day candlelight march that started at Douglass High School gym and ended at St. Luke United Methodist Church on Monday evening.

Stadium Boulevard motorcade

As part of the motorcade that left from Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Garden, cars travel on Stadium Boulevard towards Second Baptist Church to continue with celebrating the memory of Martin Luther King Jr.

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday

A small crowd gathers at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Garden as Valerie Shaw, treasurer of the local and state NAACP chapter speaks about the events going on to celebrate what would be Martin Luther King Jr.'s 80th birthday. The crowd then loaded in to their cars and proceeded in a motorcade to Second Baptist Church Monday.

Ready to head to Washington, D.C.

Lyn Williams directs Ben Ogawa to put packages of bottled water on the bus before a group of Columbia residents departs for Washington, D.C. on Sunday. Ogawa, a junior at Rock Bridge High School, was one of many high school students and others from around Columbia who were making the trip to the nation's capital for the Barack Obama's inauguration on Tuesday.

Opening inauguration ceremonies

President-elect Barack Obama speaks during "We Are One: Opening Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial" in Washington on Sunday.

On a bus to Washington, D.C.

Sarah Ludeman, left, applauds as Lyn Williams announces the bus is set for departure to Washington D.C. on Sunday. A group of nearly 60 people from Columbia, including several high school students, headed to the nation's capital for the inauguration of Barack Obama.

Martin Luther King Jr. portrait

Leonore Templeton poses with a portrait of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. at the Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury, Conn., on Jan. 15. The portrait of King is part of an exhibit of paintings of civil rights leaders painted by Templeton's husband, the late Robert Templeton. The portrait of King was painted from photographs provided to the artist by King's wife, Coretta Scott King.

Attempt to score

MU forward Leo Lyons (5) attempts to score over Iowa State forward Craig Brackins (21) on Saturday.

Hands high

MU forward Leo Lyons (5), center, and teammates Justin Safford (23), left, and Kim English (24) celebrate a basket scored by their teammate Jarrett Sutton, late in the game against Iowa State on Saturday.

Looking for space

MU forward DeMarre Carroll (1) tries to get the ball past Iowa State guard Bryan Petersen (22) and Craig Brackins (21) on Saturday at Mizzou Arena.

Tug of war

MU guard Matt Lawrence (33), left, fights over the ball with Iowa State forward Craig Brackins (21) on Saturday afternoon at Mizzou Arena.

On guard

MU guard Zaire Taylor (11), right, plays defense against Iowa State guard Wes Eikmeier (12) on Saturday afternoon at Mizzou Arena.